Asymmetrical haircuts for different hair lengths

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Asymmetrical haircuts are variations with different hair lengths, that is, they will be longer on one side of the head and shorter on the other. Chaos and confusion - you say, but not here. Despite their apparent simplicity and such a name, they require a special approach and have a clear model of the structure.

This variation is best done by a professional in a good salon, because the stylist will see all the advantages and disadvantages of your appearance and face structure. Accordingly, she will be able to suggest which particular asymmetrical hairstyle will suit you.

General tips on the selection of asymmetrical haircuts

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For owners of an oval face any asymmetry will do. For chubby beauties, asymmetrical hairstyle is a way to make the face more oval, elongated. The structure of the hair also matters in the selection of such a variation. If you have them thin - the hairstyle should be multi-layered, creating volume. For thick and lush, this condition is not mandatory.

Those who are thinking about changing their image using an asymmetrical hairstyle should remember that it requires daily care at home. Every morning you will need to independently model your lifestyle using mousses, gels, wax for styling. But if you decide, don’t hesitate, they will notice you in any place and in any team. You will become the center of attention and envy, because the well-chosen and executed asymmetrical haircut makes its owner at least 5 years younger.

Short hair asymmetry

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Short hair asymmetry is something incredible. It is on the short-haired head of hair, when the contrast of length is noticeable, the hairstyle looks the most impressive and expressive. There is only one unpleasant circumstance - asymmetrical cutting for short hair requires periodic correction. You will need to visit your hairdresser once every 3-4 weeks (depending on how fast your curls grow).

For short-haired young ladies, the most relevant were and remain options with elongated locks or bangs. Do not be afraid to do "short nape"This will give eccentricity to the image. You yourself will be able to create beautiful styling and notice, every day you can make some kind of zest to your image.

Also, for unsymmetrical hairstyles, unusual coloring is suitable - strands, curls or asymmetric coloring - all this will favorably emphasize individuality and will give a special charm.

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If you want to create a romantic image with "asymmetry" - Ask the hairdresser to make a haircut with rounded rather than torn contours. “Bob” with rounded tips is perfect for owners of light strands.

Asymmetry on medium hair

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Asymmetrical haircuts for medium hair are always made on the basis of the famous “bob”. Then you can independently choose the options and consult with a professional hairdresser how best to implement your ideas.

The most common option is strand elongated to the chin on one side and shorter, almost at the temple itself, on the other. This option is easy to lay at home. You can use only a hair dryer and a comb to create a real masterpiece.

Another option "asymmetry" to medium length "manes" - a short nape with smoothly shifting strands that reach the chin in length or even longer.

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You can make elongated strands in front with a short crown, stepwise turning into a length. This variation will take a little more time to lay, but you can build yourself a la Victoria Beckham.

Long hair asymmetry

If you want to change something in your appearance through styling, but do not dare to change so drastically and part with a long head of hair - such a solution will suit you just the way. It is on the long strand effect "asymmetry" most noticeable. Therefore, you must be prepared to shock and attract everyone’s attention.

Remains relevant "double hairstyle." With this method, the length remains, but a bob is made from above. It can be made with torn bangs, with graduated strands. It is very suitable staining of hair in various ways - from a monochrome scale to bold curls or coloring. When styling with a hairdryer at home, you can create your own salon styling with amazing volume. And if you use the gel to highlight individual strands - then the form of the velvet will correspond to the level of Hollywood star parties. And note, you are creating your own hairdressing masterpieces with your own hands.

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A special place in asymmetrical hairstyles occupy bangs. They help to hide the flaws of the face and bring the appearance to the desired ideal.

  • Long bangs for owners of a round face. It helps to visually lengthen the face and gives a romantic fleur. This bang can be laid completely differently. It can be twisted up or curled. If you lift it up with the help of a fleece and remove it from your forehead, then you will achieve a festive effect. If you just let her go "in free swimming" - a casual and very perky look of a young girl who went for a walk with friends.
  • Still fashionable remains bangs to the eyebrows. It is suitable for owners of an oval face.
  • Bangs to the middle of the forehead - a creative solution for the youth audience.

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Asymmetrical haircuts are a great way to change your image. But it is worth noting that they require constant attention and care. If you decide on this hairstyle, then in your life it is time for a dramatic change. Start them "from the head".

Video: creating a short asymmetric haircut

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