Asymmetrical bangs and its best variations

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Bangs - a specific detail of hair, with which you can drastically change the image of a woman. They differ in shape, method of laying, volume, structuredness. If you correctly select its "format", you can hide the flaws, emphasize the dignity of appearance and balance the visual perception of the whole image. Asymmetrical bangs are among the most spectacular and stylish elements of model haircuts, their use allows you to experiment with looks and therefore it is quite true that now they are on the crest of popularity.

The best variations of asymmetrical bangs

Short asymmetric diagonal bangs

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  • A clear asymmetry of a short diagonal bang looks advantageously on dark straight thick hair. It is trimmed, and then laid, forming a flat inclined line, and its edges are worked out with fine teeth, without removing the total volume of hair.
  • In order for the asymmetrical bangs to look especially stylish and harmonize with the haircut, it is necessary to choose the option without lifting the hair in the area of ​​the crown - the strands should smoothly flow into the bang.
  • Asymmetrical bangs with a diagonal line are perfectly combined with bob or bob haircuts with elongated strands in the face area. It will also be a great addition for cascading haircuts on medium-length hair and for a super-short pixie haircut.
  • Ideally similar bangs fit the oval contour of the face, even stylists recommend it to girls with round or square outlines, because the diagonal bangs visually lengthen the shape of the face.
  • Similar asymmetrical bangs are not recommended for girls with curly locks and curls, as they will have to straighten curls with a flat iron daily with their own hands, which will not have the best effect on the hair structure. And those young ladies who have straight hair, for styling bangs at home will only need a gel or wax, a flat comb and a hairdryer.

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Asymmetrical diagonal bangs with highing

If you treat the thick mass of the hair of the bangs with a method of filing, they will become lighter and more voluminous, this will add dynamism and easy ease to the figurative perception of the hairstyle.

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  • This technique is usually applied to hard hair that is difficult to style, or vice versa - if thin hair needs to be visually fluffed. Chelochka after such treatment acquires a "ragged" edge.
  • This lightweight diagonal bangs become an independent spectacular part of the hair, regardless of the length of the hair. It can be cut off from the top (according to the French version) or in the classical way, depending on the chosen haircut model and hair styling method.
  • It is also very important that women with different types of faces can afford such asymmetric bangs. In order to balance the contours of the exterior you only need to find the right length of the bangs hair and the angle of inclination.

Council In order for the ragged diagonal bangs on fine hair to look particularly impressive, it needs to be colored in different shades: highlighting or coloring will add vitality to the strands and add visual volume. This technique is particularly advantageous to look on blond hair.

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In order to form the necessary volume, laying asymmetric bangs to itself will require the availability of styling tools, a round brush and a hairdryer. The installation instructions are simple: apply the styling foam to the wet strands and use the round brush to steer the strands in the right direction step by step, fixing your hair with a stream of hot air.

Long Asymmetric Bangs

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  • Long asymmetric bangs look harmonious if it is modeled, starting from the top. In other words, it is also called French asymmetrical bangs. This option bangs, allows girls with long strands to change the image without trimming their length.
  • Long asymmetric bangs always look stylish and feminine. In addition, with the help of various styling methods, one can “try on” a multitude of images without changing the shape of the hairstyle.
  • The length of such a bang sometimes reaches the level of the chin, with the total length of the hair below the collarbone. At the same time, long bangs are harmonious in combination with “square” or “bob” hairstyle - in this case, its length coincides with the lower level of the haircut.
  • A very original version looks like when two types of bangs are combined - short diagonal and long. A short bang is cut off at the base of the forehead, then it turns into a smooth wave of a long bang. Even more effectively, such a two-level bang will look when dyeing it in different shades.

How to independently lay asymmetrical bangs


Laying asymmetric bangs allows, due to the difference in length, to come up with many stylish options for everyday or festive look.

  1. The easiest way is to remove the bangs behind the ear, if desired, pin the tip with an original hairpin.
  2. Using the styling tool, the invisible being and the hair dryer, you can put your bangs in a "wave" in the style of 50's Hollywood stars. The styling scheme is as follows: apply the gel to the wet hair of the bangs and lay it out with bends, fixing each “wave” invisible in stages. Then dry the hair dryer and remove the invisible.
  3. It is possible to extend the chel lines with an iron, bending the edges of the cut up a little. This option will look great on long, free-flowing strands.
  4. In addition, you can come up with a lot of different ways of styling: using fleece, weaving in pigtails, curling in different directions, pinning hairpins and fixing with ribbons. The main thing - do not forget about the overall style of hair and its harmonious combination with clothing and the upcoming event.

Video: creating asymmetric bangs with their own hands

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