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Unfortunately, not all girls can boast a healthy sheen and strength of their hair. But healthy long shiny hair, this is one of the most important ornaments of a woman! Bad weather, ecology, unhealthy diet, frequent staining, waving make the curls weak, damage the cuticle, making the hairless and lifeless. Faced with these phenomena, the beauties go shopping, hoping to buy a miracle shampoo, conditioner, mask, or consult with girlfriends, to whatever super master go to make his hair stunning and full of health. But unfortunately in most cases, these attempts are in vain, the curls become "alive" not for long. How to keep the liveliness of the hair and return her lost health? With a procedure like shining hair! 

Hair glossing procedure

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First of all, it must be said that this procedure has a healing and restorative effect. The special composition, which is treated with curls, penetrates deep into the hair structure and restores their health. Just an important point: glossing happens in 2 types: molecular and cuticular.

Now you thought you had heard of a similar procedure - hair lamination. She is also considered to be restoring, the composition is also applied to the strands, and after the lamination session, the hair becomes flawless! So what is the difference between lamination and glossing? If in lamination a temporary protective film is formed on the hair, which disappears with time, then in glossing the composition penetrates deep into the hair structure and makes up for all the damage.

How does the session go?

On the washed and wet strands put a special oil composition, then using heated forceps, fix the composition in the thickness of the hair. During this heat treatment, the hair scales are opened and the composition easily penetrates deep into. After such an oil treatment, a protective shampoo and balsam are applied; these means help to consolidate the effect. These are the simple manipulations.

Molecular glossing

This is a series of procedures that contribute to the revitalization of the hair due to the impregnation of hair with special compositions. The composition penetrates into the very depths, as if penetrating hair through. Having passed such a procedure, you will notice that your curls became lively, docile, and brilliant, as if filling with a life-giving force from within. Turning to the beauty salon for the molecular glossing procedure, you will pass a number of simple manipulations:

  • The master will wash your head with a special shampoo and dry it with a hair dryer.
  • On the still wet strands will cause serum, milk, which will help protect your hair from high temperatures.
  • After this treatment, the master seals the composition with a heated iron; during the heat treatment, the hair structure is filled with the composition. On the surface of the hair is formed a protective film that protects against all harmful influences.

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After the procedure, you can note a slight weighting of your curls. The session lasts from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the length of your hair. Persistence effect of this event will last about a month. Remember that staining your curls should be held for 1.5 weeks before glossing, just do not resort to staining immediately after the procedure, wait about 2 weeks.

Cuticular lashes

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There is a very small difference between cuticular and molecular glossing; in the molecular procedure, the composition is applied only to the curls themselves and is almost instantly sealed with a heated iron.

In cuticular glossing takes place in a slightly different pattern: the composition soaks the skin and hair. In addition, the master conducting the session makes a light massage of the scalp. The scalp is impregnated with the composition, thereby providing nutrition to the hair follicles. This event makes the curls flawless, tightly sealing the split ends. In addition, after the procedure, there is a decrease in dandruff, hair loss and all unpleasant phenomena, such as itching, disappear.

Is it possible to conduct glossing at home and not in the cabin?

You can do the glossing yourself, thanks to a large number of professional shops and sets of tools for glossing. By purchasing the necessary set of tools, you can easily repeat this simple procedure. It can be said that the glossing of hair at home is almost as good as a salon session. One of the most popular sets for this procedure is the LorealParis Molecular Shine Kit.

Home glossing procedure

Loreal kit includes: cleansing shampoo "Pure Resources"thermo protective milk "Thermo Reper"glossy " Deep Care Renu S" it should be in ampoules, shampoo "Absolute Frame" and fixing result composition "Power Reper In" Also available in ampoules. The price of such a set is quite a considerable amount, but it is still lower than the price of a session at a hairdressing salon.

gloss technique

Step-by-step technique

  • With shampoo "Pure Resources" my head;
  • We start drawing "Renu With", the lower occipital part is processed first. The tool must be applied in a thin layer on each strand. Do not wash off the product;
  • After that there is a turn of the thermomolk "Thermo Reper", it also does not wash off;
  • Lightly dry the strands with a towel;
  • Heat iron, temperature iron should be 180 degrees. Divide the hair into strands, then retreat from the roots of 2 cm and iron the hair;
  • Rinse hair and then apply shampoo on it "Absolute Frame";
  • Now we put the fixative "Power Reper In";
  • We wash off the fixative composition, dry the hair with a hair dryer.

The procedure of molecular glossing hair at home is over! Now you have become the owner of amazing, lively and full of healthy hair for about a month. If you want to check the correctness of our technology, look for instructions in the kit and read it carefully.

Video: hair glossing procedure

Lovely girls, here you are familiar with this beautiful restorative and therapeutic procedure. We hope that you have no outstanding issues. Now you can safely go to the salon or try a session at home! Take care of your curls and be irresistible !!

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