Anti-hair loss masks

Anti-hair loss masks
Hair loss - This is a complex problem that requires comprehensive treatment. First you need to understand the cause of hair loss and start treatment from the inside, however masks for hair loss can also help your head.

Everything home masks for hair loss need to rub into the scalp, cover the hair with cellophane, and then warm the head with a towel.

Herbal mask for hair loss

Reypt number 1Ingredients: 20 gr. rhizomes of calamus 20 gr. burdock root 20 gr. marigold flowers 20 gr. hop cones All the ingredients are mixed and pour a liter of boiling water. Insist for 2 hours and filter. We moisten the scalp overnight.

Recipe number 23 tbsp. l flowers tansy2 Art. l nettle leaves, birch buds, sea buckthorn fruits and peels of onions1 tbsp. l fruits of red hot pepper Mix the herbs and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Insist for 2-3 hours and filter. Infusion rub hair into horses 2-3 times a day.

Urgent help with hair loss

Composition: 1 tsp Aloe liniment (Lini-mentum Aloes ointment) 1 tsp. juice of garlic (freshly squeezed) Mix ointment and juice of garlic and rub into the hair roots. Be sure to warm the head. Keep 40-60 minutes, then wash your head with warm water. Mask course - 3 weeks, make a mask 2 times a week.

Hair loss mask for very dry and brittle hair

We buy fresh avocado, cut and finely grind to a creamy state. Mass applied to the hair roots and incubated for 30 minutes. For greater effect, add a little olive oil to the avocado.

Potato mask for hair loss

One large potato to clean and grate and squeeze the juice. Add to potato juice 2 tbsp. l aloe juice and 20 grams of honey. Rub the mixture into the roots in a circular motion for two hours. The procedure is repeated twice a week.

Garlic mask for hair loss

This tool helps even with focal baldness. Prepare it as follows: rub garlic cloves grated until thick gruel is obtained. Apply gruel to pockets of hair loss for 2 hours. Then wash my head in the usual way. Duration 7-10 procedures.

Rum and onion mask

Grate 1 onion and fill with a glass of rum. Leave the mixture for a day and filter the next day. Rub into the scalp for an hour, covered with a towel.

Also onion masks, mustard masks, masks with aloe juice, masks with honey, as well as cognac masks, also help against hair loss.

Use these and others. hair loss masks regularly! and the result will surely please you

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