Angel curls with paper towels

How girls love to make curls, especially if nature has awarded them straight hair. Nowadays, for creating curls, most often, curling tongs or thermo-curlers are used, but this method damages the hair, making it weaker and more fragile. What to do if you do not want to spoil the hair, but want to have beautiful curls? There is a way - to make curls on ... paper towels!

Angel curls with paper towels

This method was used even by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, only they used to curl a rag. You can use this method, but paper towels have a plus, they absorb moisture and curls become very strong. And this method is suitable for quite young fashionistas, After all, their hair should be especially protected.

The curls that we are going to make today are light, voluminous and beautiful, and they also resemble the angel curls. They can also be used as a base for other hairstyles.

Angel curls - step by step instructions

one. Prepare paper towels, tear them into strips, they should be about 2 cm wide.2 Now let's do the hair. It is best to be wet but not wet. If the hair is dry, then before you twist a strand of hair, it must be slightly moistened with water.

3 We start making curls: we separate a small strand and twist the tip of the hair tightly onto a paper towel. This must be done to ensure that the hair is securely fastened.

four. Then continue to wind the hair on the towel up to the head.

five. When the strand is completely twisted paper towel must be tied.6 Do the same with the rest of your hair and go to sleep. Your hair should dry well, then your curls will last for several days.7 If you do not have so much time, then use a hair dryer, but not hot air.

eight. In the morning gently dissolve the curls and separate them with your hands. If you want to see clearer curls, then separate them with your fingers, not a comb. If the hair is very lush, then you can sprinkle a little hair out of the spray.

9. If desired, decorate your hair with accessories and fix hairspray. Our angel curls are ready!

Angel curls with paper towels
Angel curls with paper towels
Angel curls with paper towels
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