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Cascade haircut for long hair has gone through a lot, it was at the peak of popularity, then completely forgotten by all. She has lived in such changes of ups and downs about 40 years. And in 2013, she again became beloved by many beauties. With such a haircut, you keep the length of your strands and give them sexy volume. A simple, but diverse variations of haircuts cascade attracts into the ranks of their fans, more and more girls. Cascading haircuts quickly removed the famous square and bob haircut from the pedestal.

Magic attraction haircuts cascade

beautiful brunettes

Choosing cascading haircuts, you can easily emphasize the oval of your face. If you are a busy girl, whose life is full of different things, and you do not have much free time, then this haircut will become your magic wand.

  • Haircut cascade for long hair does not need long styling, it is enough to have clean dry curls and you are irresistible!
  • And if your hair lacks pomp and volumetric styling is not durable, then this haircut will easily transform your curls, giving them a terrific volume.
  • Cascading haircuts can also be a means of self-expression. Having made an asymmetrical or ragged cascade, you will add creativity to your image and amaze those around you.

torn blond

Haircut cascade will allow you to wear any bangs, whether straight, slanting, torn or not have it at all. A big plus is that a cascade can cut a girl with a round, triangular, square, rectangular face, only by choosing the length of the steps of the cascade correctly.

Cascade haircut variations

variety of variations of the elongated cascade

  • Classic - the steps in this haircut have a very smooth transition and have no sharp boundaries at all, such a cascade will make your image romantic.
  • Ripped cascade will be a means to cover up the small flaws of your appearance. Torn strands will hide the widest and most awkward facial features.
  • The asymmetrical cascade — the elongated embroiled strands of the haircut will become a touch of originality in your image, the only thing is that this haircut requires more careful styling.
  • Structured haircut - it combines 2 levels of hair length, on top there can be a cascade cap, and at the bottom just a neatly cut length.
  • A girl with a round or square face can afford a haircut with bangs or non-variation with the absence of bangs. Straight bangs decorate a girl with an elongated face. Oblique bangs or ragged will give attractiveness to round-faced ladies, as well as owners of a triangular face.

brunette and blonde

Haircut cascade for long hair will suit girls with lightly wavy strands, soft curls in this image emphasize the irresistible owner of such hair.

Who does not go such a haircut?

Girls, if you have strong curls, then cascading haircuts are not for you.

  • Firstly, your and naturally curvaceous curls will be ridiculous to get out of the haircut.
  • Secondly, you will not be able to give them a well-groomed look, but only get everyday torment in the struggle for attractiveness.

Just abandon this idea is the ladies with thick heavy hair. When you cut the cascade you will not see the desired effect, but rather lose the integrity of your image. Thick heavy hair will not be able to hold the volume, so the cascade will be absolutely useless.

Cascade Haircut Technique

long hair variations

Technique haircut cascade does not require extraordinary professional knowledge and experience.

  1. Having decided to cut the hair cascade independently, it is necessary to moisten it in order to avoid spilling of the strands.
  2. Then carefully comb and separate the front strand by which you select the final threshold length of the shortest step. Pin the remaining strands with a barrette.
  3. After, begin to carefully separate the strands parting by parting, observing parallelism with respect to the front line of growth. Strands must be pulled in a horizontal direction parallel to the line of the floor. Pick the hair to the first indicative strand and shear them on its level.
  4. Your movements should be directed to the back of the head, and the strands should be combed forward horizontally, observing parallelism to the line of the floor.
  5. Carefully cut the strands at the same level, observing the strand technique on the strand.
  6. After finishing the cutting of the cascade, comb your hair in the direction of growth, hold the edging and once again comb it.
  7. In the end, you need to profile strands to create a light hairstyle. Milling can be done along the entire length of your hair.

2 brunettes

Haircut cascade

smooth styling

It is very easy to style such hair.

Option number 1

  1. To create an attractive look, you can simply wash your hair, apply gel or mousse on it and dry it with a hairdryer, as well as you can use a diffuser or brush to brush.
  2. Dried curls should be lightly sprinkled with varnish to secure the result.

After these manipulations, your look will be romantic and natural.

Option number 2

  1. Or you can simply dry your washed hair with your head tilted down while drying.
  2. At the end, apply a little styling product, gel or wax on your fingers and start wrapping individual strands inward, closer to the face, and then sprinkle everything with varnish.

Very fast and attractive styling.

Option number 3

The next option is the evening one.

  1. Clean washed hair should be dried with a hairdryer and screwed onto a large round comb.
  2. Strands located near the face winding inward, and the rest to make in the direction away from the face.
  3. After drying, peg the strands on the top of the head and cover the styling with varnish.

Option number 4

If you want to change the image and move away from the volume, then:

  1. dry the washed hair with a hairdryer, apply a heat spray over the entire length and brush your hair.
  2. Combed hair must be straightened with a flat iron.
  3. When finished with straightening strands, apply to the hair, framing the face, as well as the tips, modeling wax, in order to fix the styling.

Option number 5

Another styling option is to wind the hair with a curling iron in different directions, from the face and towards it, and then lightly spray it with varnish; this should be done with care so as not to make the curls heavier.

Option number 6

To give originality to your image, you can change the parting in the styling. There are at least 3 parting variations. Equal, oblique, zigzag, you can make all these partings with a comb with a long pointed end.

laying an extended cascade

Stars choose cascade

Jessica Alba

If you doubt this haircut, namely how it looks on a particular type of person, then you can refer to the photos of foreign and Russian stars. Among the star fans of the cascade for long hair are Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Kathryn-Zetta Jones, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Yana Rudkovskaya, Vera Brezhneva.

Jennifer aniston

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