All about tape hair extensions - technology extensions

All about tape hair extensions - technology extensions
Luxurious long curls - a dream for many women. All those who looked with admiration and envy at the magnificent hairstyles of those around them now had the opportunity to adjust their hair, increasing their volume and length. This is achieved through modern technologies in the field of beauty and aesthetics, namely hair extensions. This procedure has gained great popularity over the past 5 years. In this article we will talk in more detail about what tape hair extensions are, what are the pros and cons of this technology, how to care for curls after this procedure and consider the photo before and after lengthening the strands.

Tape extension is a method of cold extension, in which additional strands are attached to the hair roots using adhesive tapes. It will fit absolutely any hair and most importantly - does not harm. Increased strands can be used natural or artificial. This is a money issue. But choose the color close to yours, if you want to achieve naturalness and naturalness.

All about tape hair extensions - technology extensions

Technology tape hair extensions

Hair extensions ribbons held on a clean and dry head. A competent specialist first divides hair into areas, and then proceeds to gluing curls from bottom to top. Separating a strand, sticks two new ones to it: one down - with the adhesive side of the tape up, and the other up - with the sticky side down. Hair extensions near the temples holds last. The master will not touch the uppermost strands. Otherwise, the mounting tapes will be visible. The important point is that the extensible strands are glued not to the roots themselves, but at a distance of 1-2 centimeters from them. This is done to avoid a strong load on the hair. Depending on the density of the hair and your desire, you will need from 20 to 40 strands. And the whole procedure of building will take a little more than half an hour.

All about tape hair extensions - technology extensions

To adjust the hairstyle, you need to contact your master in 1-2 months. If you want to part with donor strands, he can easily remove them with a special alcohol spray.

Based on this method of lengthening the curls, micro-tape hair extensions appeared. It differs only in the fact that donor strands are taken thinner and, accordingly, ribbons are used much smaller width. Micro tape hair extensions are perfect for owners of short haircuts.

Tape hair extensions - the pros and cons

Why do some women and girls choose this way of building among many others? Let's break down the pros first.

  • Tape hair extensions carried out without heating and without exposure to strong chemicals. Due to which it is safe.
  • The speed of the procedure, about 30-40 minutes, is also an important point.
  • This extension applies to any hair.
  • Not a strong load on native hair.
  • Donor strands with proper proper care can be re-used and maintain a great view throughout the year.
  • Tape hair extensions allow some hairstyles without giving out glued curls. And also does not exclude, within reasonable limits, the use of a hair dryer, curlers and forceps when laying.

It is worth noting the drawbacks and tape building.

  • A significant disadvantage is the high cost of this procedure.
  • With poor and improper care, adhesive tapes can fall off.
  • When building ribbons will often have to adjust the hairstyle - at least once every 2 months.
  • The impossibility of coloring regrown hairs.

In contraindications to tape buildup, the following should be noted: serious skin diseases, chemotherapy, taking potent drugs - antibiotics, hormonal preparations and others, as well as hair loss.

How to care for hair after a tape extension

Highlight the basic rules for hair care, ribbons extended.

  • Shampooing should be limited to 2 times a week, using high-quality special shampoos without harmful additives. At the same time wash your hair, leaning back.
  • Use a comb with sparse teeth and make sure your hair is not tangled.
  • When styling, apply special products to the lower part of the hair, without ever touching the tapes.
  • To eliminate tangling, before going to bed, your hair must be tidied up either in a hat, or to braid a not tight braid.
  • Do not go to bed with wet or wet hair.
  • If possible, limit the use of hair dryers and other heating devices that can dry out curls.

Photos before and after hair extensions

All about tape hair extensions - technology extensions
All about tape hair extensions - technology extensions

Remember, gentle and careful care is a guarantee of beauty and long life of the accrued strands.

At the end of the topic, see the video tape hair extensions.

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