All about hair tinting

All about hair tinting

Hair tinting It is a type of dyeing that does not use persistent dyes, but tint, light agents. Toning is very popular among women, as it can be used to try several shades before finally deciding on the choice of hair color.

Hair toning is an excellent option for those who, depending on fashion, constantly change the shade of their hair. Toning allows you to restore the natural color of graying hair, but not more than forty percent.

Advantages of hair tinting:

one. Growing up roots will not be a problem.2 Hair will get a beautiful shine, their color will become more even.3 Toning does not affect the hair roots from the inside, which ensures gentle staining.four. Dyes stay for long, so the process of toning, if you do not like the shade of hair, is completely reversible.

Disadvantages of hair tinting:

one. Gray hair is painted only partially.2 If the hair is dark, after toning their shade practically does not change.3 Hair can not be made lighter.

There are four types of hair tinting: - gentle - intensive - easy - toning with bio-agents.

All about hair tinting

With intensive toning dyes containing a small amount of oxidizing agents are used.

Intensive toning makes it possible to dye your hair in any dark color or to lighten it with a few tones. The paint will hold for about two months.

Dyes used in gentle toning, contain various additives and vitamins that do not violate the structure of the hair, take care of them, facilitate combing. Gentle toning keeps on hair for two to four weeks, so toning can be done more often.

For light toning Various skins, mousses, shampoos, emulsifiers, hair sprays containing coloring agents are produced. Light toning is maintained until you wash your head two or three times.

The latest novelty is the use of a new generation of bio-tools for toning. Their composition contains many healing, healing components. After using this type of toning hair will be healthy, shiny, well-groomed. Toning with bio-agents is especially recommended for those who have damaged, lifeless hair.

Technique toning

The technique of toning practically does not differ from the technique of dyeing hair. On your hands you need to wear protective gloves, skin on which the dye can get, you need to grease with a greasy cream. The toning agent should be squeezed out on the palm and evenly applied to the hair. After that, comb your hair with large teeth comb. Keep dyes need as much time as indicated in the instructions. Then rinse hair thoroughly.

For toning, you can use one or several shades of dyes. Before you do toning, do not dye your hair with henna.

Do not forget to care for tinted hair with balms, shampoos and masks for colored hair.

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