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Aleran series

Series "Alerana for hair", according to the manufacturer, is an effective tool in the fight for a healthy and beautiful hair. Cosmetics not only affects the strands, but also has a caring effect directly on the hair follicles. Today we are talking about whether this product is a panacea in hair care, or is it another trick of marketers?

Benefits of Alerana

What is so good series Aleran for hair growth? The advantages are called by the manufacturer:

  • suitable for a comprehensive solution to many problems with the health of the hair;
  • in the composition there are natural ingredients, vitamin-mineral complexes;
  • consists of treating agents, drugs for supporting care and for prophylaxis;
  • equally suitable for both men and women;
  • there are no aggressive substances that can cause acute allergic reactions;
  • You can pick up several products at once for the most effective effect on curls.


We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the composition and characteristics of the application of each of Alerana's products against hair loss, and choose the option that suits your hair.

Shampoo for oily and mixed type hair

The company's specialists have developed several compositions for different types of hair. Components of shampoo for fat and mixed type:

  • medicinal extracts of horse chestnut, nettle, wormwood, burdock and sage;
  • wheat proteins;
  • substances cleansing effects.

for greasy hair

What effect does the drug have:

  • the epidermis softens;
  • reduces oiliness and skin irritation;
  • nutrition of hair follicles is activated;
  • the skin is refreshed;
  • growth of rods is activated;
  • the shag becomes obedient.

The optimal course of application is about 6 months or more.

differences in hair condition

You can buy a standard jar of shampoo for 300 rubles. To enhance the effect, Aleran balm is produced, which can be used in combination with shampoo. Its price is 450 rubles.


Shampoo "Intensive Nutrition"

Shown with the problem of weakened, dull, thin and colored strands. The composition of the tool:

  • jojoba oil;
  • keratin;
  • lecithin;
  • dexpanthenol;
  • effective cleansing agents.


How does the impact:

  • the bulbs feed and their structure is restored;
  • the epidermis is moistened;
  • inflammation of the integument disappears;
  • the curls become silky;
  • follicles grow;
  • split ends are sealed.


The price of one bottle of shampoo is about 270-300 rubles.

Means for dry and normal hair

The structure includes:

  • tea tree oil;
  • burdock and nettle extract;
  • wheat protein;
  • poppy seed oil;
  • lecithin;
  • vitamin b5;
  • cleansing ingredients.

hair loss problem

Shampoo action:

  • acceleration of metabolic processes in the upper layers of the epidermis;
  • effective fight against dandruff;
  • growth stimulation;
  • protection against delamination and mechanical damage;
  • regeneration of the hair structure;
  • nutrition follicle;
  • hydration of the strands and epidermis;
  • antifungal and antiseptic effect.

for dry hair

The first visible effect will appear in 1 month. It is necessary to use means not less than 5-6 months for manifestation of 100-% of result. The cost of 1 jar is about 270-290 rubles.

Vitamin complex ALERANA

The manufacturer calls the complex unique because it contains vitamins. Components actively affect the follicles, filling the skin and roots with strength from the inside. The complex of vitamins Aleran against hair loss is suitable for both men and women. Indications for the start of the course:

  • hairstyle thinning;
  • weakened growth;
  • alopecia (even advanced cases);
  • split ends + dandruff;
  • irritated areas on the skin;
  • increased greasiness on the head;
  • lifeless, weak strands.

The tool is presented in two formulas:

  • "Night": vitamins of group B and D3, biotin, para-aminobenzoic acid, zinc, calcium, chromium, cystine.
  • "Day": folic acid, selenium, vitamins (C, E, B1), beta-carotene; magnesium, iron.

vitamin complex

Instructions for use:

  1. Drink one pill "Day" in the morning with food, drinking ½ cup of water, and the second "Night" during dinner.
  2. The course of taking the drug is approximately 4 weeks.
  3. If necessary, repeat the course 2-3 times a year.

The complex can be purchased at a pharmacy for 640-650 rubles.

Interesting! New from the manufacturer was a mask for all types of hair and a means to strengthen the eyebrows and eyelashes.

for eyelashes

Anti-Alopecia Spray

The manufacturer assures that ALERANA 5% and 2%, produced as a spray, is useful in the presence of many types of hair diseases, even with such a serious problem as alopecia. Spray fits all, regardless of gender. Spray Features:

  • the main active ingredient is minoxidil;
  • Capillary strengthening and enhancement of their tone occurs after the spray penetrates into the follicles;
  • Oxygen more actively gets to the bulbs, since blood circulation is normalized;
  • all nutrients in full reach the follicles, this results in the activation of their growth;
  • As a result, awakening of “sleeping” hairs occurs.


Apply spray on this system:

  1. 7 times press the button dispenser, so the skin and curls will receive 1 ml of the active substance;
  2. Apply to the skin on the parting, paying special attention to problem areas.
  3. Treatment is carried out twice a day.
  4. Do not wash off the product, but be sure to wash your hands with soap and water.
  5. Do not lie down on the pillow until it is completely dry.

Spray Alerana

The course of treatment, as determined by doctors-trichologists, should be 5-6 months. You can buy Alerana spray at a price of 860 and 1035 rubles, depending on the level of concentration.

Interesting! Alerana is produced in two types - 2% and 5%. The use of 5% of the drug is necessary only on prescription, if 2% remedy has not had an effect.

Hair Repairing Serum

The tool is a concentrate and actively affects the condition of the hair. The action is as follows:

  • roots get enhanced nutrition;
  • follicles are awakening and regeneration of individual hairs;
  • there is an improvement in the quality of hair;
  • increased protection against aggressive external factors.

alopecia stage

The advantages of using this particular type of serum:

  • no effect of weighting strands;
  • has a non-sticky, pleasant to the touch texture;
  • convenient packaging and spray shape;
  • no need to flush.


The price for one bottle is about 650 rubles.

Male "Growth Activator"

If you find this problem, you can try to restore the hair with a shampoo for men "Growth Activator". Often you need 3-5 months for the full effect of the use. The volume of the jar is 250 ml, and the average price is 420 rubles.

for men

Real consumer reviews

Real consumer reviews are mostly positive, but still, there are some that are slightly different from what the manufacturer promises.

  • Svetlana: People around me always admired my haircut, but in one terrible day the curls began to fly around with me, like leaves in the autumn. I waited with horror that one morning I would wake up completely bald, and I would gather curls on a pillow. On the advice of the doctor-trichologist bought Aleran spray. I used it strictly according to the recommendations, but from it my straw began to crumble even more. I thought that this was a temporary phenomenon, but I could no longer look at my reflection in the mirror without fear. The doctor advised to use an additional spray for men, since there are more active ingredients in it, but from him I began to grow a beard on my chin. She spat, stopped taking it and cut off her hair. Oddly enough, after the end of the course and haircuts, the hair stopped falling out. Already grown 3 cm length without problems. I will not recommend Aleran to anyone.
  • Lyudmila: I did not notice any effect. Spent 2 salaries for various funds and vitamins, but all for nothing. One gets the feeling that trichologists are “in proportion” with manufacturers and “pushing” the desired products to patients. The effect of zero.

Where is the truth about Alerana products? Why are so different reviews and promises of the manufacturer? Does the much-anticipated panacea turn out to be the next “dummy”? Share real feedback in the comments.

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