A variety of hairstyles with kanekalon

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon
Hairstyles with Kanekalon - a new, incredibly popular trend in 2017, which has become widespread in the field of beauty and fashion. But more recently, this haircut was done exclusively by female boxers in order to remove hair that makes it difficult to train. However, the creative and unusual look at things designers has led to the fact that the hair began to penetrate into the masses and won the love of many people who love everything unusual.

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

Kanekalon is an artificial fiber with the highest quality. It is very similar to natural natural hair and is not afraid of heat treatment. For the first time it was released in Japan, today it has spread everywhere. The structure and appearance of Kanekalon are very fond of stylists. The composition of the material is algae, representing organic matter giving the naturalness of the materials.

Kanekalon in hairstyles use completely different colors, which makes styling bright and extraordinary and allows its owner to look unusual and interesting. This hairstyle emphasizes individuality, courage, ability and desire to go on experiments. The colorfulness of this artificial fiber creates a memorable image of a positive person, which seems to glow from the brightness of the strands.

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

Volumetric braids with Kanekalon appropriate to do at a music festival, rock music or other informal event. Going to the gym, having such a hairstyle, will be convenient, since the hair will not constantly climb into the eyes and interfere with exercise.

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

Cool and playful look children's hairstyles of this type, which create the image of a small fashionable style, not wishing to stand aside, seeking to follow the innovations that are just emerging in the world of fashion.

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

 Different hairstyles with Kanekalon in the form of weaving

If you look at the photo, which presents hairstyles with kanekalona, ​​then you can see the full brightness of a variety of different types. Scythe with Kanekalon exist in several versions. Consider such hairstyles.

Kanekalon ombre

This hairstyle is characterized by interweaving of unequally colored curls, and bright and varied in color. However, it is worth remembering about the need to select such colors so that the overall hairstyle is in harmony with the selected colors.

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

A hairstyle with Kanekalon, made on the basis of such weaving, is characterized by the following features: it can have a smooth, gradual or abrupt transition. The first version of the hairstyle is suitable for those who want their own color to be in harmony with the strands that are colored in a similar shade. The second option is to choose those who prefer bright and unexpected contrasts in style. Clearly, these options will demonstrate the photo.

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

Depending on preferences and personal desires, you can paint the tip or the whole strand in a variety of colors. However, here it is necessary to take into account the individuality of appearance and native hair color.

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon
A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

Colored braids

Among the most stylish hairstyles with cancanalone are also highlighted long colored braids, characterized by the interweaving of fibers of different colors.

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

The reason for the popularity of using colored kanekalon in hairstyles is not only in the originality of its appearance. This material is chosen and because it does not bear any danger and harm to health. Various colors and various shades have been developed to create this hairstyle, which creates an image of an interesting girl, keeping up with the times.

French Kanekalon Spit

The peculiarity of this type of weaving is that braided pigtails are as tight as possible to the head. The choice in favor of the French braids with cancanalone is recommended for those people who lead an active life of tireless fidgets. Spit will not be reminded of themselves and constantly distract from the actual affairs.

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

Colorful strands of different colors will add zest to your hair. You can braid one or two braids, or many braids that are woven around the head. Independently, the second option will be very difficult to do, so you should contact your hairdresser.

Boxing Spit with Kanekalon

This hairstyle can be done on short, medium and long hair. Therefore, any girl who dares to challenge the boring and gray everyday life, where everything is so standard and familiar, can become a happy owner of such an extraordinary and interesting hairstyle.

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

It is possible to braid two broad braids that originate from the forehead and terminate at the neck, gradually tapering. Or you can braid a few thin braids.

Afro-braids with canacalon

An excellent choice for girls who dream of creating a bright and unique look. You can make large afrokosichki with kanekalonom or a great many small.

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

This option is good because it does not require constant long-term styling, allows the hair to rest from drying by hair dryer, using detergents can significantly lengthen the hair through extension, for additional decorative elements you can use beads, rhinestones or beads.

Spikelets with Kanekalon

Known since childhood hairstyle spikelet differs variety of interesting and original options. Its advantage is that spikelets with Kanekalon are woven much faster and this hairstyle is much cheaper than other types.

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

Features self-weaving braids with kanekalonom

An important issue that immediately arises in girls who like a hairstyle with bright Kanekalon and who decided to recreate it yourself - this is how to weave pigtails.

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

The first thing that needs to be done to start the process of weaving braids is to divide the hair into partings / partings (in case of a large number of braids). To make the braids smooth or for curls that are not amenable to fast weaving, it is recommended to use matte clay, having previously ground the selected mass. Apply the mass on the curls, focusing on the soft hair, which along the edge can be smoothed with a small brush. Next, you need to firmly fix the Kanekalon around the first braided strand. There are several methods: tie a knot around the first strand, fixing it with an invisible one, so that Kanekalon does not move or fall. However, if the "naughty" Kanekalon continues to crawl, then you should start with a little braid of the braid, and then add Kanekalon to the braid (without any nodes).

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

There is another option for weaving braids: start weaving the French braid outward with the addition of kanekalon. When the braid is finished, it should be braided with a tight elastic band, around which a small strand should be wrapped and the result obtained should be finished with means for strong and strong fixation of the hair.

How to weave Kanekalon and what hairstyles you can create with it, see the following video material.

The next important question that naturally arises is how many braids with kanekalon are kept.

A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon
A variety of hairstyles with Kanekalon

As a rule, braids are kept for three to seven days. Because of such a short time, it is best to weave the threads into clean hair. If there are a lot of braids and they are small, then with this hairstyle you can walk one or one and a half months. In the case of the imposition of artificial strands, you need to wash your head with a solution of shampoo, while being careful not to spoil your hair.

Varieties of Kanekalon, its pros and cons

There are the following types of Kanekalon:

- the traditional version; - Fluor; - chameleon.

Most often, the traditional fibers are with different perm and colors. Flur is best suited to representatives of the club world, and it is often presented at festivals. Chameleon is suitable for people who love something different, and under the influence of direct sunlight, it can change its color.

Advantages and disadvantages are present in each material, so they are observed here. Some believe that Kanekalon is a real find, others represent it as an absolutely unnecessary attribute for hair.

Common benefits include: - increase the length of hair, especially necessary for dreads and braids, when the strands are short; - products do not fluff; - absolutely safe and hygienically clean material; - allows you to conduct various experiments with changing the image, in some cases, the hair changes dramatically;

Fiber Disadvantages: - wetting makes the material heavier and this is not very good for natural strands; - natural hair is different from artificial; - gradually the color will dim; - the canvas tightly woven, and remove it is not easy.

Experimenting and choosing what hairstyle with Kanekalon to do, the girl approaches the cherished goal - to declare herself, her individuality and non-standard image, express herself and just be fashionable and modern.

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