7 tips on caring for curly hair

beautiful smiling girl with curly wavy hair

Every woman (girl, girl) with curly hair at least once heard in her address from the owner of straight curls something like: “Oh, you have amazing curls! I would also like those! ”Envious sighs and views can be safely taken as a compliment, because actually keeping wavy hair in order is quite tiring, and it’s not easy to cause them to admire them! Therefore, if you are wondering how to care for curly hair, we offer you a comprehensive guide to creating a stylish image with healthy spiral curls.

1) Features of proper combing curls

Always start combing the hair below. Starting at the bottom, you can gently unravel each strand. A gradual upward movement will eliminate the mixing of already tangled curls, which are mercilessly pulled out with a comb, if it immediately passes through the entire length.

2) Cutting frequency

Broken tips do not add beauty to anyone, so systematically cut your hair to prevent their appearance. If you want to have healthy curls that look fresh and elastic, go to a hairdresser or trim split ends at home every eight to ten weeks.

3) Develop your own curly care regimen

Try to mix 2-3 cosmetic products that meet specific needs when modeling hairstyles. Good results can be achieved with a combination of smoothing whey, mousse, coconut oil and styling gel. Such a "cocktail" allows you to get a reliable fixation, but it does not make the hair dry and crisp. Experiment - and, probably, you will think up something innovative.

4) Choosing the right comb

Use a comb with wide teeth instead of a brush. Wavy curls - this is the most fragile type of hair, in which each spiral is a potential point of rupture. Combing with a comb with wide teeth spares and does not violate the natural structure of the curls as much as a brush would.

5) Cosmetic hair products

Apply volume conditioner to tips. If your hair is so dry and dull, the last thing you need is to weight them with cosmetics. To give curls moisture and elasticity, it is enough to take a drop of styling cream or oil, the size of a five-ruble coin.

6) The Pineapple Hair Trick

If you collect the hair at the highest point of the head and leave it at night, the spirals will not be entangled, they will retain their elastic shape and volume. This hairstyle is a great time saver in the morning, because all you have to do is dissolve the curls.

7) Diffuser for creating perfect curls

If you still do not know what a diffuser is, then you lose a lot. So, the diffuser is one of those strange nozzles that come with a hairdryer. Drying with its help does not take much time, because thanks to the needle-like structure, the “fingers” of the diffuser evenly distribute the air between neatly disentangled hair, without injuring them. Thus, they do not turn into a total fluffy mass, as usually happens if you dry your curls naturally. Moreover, the nozzle not only preserves the integrity of the curls, but also increases their volume.

Proper use of a hair diffuser includes the following steps:

  1.  Wash your hair with shampoo.
  2.  Use air conditioning.
  3.  Squeeze out excess moisture with a towel or microfiber cloth.
  4.  Apply mousse with the function of protection against heat.
  5.  Give each curl the desired shape, twisting the spiral fingers.
  6.  Bend your head forward or to the side, placing the dryer with a diffuser at a right angle to yourself.
  7.  Bring the hair dryer to the head so that the curls themselves wound on the needle projections of the nozzle.
  8.  Turn on the hair dryer and start drying.
  9.  Then again apply on strands of mousse mousse, but now selectively.
  10.  Repeat the drying.

Then it remains only to lay the hair with your hands and fix the result with varnish.

So, given how difficult it is to care for curls, the above list of 7 simple tips will help ease this tedious routine process and bring it to automatism.

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