6 strand braid

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The braid of six strands looks stylish and very original, based on it they make insanely beautiful aerial hairstyles, and this braid itself will suit almost any pattern you create.

A 6-strand pigtail is a native Russian hairstyle. Our great-great-grandmothers easily and simply plaited braids with four, six, eight and even twelve strands. They studied this from the very young age, because in those days the braid was the pride of every girl and all the headdresses of young women were adapted to her since the 17th century.

Weaving a spit of 6 strands you can make yourself at home. Of course, it’s harder to do it yourself, but by gradually following our instructions and having practiced a little time, you can easily and quickly braid the six-strand braid yourself. It is better to train first, for example, on a friend. When the six-strand pigtail makes you perfect, you can even easily and freely braid it yourself.

So, let's take a look at the weaving of 6 strand pigtails. In order to make it easier for you to digest the information, let's enumerate each strand from one to six. In fact, the scheme of weaving is quite simple, as you can see for yourself now.

Scheme weaving six-spit

  1. First of all, you need to very carefully comb the hair so that it lies even, heavy waterfall;
  2. Then we divide the entire mass of hair into six identical parts. For convenience, each beam from left to right is assigned a sequence number. (1,2,3,4,5,6)

color scheme of creation

We start weaving. Instruction

  1. Put number 1 on 2; 1 put under 3; 1 to 4; No. 1 under 5; No. 6 under 1;
  2. No. 2 stack 3; 2 under 4; 2 to 5; 2 under 6; No. 1 under 2;
  3. № 3 put on 4; 3 under 5; 3 to 6; 3 under 1; No. 2 under 3.
  4. Thus we continue to weave on the whole or on the length of hair you need. Below the braid is fastened with the help of a usual elastic band.

Well, our six-strand braid is ready. With your own hands, you easily and quickly created an unusual weaving, which can be combined in different hairstyles.

detailed creation scheme

Let's look at the hair style option based on a six-strand braid.

Mesh over hair

This is a very easy hairstyle, for which you only need to know the 6-strand braid weaving technique described above. The execution scheme is as follows.

  1. We separate the entire head of hair horizontally from the right to the left ear, as for all hairstyles known from childhood "Malvina".
  2. The lower part of the curls collected in the tail, so as not to interfere.
  3. The upper part of the hair, in turn, is divided into three beams. Two of them for a while we catch a rubber band.
  4. We divide the first bundle into 6 parts and weave it according to the 6-strand braid along the entire length of the hair. When dopletёte to the end, you intercept the hair with a regular elastic band.
  5. By the same principle, braid the remaining two braids.
  6. You got three beautiful braids. To make them look like a solid mesh, lace up their edges with a thin satin ribbon based on the corset principle.
  7. Lower the big tail loose and gently combing.

appearance of finished hair

Hairstyle ready. It looks as if on the surface of your hair lies a beautiful thin mesh, laced with satin ribbon. In order to give this styling an even more original look, you can decorate it with various decorations and accessories. For example, the material for decoration can be satin ribbons of different widths. You can also not only twist their hair, but also tie large and small bows, both simple and complex. You can also use studs with rhinestones, which are fixed at the intersection of the strands.

Video: master class on weaving braids from 6 strands

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