5 homemade nutritional masks

Unfortunately, not all women have enough time to be able to pay due attention to hair care. However, most girls are well aware of the remarkable property of even the simplest cosmetic procedures to significantly improve the appearance of hair and maintain their health for a long time.

Despite the rapid pace of life, the majority of urban residents, there are many recipes for effective hair masks, which are quite easy to prepare yourself. Such masks are applied right before washing the hair, which greatly simplifies the procedure and saves time.

Pear mask for volume and recovery

5 homemade nutritional masks
The mask is made from ripe and large pears. One fruit with soft and juicy flesh must be dipped for a few seconds in boiling water.

After scalding and removing the core and peel, the pulp of the pear with a blender must be turned into a homogeneous mass and mixed with one spoonful of soaked gelatin. The mask is applied to the entire length of hair before washing the head for 15 minutes.

Pear mask gives hair volume and helps to restore damaged hair.

Coffee mask for weak hair

5 homemade nutritional masks
The mask successfully restores the saturation of hair color in dark brown-haired women and brunettes. For its preparation it is necessary to take ground organic coffee, which is brewed in such a way as to produce a large amount of thick. The resulting warm residue should be applied to the hair half an hour before washing. The mask helps to restore weakened hair and give it a soft natural shine.

Banana mask to give hair strength

5 homemade nutritional masks
Good for owners of blonde hair. One peeled, medium-sized banana should be crushed to a uniform consistency with the addition of a few drops of almond oil. The mask should be applied to the hair for 20 minutes before thoroughly washing the head. The banana mask returns vitality to the hair and gives them airiness.

Roma-based mask for volume and softness

5 homemade nutritional masks
Many people know the recipe for the famous Scottish egg cocktail, however, not everyone knows that such a combination of eggs and rum can have an incredible cosmetic effect when used as a mask for hair. One whipped yolk needs to be combined with a few spoons of rum or brandy. The mixture applied to the hair has its healing effect for the first 20 minutes (as long as the alcohol contained in the composition evaporates). A cognac or rum mask is able to return the hair volume and obedient softness, and also help get rid of dandruff.

Avocados for hair health and shine

5 homemade nutritional masks
Avocados are famous for their essential oils, which are able to give the hair a natural shine and volume. To prepare the mask should take a soft ripe fruit, which, after careful cleaning of the peel is crushed to a state of homogeneous mass. The pulp must be applied to the hair for half an hour before washing.

Rinse off the mask with warm water and mild shampoo.

A few tips will help to preserve the health and delicate shine of the hair for a long time: - you should only wash your hair with high-quality shampoos appropriate for your hair type, - in no case is it recommended to comb wet hair, - hairbrushes should have large and rare teeth, and preference should be given to combing from natural materials - do not allow exposure of the hair to direct sunlight and the adverse effects of low temperatures during the cold season. Remember that it is much better to prevent the occurrence of unpleasant hair problems than treating them.

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