3 masks for damaged hair

3 masks for damaged hair

Hair masks from ancient times were valued because they possess the necessary minerals and vitamins that restore hair and make it softer and more docile.

Pampering your hair with masks is necessary not only for those who have problems with hair, but also for those who have normal hair.

However, special attention is paid to those who have weak, dull hair that is often confused and has split ends.

one. To cook nutritional mask for damaged hair , you will need: - 1 raw egg, - a teaspoon of glycerin and vinegar, - two teaspoons of castor oil.

Hold this compound over steam for 5 minutes and then apply it on your hair. Start from the roots, because it is there that vitamins and minerals must come in order for the healing process to begin.

When applied to the roots, distribute the residue over the entire head and apply on the tips too. It is necessary to make such a mask up to 2 times a week, but if the condition of the hair is very serious, then you can do it 3-4 times. In two weeks you will feel a noticeable result.

2 You can use another recipe that is perfect for both dry and for normal hair. To prepare such a mask, you will need: - 2 eggs, - 3 spoons of burdock oil, - 3 spoons of Arnica tincture [/ u] (you can buy this tincture at any pharmacy).

All this is thoroughly mixed and add a teaspoon of honey and olive mayonnaise. Let this whole mass stand for about an hour, and then you can start applying to the hair. Distribute the mask is also better from root to tip.

After half an hour you can flush. Best of all, if you will do a mask on the hair before washing your hair. Just do not need to experiment: choose one mask for damaged hair and go through the full course of treatment. As a rule, it lasts 2-3 months. Then give your hair a month to rest and begin a new course of treatment.3 There is another very effective way to make your hair silky and healthy. Try to rinse your hair before washing your hair kefir.

Kefir and kefir masks are a very good tool for restoring split and thin hair. If your hair still falls out, try to apply the following mask on them: take 50 grams. kefir and add there 20 drops of burdock oil. Mix all this well and apply to the hair roots.

Ideally, this oil should soak the hair throughout the night, but a couple of hours will be enough to feel after the first application how much your hair has changed. The fact is that in burdock oil There are a lot of vitamins, especially D and E, which will strengthen the hair roots, but in kefir it contains vitamin, which will make the hair elastic and prevent the ends section.

Therefore, this mask, which consists of only two components, acts so efficiently and flawlessly.

Take care of your hair all the time, especially when it gets cold, because of beriberi they weaken twice as fast. A regular use of masks will return them life shine and strength.

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