10 simple hairstyles for girls with elastics

Combining beauty and convenience is not so easy, especially when it comes to little princesses. Not every little girl will allow herself to be braided for a long time, and for some of the weaves, you also need to sit quietly, which makes it difficult. Hairstyles with rubber bands come to the rescue, they look original and bright, while the hair will be securely fastened and will not interfere with the child during games or classes.

Recommendations for creating hairstyles with elastics

one. Hair should be slightly wet, only so you can make a neat hair and hair will not stick in all directions. In addition, it greatly facilitates the creation of hairstyles.

2 Pre-comb your hair well, they should not be confused.

3 Choose the right rezinochki, they should be small and flexible. And multicolored :)

four. Choose a hairstyle depending on the length of the child's hair, the shorter the hair, the less distance there should be between transitions from elastic to elastic.

10 simple hairstyles with elastics for girls

So, let's begin. Comb the hair of the baby and find her occupation, for example, turn on her favorite cartoon, it will help you to quickly make your hair and without screams.

1 Chess hairstyle with short hair elastics

This hairstyle will suit even the shortest hair. Separate a straight rectangle of hair from one side of the head. The rest of the hair secure with a rubber band, we will not need them.

We divide the temporal part of the hair into 3 even rectangles and make tails.

We separate the next hair line and divide it already into two rectangles. We also make tails, while grabbing the tails of their first line under the gum. The tail is in the middle, divided into two parts.

We again divide the third part of the hair into three rectangles, make tails by weaving previous tails into them. Each tail from the second line is also divided into two parts.

Now we combine them with loose hair and fasten them with a beautiful elastic.

10 simple hairstyles for girls with elastics

2 Hair dragon with two tails

First, separate the hair in the middle, take a thin comb and draw from the forehead to the neck on one side, then on the other. In the middle there should be an equal part of the hair.

From loose hair do a high tail on each side.

Now we start to make tails, separate even rectangles and fix them with colored rezinochkami, this should be done to the end.

Each tail must be divided into two equal parts and weave them under the gum on each side. We decorate tails with ribbons - the hair is ready!

10 simple hairstyles for girls with elastics

3 Fast hairstyle with three tails.

When there is no time for hard work and small tails you can use this hairstyle.

Hair do with one side. First, do tails, then connect them with the third. All hair is combined into one tail and decorated with a bow. You can also make a bundle.

10 simple hairstyles for girls with elastics

4 Another hairstyle for short hair

The hair is divided into two parts, for a change, you can make the parting not even, but for example curved or zigzag.

On the one hand, we collect the hair in a high tail and make a sloppy bunch.

On the other hand, we are already doing tails. Simply we trim the uniform parts and assemble into the tail. Next, combine the tail with the following and so on until you reach the place where you need to make a common tail. We also make a sloppy bundle and decorate both with accessories!

10 simple hairstyles for girls with elastics

5 Cross hairs at the back of the head

This hairstyle looks impressive from behind. We separate an equal part of the hair behind the head and begin to make two tails over each other. When the tail needs to be connected with the following, simply cross the free edges of the tails with the opposite and fasten. The result will be a cross hairstyle of tails.

10 simple hairstyles for girls with elastics

6 Hairstyle with ponytails for long hair

Usually, hairstyles with tails are made only for medium-length or short hair, but we suggest that you experiment with long hair. The basis of the hairstyle is also tails that need to be intertwined with each other. It turns out a very interesting hairstyle. The main thing here is accuracy)

10 simple hairstyles for girls with elastics

7 We combine rezinochki and braids

For this hairstyle, you only need to know one standard weave of a three-strand braid. This hairstyle is suitable for medium-length hair, ideal for sports or outdoor games, as the hair is securely fastened.

You can do it on visual photos, the principle of the same as in previous hairstyles.

10 simple hairstyles for girls with elastics

8 Cross the tails on top.

For this hairstyle, suitable hair is longer, since if the hair is too short, it will constantly get out of the hairstyle. This hairstyle can be combined with two tails, bunches or with one tail at the crown.

10 simple hairstyles for girls with elastics

9 High beam at the side

An ordinary bundle can also be diversified using rezinochek, for example, as in this photo. Very simple and fast hairstyle!

10 simple hairstyles for girls with elastics

10 hairstyle tartlet

And completes our top hairstyles - hairstyle according to the type of baskets, only for it you do not need to braid your hair, it is enough to have at hand rezinochki!

10 simple hairstyles for girls with elastics

As you can see, creating such hairstyles is not difficult, experiment with elastics and make new hairstyles every day!

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