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Snow-white smile is the dream of every girl. White teeth whitening at home causes a lot of controversy and conflicting opinions. Advertising such systems for home use promises to brighten the enamel by 4 tones, and reviews often do not confirm the change in color and 1 tone. We invite you to learn more about what is teeth whitening White, look at the real photo results and get the opinion of the dentists on this matter.

What is White teeth whitening?

Today, there are 2 ways to lighten smiles: in the dental office and at home. All kinds of folk methods with soda, lemon, activated carbon or hydrogen peroxide can be attributed to the home lighting. These methods are really effective, but detrimental effect on the enamel. In search of more benign ways, you will surely turn your attention to White teeth whitening. There are a lot of manufacturers of such systems from well-known companies, such as Crest to the companies unknown to anyone, Maid Ying China. But the principle of operation for all systems is the same: a special cap is put on the teeth, into which the gel is placed or the gel can be applied directly to the teeth. Some systems come with a special LED lamp, which activates the enamel brightening process. After waiting for a certain time, the cap is removed and mouth rinsed with clean water.

White Light for home use

What is the result of whitening?

Producers in advertising their product assure that your "32" literally a week will be 3-4 tones brighter. Can you believe such advertising? Reviews on the Internet can be found very different: from the very first application, White gave teeth a visible result to someone, but after the 2-week course, someone did not see any changes at all. What is the reason for such a run-up in opinions? There are many reasons! The end result may depend not only on the choice of the product, but also on the natural color of the enamel. If you have yellowish enamel from nature, no bleaching will not give impressive results, you can count only on a slight change in shade by eliminating plaque. If you like strong black tea and coffee or smoke, but your enamel is naturally white, you have good chances to return the whiteness to your smile, to lighten it with one of these systems.

White Glo for home use

In addition to lightening enamel, advertising promises fresh breath for a long time. This result is confirmed by almost all the girls who have tried such systems personally.

Should I whiten my teeth by myself?

If you want to spend your home lightening smiles, we recommend that you carefully weigh everything "behind" and "vs". It does not hurt to find out the opinion of professionals in this regard.

The benefits of whitening home systems

Focusing on the positive reviews of girls who really liked this method, we can note the following advantages of the method:

  • You will spend only 10 minutes a day and in a week you will get little white teeth.
  • The result is stored for several months.
  • Systems for home use are much cheaper than professional cleaning: a dental procedure will cost about 10,000, while a quality system can be bought for an average of 1,500 rubles.
  • Systems are softer and you can control the process yourself. If, after applying, you feel discomfort or sensitivity increase, you can wait a couple of days before the next procedure or not repeat the session at all.

systems for a snow-white smile

Disadvantages of home whitening system

Disadvantages of this method is not deprived:

  • The effectiveness of the procedure is not the same for all.
  • You can run into a poor-quality product or a fake.
  • Some reviews do note an increase in the sensitivity of the enamel after the procedure.
  • Lightening a smile once, you have to repeat the procedure constantly and each time more and more.
  • Any whitening composition makes teeth porous. No one will guarantee that after a while they will not start to deteriorate.

Global White for a radiant smile

Opinion dentists regarding home bleaching

Dentists recommend hygienic cleaning of teeth every 6 months, removing plaque. This can be an Air Flow brushing with a flow of soda solution. As for the lightening of the enamel, the doctors are almost unanimously against. Bleaching compounds easily break the delicate balance, increasing the sensitivity of the teeth.

The most popular systems for whitening enamel

If you still decide on this procedure, we recommend that you approach with great responsibility the choice of a system for lightening enamel.

home enamel brightening systems

To do this, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the most popular products in this category:

  • Teeth whitening White Light. Set of 2 gels of different colors, caps and lamps with LED. Price run from 400 to 800 rubles per set. Reviews are contradictory, but even positive recommendations are left by girls who have achieved the maximum lightening of a smile by 1-2 tones, and not by 3-4, as the manufacturer claims.
  • Teeth whitening 3D White Crest. Lightening gel is presented in the form of strips, which are placed on teeth for half an hour a day. After 2 weeks teeth whitening 3D White Crest promises to give a noticeable result. This company is known and has the recognition of customers. The recommendations on the network are mostly positive. The cost of a set of 28 strips of about 3000 rubles.
  • Vivid White Smile teeth whitening. This system has mostly negative feedback from customers. Goods made in China and of dubious quality. Reviews do not confirm the effectiveness of the tool, the price is about 900 rubles. To buy Vivid White Smile teeth whitening can be on the popular sites of Ali-Express and eBay.
  • Global White teeth whitening. The kit consists of a gel, brush and retractor (silicone lining for exposing and accessing teeth). The cost of about 1,100 rubles, the product has many positive reviews confirming the effectiveness.
  • Teeth whitening Amazing White. This product is available in 2 versions: for professional use in the dental clinic (hydrogen peroxide in it 16%) and for home use (6% peroxide). The set consists of a lamp, cap and gel. The procedure in the clinic will cost 6000 rubles, a set for home use about 900 rubles.
  • The 3D White Glamorous teeth whitening strip from Crest has become a worthy alternative to caps and gel. The cost of strips is about 3,000 rubles.
  • Teeth whitening White Glo. One of the bestsellers in this niche. Can be purchased at major online stores such as Ozone, cost about 700 rubles. It has many positive recommendations confirming the effectiveness of this system.

Crest stripes for smile shine

If you decide on this procedure at home, carefully read the instructions and do not hold the gel on the teeth for the first time for as long as possible. Be careful and do not allow the desire to have a snow-white smile to harm her health!

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