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It is known that fashion does not stand still. For several years now, fashion for white tattoos has been common among tattoo lovers as an alternative to traditional, black and color. Wanting to bring something new to the image, to look original and please itself, women of fashion all over the world are ready to endure pain and a number of other inconveniences. So why more and more young women choose white tattoos and what are their features? Step by step consider this article.

White tattoos: what is their feature?

White tatoo appeared as a less painful alternative to scarring - the art of applying patterns to the skin with a scalpel. Despite the spectacular curly scars, not everyone is able to decide on such an unpleasant sensation procedure. The white paint driven under the skin resembles a scarification from afar, but the tattoo will not turn into scars and its color will not be unexpected.

tattooed finger and shoulder

  • These decorations are almost invisible from afar, so white tattoos for girls are ideal for those who want to decorate the body, but can not afford a black or color tattoo for several reasons - a strict dress code, work with young children or the elderly, the fear of being rejected by others etc.
  • If the tattoo is small, its thin lines are noticeable only upon closer inspection, which many find refined and attractive.
  • White tattoos look best on tanned or dark skin, although in some cases they are suitable for girls with light skin. Usually they are made on those parts of the body that are covered by clothing and rarely exposed to sunlight and the external environment - on the neck, back, chest, wrist. For this reason, white tattoos on the arm, ankle, shoulders are undesirable.

The technique of applying a white tattoo is almost the same as the traditional one: the tattoo scheme is chosen, the drawing is done on a stencil, or by hand, after which the master inserts the paint under the skin. However, a white tattoo is done in stages - since white ink is worse absorbed by the skin than black or colored ink, it may take several passes over the same area.

light tattoo

Theme white tattoos

What images will look organic in white?

  • The best option - clear contours that do not allow the tattoo to blend in with the skin color.
  • Contour tattoos, small drawings, patterns, inscriptions, symbols will look good. Also, a white tattoo is suitable for geometric designs such as mandala and lace.
  • Since the tattoo will decorate the skin always, sketches of white tattoos should be chosen with full responsibility. Trust this procedure is only an experienced artist, proven, otherwise all the flaws will be noticeable. If you doubt the choice of pictures, an experienced master will show their various sketches of white tattoos.

mandala and patterns

What to look for

If you are going to make a white tattoo, you need to consider some points:

  • White ink is not as resistant as black ink, so over time it fades and the tattoo gets yellowish-beige shades and looks like a scar.
  • Individual intolerance of such ink is possible, as a result, inflammation, bleeding or scar may appear on the tattoo site.
  • White paint is heavier taken by the skin than black and color, so you have to inject the paint several times, which makes the procedure more prolonged and painful.
  • White ink can look expressionless on very light skin.
  • The complexity of the performance and unpredictability of the result is the main reason that not every master will offer such a service. Therefore, to find the salon and the master, who makes white tattoos, is very difficult.

white pigment tattoo

Caring for white tatoo

For a white tattoo you need to take care of yourself at home. Usually the instruction is given by the master, however there are key rules that will allow you to enjoy a beautiful bright pattern for a long time:

  • Caring for a white tattoo after the procedure is performed in the same way as in the case of a conventional tattoo; an antiseptic is necessarily used;
  • Before a tattooing session you should not drink alcohol, take antibiotics and a number of other medicines, and ointments based on them.
  • The white pigment fades quickly, so the tattoo should be protected from the sun, severe frosts, drying out, irritations, use the sauna, solarium with care.
  • Tattooing with white paint is eroded under the influence of strong chemicals, so that it remains contrasting and detailed, you can not expose it to household chemicals, do chemical peeling. During cosmetic procedures, during which oxidants or a laser are used, the tattoo should be reliably protected from their effects.
  • White tattoos require regular correction - the frequency of updating the pattern depends not only on the quality of paint and application, but also on the personal characteristics of the skin, on how quickly the epidermis is updated.

flower ornament

Cost of a white tattoo

Usually a white tattoo is slightly more expensive than a similar color or black one. The price grows due to the increase in the labor intensity of the work, as well as the material consumption: light ink is needed 2-3 times more than black or colored ink. The cost of the simplest tatoo will dance from 1500 rubles.

Bottom line on white tatoo

White tattoos have both ardent supporters and opponents. The former consider white tattoos to be an unusual and creative embellishment for the skin, the latter either advocate traditional black and colored tattoos, or note their fragility and a very long, painful procedure.

Despite the ambiguity of opinions, a white tattoo is a desirable decoration for many young girls. However, it is worth remembering that a white tattoo is a decoration for life, so if you decide to make it, it is important not only to find an interesting pattern, but also to find an experienced master who will competently carry out the procedure, after which there will be no unpleasant consequences. Look for real testimonials and photos of white paint tattoo made by the master. And, of course, such a decoration requires special care for the tattoo.

original body decoration

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