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Every woman wants to have a slim, toned figure to like herself and attract the attention of men. It is known that it is impossible to lose weight quickly and effectively without physical exertion, therefore the fitness industry offers many options for losing weight. Recently, water aerobics is gaining popularity - performing fitness exercises in the pool. The effectiveness of training is due to the fact that water reduces body weight, but gives resistance, so it is much easier to practice, and the result will be impressive. Such training allows you to strengthen your muscles, tighten your body shape, get rid of cellulite and lose weight, thereby improving your well-being and getting a beautiful body.

In the article we will look in detail what exercises are suitable for losing weight, is there any benefit for losing weight from such trainings, how much are lessons and what are real reviews about aqua aerobics for losing weight.

The benefits of water aerobics

Aqua aerobics can be a worthy replacement for the usual fitness for the following reasons:

  • Slimming in water occurs to the music and often resemble active dance,
  • The ability to swim does not matter, the depth of the pool will not allow to drown.
  • Since all participants are hidden by the water over their shoulders, there will be no embarrassment and worries about the problem figure.
  • Given that the body feels light and relaxed in the water, water-based slimming exercises are energy-intensive due to water resistance.
  • Fitness in the water improves mood, improves mental state, restores sleep.
  • The training process involves the muscles of the arms, chest, shoulder joints, hips, and buttocks. Often, a complex for weight loss includes exercises for the abdomen and press, for the sides. A number of exercises are performed using equipment - gloves, aquapoyas, dumbbells, which increase the resistance of water and increase the load on the muscles.
  • Water aerobics can not only strengthen the body, increase immunity, but also lose weight: in a month of regular workouts in combination with a balanced diet, you can lose up to 5-6 kg.
  • Aqua aerobics is not only effective for weight loss, but also improves skin condition: due to active movements in water, lymphatic drainage massage is performed, which reduces cellulite, it is also an excellent prevention of venous insufficiency by strengthening blood vessels.
  • Training in water normalizes blood pressure, improves blood flow to the brain and the state of the nervous system - a person becomes more efficient and stress-resistant.
  • Fitness classes in water harden the body, as a result, resistance to infections and colds increases.

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Exercises in the pool for weight loss

Today, there are a huge number of exercises for weight loss, which are performed in the water. Any fitness center, in which there is a direction of aqua aerobics, will offer its own unique set of training. However, there are basic and basic exercises on which any aqua aerobics lesson is built. They can be done independently. Exercises in the pool for weight loss are performed in stages. The activity plan assumes that the warm-up is first performed:

  1. Raise your hands in a deep breath, rotate them back and forth. Repeat the exercise several times.
  2. Make the slopes to the side, stretch out on the socks for the raised hands.
  3. To warm up, make jumps on half-bent legs in the water.
  4. Next, perform the basic exercises. There is gymnastics in the pool for weight loss and correction of various problem areas - for the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and legs.

Exercise for the formation of the waist (5 repetitions)

Close your palms at the level of the solar plexus, your elbows should rest on your stomach, your hands should be pressed to your chest: your hands should be covered with water. Turn the whole body to the right and left, tilt back and forth.

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Exercise for hips and buttocks

Grabbing the handrails, move your foot back, lifting it as high as possible, then lower it. The back should be flat. Do the exercise 10 times for each leg.

Exercise for the sides, abdomen and hips (10 repetitions)

Sit on the floor of the pool, with your hands on the back, the water should cover the chest. Swing your legs up and down, "scissors" - cross-swinging straight legs.

Leg exercise and press

Standing in the water on the chest, run on the spot with a high raising of the knees. Hands work as during normal running. Do the exercise for 10 minutes.

Exercise for the hips (10 repetitions)

Standing in the water on the chest, bend your knees, and keep your arms straight above your head. From this position jump out of the water and reach for your hands.

Leg Exercise (10 repetitions)

Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, standing on the shoulders in the water, and perform jumps, during which bring your legs together, and when you land, re-plant. Repeat 10 times.

Indications and contraindications for aqua aerobics

Gymnastics in the pool for weight loss is perfect for women who are contraindicated active physical activity:

  • overweight;
  • pregnant women;
  • elderly people, as well as those suffering from heart disease. In such cases, a more gentle set of exercises is selected. For them will be selected individual instructions for performing exercises in a more gentle mode.

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It is not recommended to attend aqua aerobics classes for people with weak vestibular apparatus, suffering from serious heart diseases, asthma, cystitis, genital infections, catarrhal or viral diseases, convulsions.

Cost of aqua aerobics

Today, aqua aerobics for weight loss has become a very popular area, training is conducted in most large pools and fitness centers. Classes are held both in groups and individually with a coach, in this regard, the price will be different.

Individual training is very effective, the coach determines the load depending on the characteristics of your body, gives the necessary instructions and provides assistance if necessary, but such exercises are quite expensive. Group aerobic classes are relatively accessible, classes are held in groups of 15-20 people, each is engaged in the best of their abilities. Therefore, you can choose the option, the cost of which is right for you. The cost will vary from the place of residence, as in Moscow the price starts to dance from 350 rubles for 1 lesson.

Reviews of aqua aerobics for weight loss

Maya: “I thought for a long time, but decided to purchase a subscription to water aerobics classes. The first training session was fun, to the music: running on the spot, waving arms and legs, squats, then swimming along the pool - an hour of study passed like an instant. After class, I didn’t feel tired, my mood was excellent, and the next day there was no muscle pain. We were warned that it was impossible to eat 2 hours before the workout and 2 hours after, so I do not eat after 18.00. I have been doing for 4 months, 3 times a week for an hour, but the changes appeared after a couple of weeks: the clothes began to sit more freely, cellulite disappeared and the skin tightened noticeably. I am delighted! Before and after photos are just heaven and earth! ”

Galina: “The doctor recommended me to aqua aerobics to strengthen the spine. I have been going for almost half a year, classes bring a lot of positive emotions, exercises are done to music. Exercises for weight loss are varied, often with the use of additional shells. Muscles become stronger, I began to slouch less and feel toned. However, there are a number of nuances. I did not manage to lose weight, although I did the exercises at the maximum pace and put all the exercises on the lessons. I also feel a constant hunger after workouts, which is difficult to fight. Sometimes in the pool it is cold, so in winter there is a big risk of catching a cold, and, well, chlorinated water dries the skin - you need to constantly take care of moisturizing it, be sure to use creams. ”

Irina: “As soon as I didn’t lose weight, I tried many diets, went to fitness, ran, twisted hoop at home. But once a friend advised me to try aqua aerobics - she had noticeably built up in two months of classes, and I took the risk. Each exercise in the pool for weight loss was performed step by step under the rhythmic music, while I did not feel tired. A week later, I noticed the first results - the body tightened, cellulite almost disappeared, posture became better. In two months I lost 5 kg, the benefits for losing weight are obvious. The only negative is that classes are more expensive than regular fitness or a pool, but they are worth it. ”

Julia: “I came to water aerobics in order to lose weight. The first day of training was hard for me - the coach was very tough, the exercises were rhythmic, if someone shirked, everyone was assigned “penalty” approaches (and maybe such rigidity is for the better). There wasn’t enough space in the pool for arms and legs; everyone touched each other. After the class, I barely reached the house, the first week my body ached terribly, sat on painkillers, but then got used to it. As a result, my body tightened, but I didn’t lose any weight, and besides, I started to get sick more often - it was cold outside, and I was going home hot. In general, the lesson is not for everyone. ”

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Summing up about water aerobics

In general, aqua aerobics for weight loss is quite an effective type of training, which allows you to strengthen muscles, improve posture, get rid of cellulite. However, losing weight in water implies an individual approach to stress, as well as necessarily proper nutrition. The cost of season tickets for aqua aerobics is slightly higher than that of other fitness areas, but often the result exceeds expectations. Everyone decides for himself that aerobics or swimming for weight loss are better for him. Reviews of aqua aerobics for weight loss show that weight loss is not too intense, but the overall physical and psychological state is improving.

You can share your impressions and feedback on aqua aerobics in the comments under this article.

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