Underarm epilation is the best way to remove hair.

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Underarm epilation is a topic that worries many women regardless of age. After all, the skin in this place is very thin and the use of most hair removal products causes injuries to it and leads to irritation. And everyone wants to have beautiful, smoothly shaved armpits. In addition to the aesthetic component, it also has a practical plus: epilation of the armpit zone allows you to eliminate the unpleasant odor that appears due to bacteria that actively reproduce on the hair of this area.

Underarm Hair Removal Techniques

There are many ways of depilation and epilation of the armpits, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • using a razor;
  • with the help of the epilator.
  • laser hair removal;
  • waxing armpit wax;
  • shugaring

The choice of method depends on the following reasons:

  • specific features of the skin;
  • availability of financial opportunities to attend procedures in beauty salons;
  • availability of free time.

As a result, the woman herself must decide how the hair removal will be carried out in this place - in the beauty salon or at home. However, in order not to be mistaken when choosing, you should know the features of each method, which we will now consider.

Underarm Depilation with a Razor


This is the easiest way to get rid of armpit vegetation that any woman can do on her own. It is correct to call it depilation, since only the upper part of the hair is cut off and the hair begins to grow again. Five minutes, and your axillary hollows will have a decent view for the whole day. However, this method is not suitable for all women. If you have dark hair, then after shaving in the epilated area there will be small dark areas - tiny hairs that the blade could not reach. Not less problems after shaving and the owners of light hair: after two days, the hair grows back, and irritation occurs on the skin. So what then to do?

Shave armpits must be wisely. Slowing hair growth will not work, but you can prevent irritation, redness of the skin. This will help you four simple rules:

  • Wash thoroughly before shaving. "work area". No matter how neatly you use the machine, its blade still causes microtrauma to the skin. The penetration of numerous microbes that live in the armpits in these wounds will lead to a very strong irritation.
  • Shaving should only be a sharp razor. Using a blunt instrument will result in microscopic, ragged wounds and irritation.
  • Need to shave hair growth. It is necessary to take into account the fact that for many women hair in this zone grows in several directions at the same time.
  • Immediately rinse the blade thoroughly with hot water after each use. This will help avoid irritation. Shaving foam and hair clog the razor, which makes it dull.

Strict adherence to all rules of hygiene and a little effort will protect you from irritation after shaving this delicate area. Here you can only enjoy the achieved result not for long: after a day, bristle will reappear in this area, which will look very ugly, especially in summer, when your hands are open and unwanted vegetation is visible. That is why most women prefer other ways to eliminate hair.

hair removal with epilator

Underarm epilation with epilator

Most women think that epilating an underarm epilator is an extremely painful procedure. In addition, in view of the presence of a huge number of other ways of epilation of the armpits by the epilator, in theory, it should have long lost its relevance. But for some reason this does not happen. And that's why:

  • Frequent use of the epilator slows down hair growth and makes them very weak;
  • The effect of vegetation removal by the epilator lasts for three weeks, and the armpits after epilation become very smooth.
  • In addition, due to the habituation of the skin to the effects of the epilator, the pain is reduced. Moreover, progress, as they say, does not stand still. Manufacturers do not cease to please us with new and new models of epilators that provide minimal pain during the procedure. So, soon, armpit epilation with the help of an epilator will become practically painless.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Underarm laser hair removal is the most effective and modern method. Its effectiveness is proved by numerous positive reviews from women who have already tested it on themselves. A painless 5-minute procedure can permanently get rid of hair in this place. Armpit laser hair removal is based on applying a mechanical damage to the follicle with a laser beam, which allows you to completely eliminate the hair. The disadvantages of this method lie in the fact that its price is very high, as well as in the presence of certain contraindications that you must be aware of.

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The price of laser hair removal varies from $ 100 to $ 120, although for stocks it can cost $ 100 less than the real price. This procedure is contraindicated in the following categories of women:

  • having damage to the corresponding places of the skin;
  • suffering from infectious diseases;
  • women with exacerbated chronic diseases;
  • suffering from diabetes.

Underarm waxing

A very popular way to remove hair from this area is waxing the armpits. It is widely used not only in beauty salons, but also at home. For the procedure itself, you should use regular wax in jars or special wax sticks. Epilation of armpits with wax will not cause you any special difficulties, since there are a large number of well-known manufacturers, and the accompanying instructions are quite detailed.

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Underarm shugaring

Sugar hair removal (shugaring) can be carried out not only in the armpits, but also on most other skin areas. "Sugar" underarm hair removal procedure completely painless to relieve you of hair in these places for a whole month. Armpits after epilating with sugar remain smooth and neat for more than a month. This method, characterized by the use of natural ingredients and bringing great benefits to the skin, can be used at home.

  1. The mixture consists of half lemon juice, 1 tbsp. spoons of water, 10 tbsp. spoons of sugar. Ingredients must be thoroughly stirred, then heated, stirring constantly, and then cover with a lid and cook for 10 minutes.
  2. Gradually acquiring a golden hue, the mixture is brought to a boil, kept on the fire for 7 minutes, after which it is laid out in a container.
  3. Then sugar paste must be cooled.

How is the "sugar" epilation of armpits at home? The scheme is very simple. Step-by-step instructions for shugaring the armpits of the house are as follows:

  1. completely cooled mass is applied to the skin strictly according to hair growth;
  2. from above it is pressed against a strip of cotton fabric;
  3. the strip abruptly comes off in the opposite direction.


After carrying out this procedure in stages, even when carried out at home, the armpits become smooth, neat and without the slightest irritation. Just remember that during the first two days after the epilation of sugar can not sunbathe.

In addition to the above methods, hair removal in this delicate area can be done by a large number of other, as outdated, and innovative (in particular, such as photo-epilation) methods. The choice is yours. Good luck!

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