Ultrasound cavitation

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Ultrasonic cavitation is an effective way to solve the most important female body problems. For a long time, cellulite and extra pounds remained invincible enemies of the weaker sex, and today cosmetology can already boast of many modern ways of dealing with imperfections of the body. Cavitation has gained wide popularity due to its effectiveness and ability (under certain conditions) to preserve the results for a long time.

The essence of the innovative method of cavitation

The essence of the newfangled method is the effect of low-frequency ultrasound on human adipose tissue. As a result, a so-called cavitation effect occurs, in which those extra pounds gradually burn out. Note that the low-frequency impact on other cells does not cause any damage, as they are characterized by a high degree of elasticity. Prior to the active use of this method for weight loss, a number of studies were conducted proving that the procedure is safe. Today, this principle of impact on the body is used in various areas of medicine and cosmetology:

  • Nephrology - removal of kidney stones.
  • stomatology- cleaning of tartar and plaque.
  • hardware cosmetology- anti-fat deposits.
  • cleaning and treatment of purulent wounds.
  • emulsification and disinfection of solutions.
  • the creation of drugs for inhalation.

action scheme

Indications and contraindications for ultrasonic cavitation

Indications for cavitation with ultrasound are:

  • the presence of Wen;
  • pronounced cellulite;
  • fat deposits in problem areas;
  • the need to correct the negative effects of liposuction.

problem areas

Contraindications for which the procedure is not possible:

  • pregnancy time;
  • osteoporosis;
  • any type of hepatitis or kidney problems;
  • the presence of mechanical damage to the skin in the desired area;
  • hemophilia;
  • immune system disorders;
  • elevated sugar levels;
  • chronic infection;
  • lactation period;
  • uterine fibroids.

As a relative contraindication include:

  • the presence of various implants, tattoos or scars in the desired area.
  • a course of taking any nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs 10 days before the intended procedure.


Advantages of ultrasonic cavitation

The popularity that cavitation holds for a relatively long time is due to a number of advantages that even liposuction cannot boast.

  • lack of direct surgery;
  • after holding no hematomas;
  • getting rid of fat is guaranteed;
  • after the procedure, the skin becomes more elastic without changing its color;
  • maintaining the sensitivity of the problem area of ​​the skin;
  • there is no rehabilitation period;
  • non-invasiveness (an exposure method in which no effect is directly applied to the skin with a needle or scalpel).

skin condition

As a result, the intervention helps to correct the figure, get rid of excess weight without any diets and plastic. Perfectly cope with the most problematic deposits on the thighs, buttocks, back, abdomen, and any side surfaces. After finishing, no scars or scars remain on the skin.

How is the cavitation going?

If we consider the procedure from the point of view of a simple inhabitant, then we can notice its similarity with ultrasound. As an additional procedure, lymphatic drainage can be appointed, which accelerates the process of removal of substances formed after cavitation.

  • Duration is about 45 minutes.
  • It is necessary to pass the manipulation 1 time in 5 days.
  • The course includes 6-7 sessions.
  • Each subsequent course can be appointed in 5-6 months, and will make up 2-3 procedures.


To enhance the effect of the procedure, lifting, ozone therapy, mesotherapy, pressure therapy, or vacuum-roller massage can be prescribed. The first results are noticeable after the first visit to the office and improves with each new visit. An ultrasound cavitation apparatus can remove an average of 15 cubic centimeters at a time, which can be 5 cm away. Waist circumference.

Are there any side effects?

As a result of numerous studies prior to the active use of metol, it has been found that ultrasonic cavitation is characterized by efficiency and safety. The procedure has no side effects, unless it is an individual intolerance or exacerbation of chronic processes. This can be prevented only at the preliminary stage of collecting patient information.

the fight against cellulite

Estimated prices for ultrasonic cavitation

On average, the cost of one procedure can range from 2500 to 7200 rubles. The price depends on where exactly the fat is removed on the body. For example, a belly slimming costs 4,000 rubles, and a hand is 2,600. The most expensive is the back + belly + waist complex for 90 minutes, riding breeches + buttocks + thighs, too, an hour and a half. Pricing policy is generally acceptable for those who want to lose weight and say goodbye to the hated cellulite. The price-quality relationship is quite consistent with each other, given the guarantee that fat (with subsequent proper nutrition) will not return to the zones treated with ultrasound. We give an example of the cost:


Application area / session duration (min) / price ($)

  1. belly / 45/87;
  2. stomach, waist, back / 60/110;
  3. zone riding breeches / 45/87;
  4. buttocks / 45/88;
  5. buttocks and breeches zone / 90/175;
  6. fully hands / 30/65;
  7. upper thighs / 45/87;
  8. inner thigh / 60/109;
  9. completely all hip / 90/175.

action on the buttocks

The positive effect will continue for a long time, if you approach the issue in a complex way: exercise and follow a certain diet. At home, manipulation is impossible. It requires the work of a highly qualified doctor and technological equipment.

Useful tips from a beautician

To your attention a few practical advice from a professional cosmetologist Olga Shchedrina.

  • Cavitation without lymphatic drainage is a waste of money. Lymphatic drainage is essentially a vacuum massage by cans or another variant of it.
  • The duration must be at least 30 minutes.
  • Drink - at least 2 liters of fluid per day.
  • Best of all, fat leaves the abdominal area. The hardest thing is riding breeches.
  • It is necessary to focus on the age and lifestyle of the client. Activity and sports at times improves the result.


Customer reviews on the procedure

On the Internet you can find real reviews that describe the state of the body before and after using the procedure of ultrasonic cavitation with evidence in the form of photos and videos. Many of them are positive.


  • Alain (30 years). Like every woman, my weight often fluctuated, but within the normal range. And once your favorite pants already cracked at the seams. I saw on the Internet advertising, and decided to try. Immediately after the first session took 2 cm of volume. After the first course, a total of 7 cm of circumference disappeared.

abdominal changes

  • Elizabeth (25 years old). I decided to try to cope with cellulite, because with normal body weight, he formed a bunch of complexes in me. Ultrasound cavitation helped me noticeably improve my skin condition, get rid of the orange peel and start loving myself.

first results

Fashionable cavitation method is currently the best way in cosmetology of non-surgical intervention, effectively acting on adipose tissue. However, remember that the procedure will help, but it will require you to be active and healthy eating habits, but the result will not last long. [Asd3]

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