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Gentle sensitive skin in the bikini area may react with irritation to an indelicate shaving with a regular razor. It is the problem of irritation and ingrowth of hair that makes women look for alternatives. And a worthy replacement for shaving with a machine still is - this is an intimate trimmer. This device will help to easily perform "jewelry" haircut in a delicate area or cut hair to the desired length. The trimmer for an intimate haircut is fundamentally different in its principle of operation from the epilators and razors we are used to. What advantages does a woman get when using this device, how to choose an intimate trimmer and other questions you will find answers in the article.

Trimmers and groomers - what is it?

Although these devices are not new, and in stores their choice is quite large, some women are still not familiar with trimmers and groomers. It's funny, but some may think about something else entirely after hearing these words. Trimmers are used for lawn care at the dacha, and the groomer is a professional pet hairdresser. But in our article we will talk about female trimmers and groomers, which are created in order to make life easier for the weaker sex, allowing you to create intimate haircuts at home with your own hands.

The machine for an intimate haircut will allow you to gently trim unwanted hairs on different parts of the body, using special nozzles that come with a trimmer. Trimmers and groomers are practically synonyms, there are no significant differences between them. Grumer you can better remove the hairs on the face, and in the intimate area, they work the same way.

Shcik device

What are trimmers and groomers?

The machine for clipping intimate areas can have different attachments, as well as work both on batteries and on battery. In addition to the nozzles, some cars have stencils in the kit for creating haircuts in the bikini area. Depending on these characteristics, the price of the device will be different. Of course, the manufacturer plays an important role in pricing. For example, Braun or Remington will cost more than the little-known Lanaform. The cost of the machines allows you to choose an option for any wallet. You can find a trimmer for an intimate haircut from 600 to 3000 rubles.

Some machines can be used in the shower, and you can carry out the procedure “dry” with any trimmer model. If you decide to buy a machine for an intimate haircut, pay attention to how the device lies in your hand. You should be comfortable using it to perform your own bikini design in “hard-to-reach” places.

Why a bikini trimmer, not an epilator or a razor?

The machine for an intimate haircut will allow you to forget about the many problems associated with hair removal in the delicate area. Unlike the epilator, the clipper for intimate places does not pull out hairs from the root, which means you can not worry about the painful sensations during the procedure. And unlike a machine, an intimate haircut does not shave off hairs, but cuts them to a certain length. On the one hand, to achieve a perfectly smooth result will not work even with a razor attachment, and on the other hand, you will not have problems with ingrown hair, which often happens when using a conventional machine.

bikini area correction

Benefits of using a trimmer

By purchasing this bikini care product, you get the following benefits:

  • You will be able to independently make intimate hairstyles as neatly as any scissors or razor will fail.
  • Machines have a lot of nozzles that will allow you to leave the desired length of hair.
  • The procedure is painless, and the result is the absence of skin irritation of intimate areas.
  • The price of the device is affordable, and the service life is quite long.
  • It is easy to take care of the device, a special brush comes in for cleaning the nozzles.

What tips come in trimmers

Models can differ significantly in a complete set. Some simple machines can perform only 1 type of haircut, and there are models with 6-7 interchangeable nozzles. Decide on your preferences before buying you will help general information about the nozzles:

  • Exact nozzle. This basic nozzle allows you to create "jewelry" intimate hairstyles and gradually cut the hairs in the most inaccessible places.
  • Nozzle comb. Attached to the main attachment of the device for trimming all the hairs to the same length. Allows you to choose the desired length, thanks to the different degrees of the installation of the ridge.
  • Nozzle for shaving. Allows you to remove hairs almost "under zero". Special mesh prevents skin cuts.
  • Cosmetic nozzle. Allows you to remove unnecessary hairs on the face, including adjust the shape of the eyebrows.

different tips for bikini area correction

Before using the device, carefully read the instructions to learn the step-by-step scheme of changing nozzles and rules of operation.

If you want to turn the painful procedure of removing unwanted hair in the bikini area into a simple and comfortable process, a trimmer or a groomer must appear in your arsenal. Why not try this device personally? After all, for us women created!

Video: presentation of the Philips trimmer

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