Tribal tattoos - from antiquity to modern times

tribal tattoos

Many people believe that a tribal tattoo is a simple pattern or ornament that does not carry a specific meaning. But this is far from the case. Tribal tattoos take their origins from ancient times. The first founders of the tribal style were the Samoan tribes, who invested in "tricks" special meaning. It was believed that the tribal tattoo is an element that maintains the connection of the soul with the body, and helps to reveal the ability.

The process of applying a tribal tattoo was a kind of cult. The priests said a long prayer before drawing a picture. The value of tribal tattoo was special and sacred. After all, the tattoo was supposed to take part in the management of the human soul, the concentration of spiritual energy, the maintenance of purity of thoughts and desires. The magical meaning embedded in the basis of the tribal tattoo, in the opinion of the tribal peoples, protects the wearer from troubles and fears, adds strength and confidence.

tribal sketches

Each drawing was timed to a specific significant event in life: coming of age, marriage, the first successful hunt or victory in a battle. Tribal tattoos, which contained a collection of lines, spiral-shaped and circular elements, could convey a lot of information about their host, starting with the date of birth and status in society, ending with certain life events.

Tribal tattoo in the modern world

Tribal tattoos were brought to Europe by sailors who visited the islands of Polynesia. In a very short time, tribal style spread throughout Eurasia, becoming more popular than local ones.

variations of male and female tattoos

Currently, this area is very popular and developed. The choice in favor of the tattoo in the style of tribal carried out about a third of all owners of tattoos. This style is universal. Initially, only male tribal tribal tattoos were present, but after emancipation of these figures, the fair sex also became interested, so now female tribal tattoos can be found everywhere.

In 1982, at the junction of ancient tribal designs and modern processing, a new style was born in the tattoo industry. Its name is neo-tribal (second-new tribal). But to this day, the development of this trend continues through the emergence of new patterns, elements, images and colors.

clear lines on male and female bodies

Tribal tattoo sketches. Meaning of some pictures

Tribal sketches are characterized by clarity, flatness and dark contours. To a greater extent they are patterns in black and white. But lately, symbols from different cultures made in color have become popular. Tribal tattoos are based on the sensual and emotional components that appear when a person contemplates this pattern.

Tribal tattoo designs can consist of more than a set of lines or geometric shapes. There are also drawings of animals, surrounded by intricate elements of the ornament. The value of a tribal tattoo of an animalistic type may reveal some of the qualities of its owner. Here are some examples:

bear and eagle

  • Bear - the personification of strength, power, power. This figure is interpreted as the beginning of a new stage of life or rebirth. He can be depicted as good and wise, so violent and ferocious. In different countries, this animal symbolizes different qualities. Most bear refers to the male tribal tattoo, but on the body of the girl you can find the image of this animal. It is applied in the form of a female with a bear and symbolizes maternal love and devotion.
  • Eagle - in different cultures, religions and beliefs has a different meaning. But almost everywhere this bird personifies the connection with the sun, characterizing strength, regality and greatness. This design is more suitable for men, but there are also female tribal tattoos in the form of an eagle, which symbolizes maternal care and wisdom.
  • Butterfly - a purely female version. It personifies beauty, freedom and symbolizes the transition to a new life direction. This tattoo is usually applied tribal on the shoulder or ankle.
  • Snake is also an option exclusively for the female half. This drawing symbolizes the wisdom and intuition of its owner. You can often see this tribal tattoo on your arm, ankle, or shoulder.

butterfly and snake

  • The cat is the personification of elegance, independence, a symbol of beauty.
  • Less commonly used flowers, weapons, skulls and other similar pictures. But they can look quite original. It is all up to you to apply them or not.

And this is not a complete list of tribal tattoo sketches. Now a lot of drawings for men and women of different ages, characters, and social statuses have been developed.

tribal cat and flower

How to make a tattoo at home

Before doing tribal tattoo yourself, even at home, you should think about everything and consult with a specialist in this field or choose a good salon with experienced craftsmen. But if you still decide to apply a tattoo to yourself, then you need to get a tattoo machine, but it will be expensive. But you can use a needle and specialized ink as a replacement. In order to succeed, you must follow the instructions step by step. In principle, the scheme is simple. You only need to perform actions carefully and carefully.

beautiful tribal tattoos

  1. The first and most important is sterility. It is better to process the needle in an alcohol solution or sterilize it in boiling water. To eliminate the slightest opportunity to bring dust or infection, the work should be carried out in sterile rubber gloves.
  2. For the convenience of working with a homemade tattoo machine, it is better to build a stylus-like pen for a needle. In this role can make a pencil. To him firmly need to fix the needle, making a cotton wool around it.
  3. Perform a few skin punctures, then immerse the homemade typewriter in an ink bottle so that they fall onto the fleece and soak a little. The paint should fall under the skin. Stick to the average depth of punctures.
  4. Repeat punctures, drawing the pattern step by step. Regularly wipe areas already covered to remove excess paint and protruding blood.
  5. After the application is complete, the work surface must be carefully treated.
  6. Close the finished tattoo with a gauze bandage.
  7. Take care of further care for the tattoo. For this you need to purchase special tools. This will help avoid infection.
  8. Control the healing process, eliminating bright rays and exposure to moisture.

By following this simple scheme, you will get the desired result without any health consequences.

sketches for guys and girls

Having chosen for himself a tribal tattoo, the owner will receive not only a beautiful design, but also a subtext with a certain meaning. Before you apply this work of tattoo art, you need to decide for what purpose you want to make a drawing and study what your future tattoo symbolizes.

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