Teeth whitening with oil

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One of the most delicate methods of lightening tooth enamel at home is teeth whitening with oil. Unlike self-bleaching alternatives such as the use of soda or activated carbon, this method has a mild effect on the enamel, rather than aggressive damage to its upper layer. Therefore, the risks that the shine of your smile will bother you with a heightened sensitivity or enamel damage are minimal, but they still exist. How to use this method so as not to harm the health and which oil means will make your smile radiant, more on that later.

What kind of oils to use for lightening enamel

Essential oils are widely used in cosmetic procedures, they are added to various masks for hair, hands, nails, and skin. But lightening enamel can not give every product. Essential oils for teeth whitening are tea tree and lemon oils. They can often be found in the instructions for organic toothpaste, as one of the components that has an antiseptic effect. You can use them individually or mix for greater efficiency right on the brush before cleaning. In addition to lightening enamel, they will help you cope with the problem of bleeding gums and make your breath fresh.

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The power of a lemon to shine a smile

Lemon is actively used for whitening nails, skin and even in the fight against freckles. Therefore, the fact that the essential oil of lemon for teeth whitening is effective is beyond doubt. In addition, unlike freshly squeezed lemon juice, the essential substance obtained from this citrus does not damage the enamel so much. You can buy it yourself in a specialty store or a regular pharmacy. The result will provide only 100% natural product. The cost of a bubble can vary from 60 to 350 rubles, depending on the manufacturer and packaging.

Tea Tree for Enamel Brightening

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Teeth whitening with tea tree oil is very popular. It is widely used to reduce redness, heal wounds, and fight acne. It is used as the main component in homemade beauty recipes. The use of this substance for oral hygiene has high efficiency. In addition to bleaching, you will notice an improvement in overall oral health, as well as a fresh breath. Teeth whitening with tea oil is an affordable method. You can buy a vial in a pharmacy or order it online, the price is from 80 rubles, the flow rate is quite economical, just 2 drops is enough for carrying out one procedure.

How to carry out the teeth whitening procedure

If you decide to whiten your teeth with oil, check out the step by step scheme. After that, you can stage the procedure yourself:

  1. Brush your teeth with toothpaste, as you usually do.
  2. On a wet brush, apply a couple of drops of the substance of your choice or a mixture of them.
  3. It is necessary to carry out cleaning with this agent not less than 2 minutes, but no more than 5.
  4. Rinse the mouth thoroughly with water to remove any residues.

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The effectiveness of this tool can be seen after the first cleaning. You will be surprised how much plaque remains on the enamel after cleaning with ordinary paste. And essential oils cope with it much better.

Precautionary measures

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Despite the fact that teeth whitening with tea tree and lemon oils is considered one of the safest methods, there is still the risk of enamel thinning if it is used excessively. Do not abuse even this, seemingly harmless at first glance, method. Do not translate such a procedure as whitening teeth with tea oil and lemon in a daily ritual of oral hygiene. Do not use this tool more than once a week.

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While applying tea tree oil, you may feel numbness in the tongue, and lemon can cause a tingling sensation. This is attributed to a normal reaction, but if taken too long, these agents can cause burns to the mucous membranes. Do not exceed the recommended duration of the procedure.

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