Teeth whitening with activated carbon

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If you decide to return your smile to whiteness and radiance, you need information on how to whiten your teeth with activated charcoal. Of all the existing folk methods of lightening enamel at home, teeth whitening with activated charcoal is considered the most affordable and gentle. Tablets of this natural absorbent cost a penny and are available in any first aid kit. About this unconventional way to use these pills later in the article.

How to use activated carbon to lighten teeth

Teeth whitening with activated carbon can be done using any of the recipes below:

  • Tablets need to crush into powder, and then brush the teeth in stages, using black powder instead of regular tooth powder. It is not necessary to press too hard on the brush, brushing your teeth longer than 3 minutes is not recommended. At the end of cleaning, rinse the mouth with water.
  • Powder tablets can be added to toothpaste. You can make a special black paste by mixing the entire contents of the tube with 10 tablets, crushed into powder. But put the paste in a tube back will not work, so you need to think about the capacity to store the prepared mixture. You can also make a one-time portion of the coal paste for each cleaning.
  • You can simply chew the tablet for 5 minutes, then rinse your mouth.

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Due to the fact that this natural absorbent has no specific taste and smell, it is very comfortable to carry out such cleaning. Despite the weak abrasive action, brushing his teeth more often than once a week is not recommended. The effect of lightening enamel you are likely to see after the first application.

How safe is this method

  • Although coal is not as aggressive abrasive, such as soda, which is actively used for the purpose of teeth whitening, you should not abuse this method. Thoroughly crush the tablets into powder before use to avoid large particles that can damage the enamel.
  • The safety of this method is due to the fact that if an agent is swallowed and enters the stomach, this absorbent does not harm your body. Of course, in the absence of allergy or intolerance.
  • Do not perform the procedure more often than recommended, do not rub the product too hard, and your enamel will be in perfect order.

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Charcoal-based oral care products

The unique properties of coal could not be overlooked by the manufacturers of oral hygiene products. If folk teeth whitening with activated charcoal seems to you burdensome and time consuming, you can purchase a special tooth cleaning product on the basis of this natural component. Manufacturers Splat, Kobayashi and Maxon offer the buyer unique toothpastes based on it, the average cost of which is 200 rubles per tube. But you can save and cook something similar with your own hands, the instruction mentioned above: mix activated charcoal with ordinary toothpaste.

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Black toothbrushes have become another recent novelty in the field of oral care. Bamboo charcoal with which the bristles are coated is used for their manufacture. He, like other types of activated carbon, has a large arsenal of beneficial properties, among which are absorbent and deodorizing properties. Customer reviews are very praising these new items, and the price makes them available for purchase.

If you decide to use activated carbon as an enamel brightener yourself at home, follow the steps outlined above, follow the recommendations and your smile will shine with beauty without harming the health of your teeth.

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