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Each of us wants to have a snow-white smile and this is natural, because even white teeth are very beautiful. In addition to aesthetics, white color indicates the health of the teeth and quality care for the oral cavity. The desire to have a Hollywood smile often pushes the girls to various experiments, one of which is the strips for teeth whitening. What it is and how safe it is to use this method of bleaching, on this later.

What are the teeth whitening strips

Teeth whitening strips are thin transparent stickers that are covered with a layer of whitening gel. The active component of this gel is hydrogen peroxide. Unfortunately, the effect of peroxide on tooth enamel can not be called completely safe, although the manufacturers of this product claim that their product is such. To conduct such an experiment with your own teeth or not, you decide.

Crestal strip packs

The strips repeat the shape of the jaws. They are elastic, allowing you to properly place them in your mouth. The set includes stickers on the upper and lower jaw, different in shape and size. Some reviews recommend cutting the stickers into 2 parts, since the cost can be called high, and this provides a more economical use.

How to lighten enamel stripes

Compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations and the clarity of time of use will ensure the safe whitening of your smile. Step by step do the following with your own hands:

  1. Glue the active side of the strip to the enamel, without going beyond the gum line.
  2. Press the surface of the sticker firmly against the surface of the teeth. Bend its edge bend.
  3. Leave them in your mouth for the time indicated in the instructions.
  4. After the expiration of time, remove, and the remnants of the gel can be removed with a brush.

instruction on the use of brightening stripes

Do not reuse these products. Try not to touch their tongue during the procedure. Brushing your teeth before the bleaching procedure is not recommended.

How to choose good strips for lightening enamel

In the market for products for the care of the oral cavity, there are not so many manufacturers who can offer this product. Even fewer are those that are truly safe, as evidenced by reviews. In addition to the well-known product of the Cross trademark, the following trade names can be distinguished: Crestal Bright White, Listerine Whitening, Beaver Bright White, Dr.White, Celebrity Smile, Bright Light 3D white. All of these manufacturers offer the same strips of action, but their price and quality will be different.


The most reliable product, according to customer reviews

Crest teeth whitening strips have the highest sales figures and many positive reviews. A variety of assortment of this product will allow you to choose the most suitable product:

  • Express bleaching in 5 minutes;
  • whitening in 30 minutes;
  • strips for too darkened teeth and active whitening;
  • the strips calculated on use within an hour;
  • delicate whitening.

The price of these products in the range from 3000 rubles to 4500 per package. The step-by-step scheme is standard, focus on the manufacturer's instructions. Teeth whitening with Crest stripes at home will cost you less than a professional procedure in a dental office.

Budget product options

lightening stripes

If you want to buy a cheaper equivalent, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Celebrity Smile, the cost of packaging is about 1300 rubles, the manufacturer guarantees bleaching for 4-5 tones, the safety of the goods is confirmed by certificates. Production China.
  • Bright Light 3D white, the price per set is about 1500 rubles, made in China, the product is certified in Russia. Stick on the night. Discomfort can cause excessive salivation.
  • Dr.White, you can buy this product for about 1000 rubles. Buyers say the gel taste is not very pleasant, slipping of the strips from the teeth. The effect of bleaching is often really noticeable, despite the inconvenience of use.
  • Listerine Whitening, the price of packaging is about 2000 rubles. A feature of this tool is that the stripes dissolve in the mouth within 10 minutes, turning into a mint mass, refreshing the breath and preventing the reproduction of bacteria.

Whatever product you choose for yourself, it is important to follow all the rules and recommendations for use, so that your smile is not only radiant, but also healthy.

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