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A person's face, including his smile, is his business card. Not always and not everyone has the opportunity to undergo the procedure of professional bleaching in the dental office, so every girl will need advice on how to whiten her teeth at home. Folk methods of whiteness return and various means for teeth whitening, which you can use with your own hands, will come to the rescue.

Folk remedies for a radiant smile

Most often, traditional recipes for bleaching enamel are not completely safe. Dentists believe that a good whitening effect in this way is very difficult to obtain. But some such manipulations will still bring positive results, as they improve the health and appearance of a smile, as well as prevent many diseases of the oral cavity. The most common folk remedies with which you can whiten your teeth at home are described in stages below.

Soda - effective assistant

soda paste

Soda is used instead of the usual powder, putting it on the brush. Soda produces a disinfecting effect, so soda solutions are used in professional cleaning of the oral cavity. But with careless use or too much zeal, you can injure the gums, and the enamel can become thinner. You will notice the effect of whitening enamel with baking soda after the first use, because soda polishes the surface and removes plaque from it.

Activated carbon will help in the bleaching of enamel

activated carbon paste

You can choose 1 of 3 ways to use activated carbon to brighten tooth enamel:

  • a tablet of conventional activated carbon needs to be crushed and applied to the brush, and then brushed teeth;
  • you can mix coal with pasta;
  • You can chew the tablet in your mouth for 5 minutes and then rinse your mouth.

Activated carbon is worth a penny, you can buy it at any pharmacy. This method is very accessible, but you should not abuse it. Do not repeat the procedure often, otherwise it may adversely affect the enamel.

Lemon for a radiant smile


Lemon is an excellent tool for teeth whitening. Its juice is used to whiten skin and nails, eliminate freckles, so it is not surprising that this fruit is also used to radiate a smile. Lemon is really effective in this matter, but this is the most aggressive teeth whitening at home, as lemon juice has a detrimental effect on dentin and increases the sensitivity of the nerve. If you decide to rinse your mouth with lemon juice to whiten a smile, always after the procedure, rinse the mouth with warm water or soda solution.

Strawberry masks - nice and effective

enamel brightening ingredients

One of the safest ways to whiten your teeth in the house. conditions is the use of strawberries. The pulp of strawberries contains natural whitening ingredients, namely acids, which break down the surface layer of enamel. To do the following procedure yourself, use the step-by-step scheme:

  1. Mash a couple of strawberries until smooth.
  2. Add some water to make it easier to apply to the teeth.
  3. With a soft bristled brush, apply the strawberry mixture and leave for 5 minutes.
  4. At the end of time, remove the remnants of strawberry paste with fluoride.

Remember that acids, having a whitening effect, destroy the enamel, which means that your teeth will be more sensitive to cold and hot. Do not abuse even in such a fairly safe way.

Professional teeth whitening products

We lighten a smile with special pastes.

Home tooth whitening with special pastes is the most practical and time-saving method. You simply perform daily oral hygiene, but use a special paste. When choosing this tool, it should be borne in mind that teeth whitening paste is not all the same.

rocs paste

There are 2 types of these tools:

  1. Abrasive based pastes. It can be soda, silica, chalk. Such tools are mechanically bleached, adversely affecting the enamel of the teeth. This can be compared with the use of baking soda for these purposes: the smile will brighten, but the enamel will become thinner, which will lead to at least increased sensitivity.
  2. Chemical based pastes. These products have a mild chemical effect, splitting plaque and removing it. Tooth whitening toothpaste of this type refers to professional tools. In the instructions for the product, you can find the coefficient of abrasive action by selecting a more gentle option. Such pastes are more expensive than the first type.

It is not recommended to use such products for more than a month, alternating them with usual hygienic pastes.

Lightening gels, varieties

krestal gel

Teeth whitening at home using a special gel can be carried out:

  • applying the gel directly on the enamel;
  • the use of reusable lining for the teeth, which are applied to the gel;
  • the use of strips for bleaching with gel, which must be glued to the enamel;
  • Brightening enamel gel can be in the stick, for the application of a special brush.

Gels effectively brighten a smile from the first application, regardless of whether you choose a gel in caps or stick. The cost of this product is different, but the comfort of self-use is also different.

Use of brightening gels

When using gels in any of these ways, you need to follow the rules of step-by-step application so as not to damage the enamel and gum. Inaccuracy can lead to chemical burns of the gums and the destruction of enamel. If your teeth are too susceptible to cold and hot, pay attention to the series for sensitive enamel. Such funds may cost a bit more expensive, but after applying them, the sensitivity will not increase.

lightening pad

The whitening effect is not the same for everyone, people with gray and yellow enamel can get a barely noticeable result by nature, but the blackening of a smile due to excessive use of coffee, black tea, red wine, smoking is lightened pretty well.

If you decide on homemade teeth whitening with gels, first make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy. To do this, it is recommended to visit the dentist, as well as to strengthen the enamel with calcium preparations.

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