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girl with tattoo sleeves

Tattoo sleeves are images that occupy most of the surface of the skin, this pattern begins on the neck or shoulder and ends at the wrist or hand. May also be present on the back. It is very voluminous and long, so the scheme for applying a tattoo of a sleeve is very complicated. You need to have serious skill and skills in the field of tattoo art. Only a high-grade ace in his case will cope with this. Sometimes a person does only a part of an initially conceived ornament, either by not sustaining the required number of sessions, or by not calculating the cost for the entire work. But as a result, a completely finished creation will look truly fascinating and impressive.

Tattoo sleeves: distinctive features

tattoos for girls and guys

  • A tattoo sleeve may contain monochrome images at its base, but multicolored drawings are usually used. The black and white sleeve is more like the male half, and the color version is mainly used in tattooing with various floral motifs, leaves or patterns for girls.
  • Often, sketches of tattoo sleeves are a single story, the background for which are water or fire patterns. But it also happens that the tattoo combines several images that are not related to each other. This is explained by the fact that initially the drawings were applied separately, and then they were joined into a common tattoo sleeve.
  • There is also a sleeve tattooing method called blackwork. At the same time, individual elements on the body are performed completely in black.

Sketches for tattoo sleeves are divided into several categories according to the area occupied by the pattern. The most famous of them are:

color patterns from shoulder to hand

  • Full sleeve - the image takes the hand completely from the shoulder to the wrist;
  • Half sleeves - the picture is applied on the part of the arm from the shoulder to the elbow or comes from the elbow to the wrist;
  • A quarter - the pattern is placed only up to half of the shoulder or forearm;
  • Some other sizes are also present. You can apply the image as you like to the future owner of the tattoo. True connoisseurs of tattoo art impale images that create the effect of clothing;
  • Sleeve sleeves can be made not only on the hands. Such drawings are located on the legs (calves). In the circles of tattoo masters, they have the name "golfs".

ornaments from shoulder to elbow and from elbow to hand

Symbolism in tattoo sleeves

Usually, each separate part of the picture and their joint unification into a tattoo convey a certain meaning.

tattooed girl

  • One of the popular options for sketching tattoo sleeves is a tribal ornament. According to ancient people, such patterns acted as amulets and defended their master from the forces of evil, and also worked as a kind of bait for money.
  • Often sleeve tattoos are made in the form of drawings of animals or birds, each of which personifies a certain quality. For example, a wolf is a symbol of loyalty, a lion or an eagle is an indicator of strength and courage. Practiced and combining images of aggression from the animal world and the beautiful beauty of flowers. This demonstrates the need to maintain a balance between good and evil, cruelty and innocence.
  • Today sketches for tattoos of sleeves on the theme of the culture and traditions of Japan are very popular. The tattoo in the form of Karp Koi or the image of a dragon became especially famous. The drawing of Karp Koi is distinguished by originality and very high complexity in application. This fish is a symbol of courage, energy and the search for a new direction in life. Indeed, for spawning, it swims a large number of kilometers against the current. Images are applied in bright colors, and the base is made up of golden and orange color, as well as blue, symbolizing water.
  • The dragon has a special place in Japanese culture. This mythical creature is characterized by greatness, power and power. The dragon body outline is perfect for "sleeve" due to the torsion of the forms and narrowing to the tail, which allows you to apply the drawing to the hand.

Tattoo sleeves on the male body

Men's sleeve tattoos emphasize such qualities of their owner as strength, courage, fearlessness.

Celtic patterns and biomechanics

  • The most popular among the male half are Celtic-style tattoos and silhouettes of dragons or predators, such as a wolf, a bear, or a lion. These images emphasize the masculine and make you pay attention to the opposite sex.
  • Tattoo sleeve for men in the style of biomechanics is one of the most favorite options for men. It combines the elements of human and mechanical. Such ornaments look very realistic. This can cause a violent reaction from others, or even shock them.
  • Usually a tattoo sleeve for guys consists of many interweaving patterns, images and symbols. As a rule, a special meaning is put into such a combination, but sometimes the image is pricked just for beauty.

Tattoo sleeves on the female body

Among the beautiful half of humanity, this type of tattoo also gained great popularity. Female tattoo sleeves help girls stand out from the crowd, show their independence and individuality. The choice of plot is made very carefully. A tattoo sleeve for women should look visually beautiful and carry a certain meaning that personifies the inner qualities of its owner.

women's motives

  • Often the drawings are based on romantic plant motifs.
  • An interesting option would be a tattoo in the form of a flame or a butterfly outline.
  • But some girls destroy standards and apply images with a more aggressive color, such as snakes or dragons.
  • Of particular relevance is the tattoo sleeve for girls, consisting of images of flowers. They are made in different colors and carry an individual meaning. For example, a tattoo containing a pattern of red and white roses symbolizes unity. Popular with the fair sex and tattoo in the form of sakura branches. The flowering of this tree is bright and short. Japanese samurai said that life should be the same. The drawing of a branch of sakura fits well on both half of the hand and the whole hand.

bright tattoo

A few tips before applying tattoo sleeves

This type of tattoo requires a lot of time and resources. Also his impalement is very painful due to the large volume. In order to apply a long sleeve step by step, according to experienced craftsmen, it is necessary to conduct six four-hour sessions with a break of about 14 days between each. Therefore, it is absolutely not recommended to make such an image at home by yourself. This is especially true of girls.

This tattooing process itself will be very unpleasant and painful, and may also lead to infection. It is better not to try to look for any instructions for self-impaling, but to turn to a professional, having carefully studied his portfolio before. Most importantly, think carefully about your choice of tattoo sleeves. They practically do not come down, the price for their overlap is very high, and the work requires a special complexity.

elastic tattoo sleeves

There is an alternative option - a temporary substitute-tattoo-girlfriend, or as it is called pantyhose. It is made of elastic material, on which images are applied, creating an imitation of these tattoos. You can choose an ornament to your liking from a huge variety. It will cost cheaper and completely painless.

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