Tattoo pencil, learn the art of body art

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Pencil tattooing technique is a means of self-expression for those who like to paint their body without harming the skin. To do this, it is not necessary to visit expensive salons, you can perform this technique at home. In this article we will look at how to draw a tattoo with a pencil, without leaving home.

Features of tattooing with a pencil

Any temporary tattoo emphasizes the individuality of a person. It is a mistake to believe that using the pencil technique it is impossible to convey the beauty of the pattern. Proper drawing of the picture in stages, drawing and darkening it with the help of other colored pencils will give a natural tattoo design that looks no worse than other types of temporary tattoos.

Advantages of a temporary tattoo, made with a pencil:

  • ease of performing tattoos;
  • no need to search salons with experienced tattoo artists and wait for your entry;
  • pencil sketch is easy to correct in case of unsuccessful outlines;
  • lack of pain discomfort;
  • no skin damage;
  • minimum necessary accessories;
  • the possibility of drawing a tattoo yourself at home;
  • the tattoo is not eternal, with time it will disappear and you can draw a new tattoo in the same place.

black and brown pencils

Performing a drawing with a transfer pencil allows you to shorten the procedure by time, to obtain a drawing of high quality in color and clarity. It should be noted that the small size of the ornament looks more natural than a tattoo with a pencil of large size.

Technique drawing tattoo pencil step by step

No matter where the pattern will be applied, at home or in the salon, there are some features of the procedure itself. Work on the implementation of the tattoo depends on:

  • skin conditions;
  • the complexity of the selected pattern;
  • selection of a body region;
  • quality pencil for drawing illustrations on the body.

Do not limit yourself to fantasy when applying a tattoo with a pencil. Patterns on the body can have a different shape, degree of complexity, size, carry a secret meaning. Such patterns are temporary, but they are not inferior in beauty and grandeur to other designs of tattoos, made in a different from this technique.

sketch on paper

The work itself consists of several stages, we consider them step by step:

  • Create an outline on paper;
  • drawing details;
  • transfer pattern on the skin.

Necessary inventory to create a pencil tattoo

  • pencil - soft cosmetic or transfer;
  • paper to create illustrations on it (it is possible without it, by drawing a pattern right on the skin);
  • soft makeup brush;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • any degreaser, you can simply cologne or any alcohol-containing substance;
  • talc or cosmetic powder or baby powder.

The requirements for a pencil as a tool are minimal: it should not be dry and firm. Lines drawn by a cheap cosmetic corrector tend to spread over the skin. In addition to black color, there may be other shades in the picture that fit well into the pattern.

original patterns

Stage 1. Technique drawing a pencil on paper

Step by step instructions for creating a picture on paper:

  • A future tattoo is drawn on transparent paper, a volume contour is drawn.
  • After "picture" will be finished, wipe out unnecessary lines.
  • Next, you should circle the pattern once again with a transfer or cosmetic corrector.
  • As a result, the sketch should be cut out of paper for further application to the skin. Ideally, ready-made stencils are more suitable for such a process.

Stage 2. How the pencil is transferred to the skin on the tattoo

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Pattern of transferring the pattern to the skin:

  1. if desired, on the site of a future temporary tattoo, hair is preliminarily removed;
  2. the area of ​​skin where the pattern will be located is degreased;
  3. drawing is applied to the hand on the treated area;
  4. skin area with a pattern on paper covered with a wet piece of fabric;
  5. a time interval of several minutes is maintained;
  6. paper is removed;
  7. the pattern applied to the skin is encircled with a final movement with a soft, fat pencil;
  8. fall asleep "tattooed" talcum powder or ordinary baby powder or powder for makeup, rub the powder with a brush and leave the picture for a couple of minutes;
  9. then fill the ornament with hydrogen peroxide and smear it with your finger, wait a couple more minutes;
  10. Wash away the powder and peroxide under running water and dry your pencil with a towel.


The easiest way to create a tattoo with a pencil

You can go a simpler way and confine yourself to a pencil, talc and hydrogen peroxide. In this case, you draw tatuha directly on the skin.

  1. The method of applying the sketch on the skin is the same as the previous one.
  2. After transferring the pattern to the skin, you should cover the pattern with talcum powder, which is evenly distributed on the tattoo with a cosmetic brush.
  3. On a tattoo, covered with talcum, in a small amount we apply hydrogen peroxide and carefully rub it into the skin.
  4. Wash away the peroxide. A temporary pencil tattoo is ready.

patterns on the shoulder and face

Those who have artistic data will have no difficulty the first time using a pencil to make a sketch and draw it without the help of paper, directly on the skin. These methods are considered to be the most popular among temporary tattoo fans due to the simplicity of the process. Share your comments with our other readers, dropping under the article. 🙂

Video: Independent step by step creation of tattoo tattoo

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