Tattoo overlap - give old tattoos a second chance

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Tattoo should be a decoration of your body, perform an aesthetic function, please the eye. But what if this is completely wrong? That's right - you can block the tattoo. This may be necessary for many reasons. Perhaps the tattoo was made in early youth, poor quality materials, inept master. Perhaps the sketch was unsuccessful, or simply a previously beloved tattoo has lost its beauty and needs correction. And maybe the tastes have changed and the tattoo, which pleased earlier, no longer please. In such cases, the overlap of the tattoo can save the situation and eliminate the need for costly laser removal of the pattern from the skin.

What is important to know to decide on the overlap of the tattoo

Like tattooing for the first time, overlapping tattoos is a serious step that you should think about carefully. In order not to get "dancing" on the same rake, that's what you should think about.

  • It is worth looking for a solid, well-proven tattoo salon. It is easy to do this by searching online for reviews about salons, viewing their ratings. It is better to spend time on this step, and not to turn to the first available place to cover the tattoo.
  • The same applies to the master to whom you are going to turn.
  • It is necessary to understand that changing the old pattern to a new one is much more difficult than the new tattoo. There are some limitations in choosing a pattern and colors.
  • The new tattoo is gradually superimposed on the old one, so it will definitely be bigger and darker, this also needs to be borne in mind.
  • Having chosen the master and determined approximately what you want, you need to discuss in detail with him how the tattoo overlap will occur, all the nuances of the process and the expected result. And it is better to listen to his advice (since you decided to trust him) in order to achieve the best result.

modified tattoo

Choosing a sketch and color for a new tattoo

As already mentioned, this issue has its limitations.

  • For example, you can not block the tattoo in black yellow! If it is black, then the new pattern will also be black. If the tattoo is colored, but light or strongly faded, then everything is simpler — the master will take on darker and more saturated colors in order to block the tattoo with lighter pigments.
  • Even if it seems that the light shade is bright and may block a darker one, this is not quite the case. A good master knows that with time a dark tattoo will appear with a dirty blot.
  • Also, the overlap of the tattoo implies that the elements of the new pattern must coincide with the lines of the old, obey them. That is, it is impossible to impale, say, a portrait, on top of some saturated abstract geometric pattern. Therefore, sketching an old picture is impossible with absolutely any new one you wish. Here the master will help you to choose the sketch most successfully, you should not choose it yourself, stand firm on your own, contrary to the advice of a specialist.
  • Well, the new tatuha will naturally be much more old.

tattoos before and after overlapping

Requirements for a tattoo master

If it is necessary to block an unsuccessful, poorly made tattoo, then the requirements for the master should be high, so that a new one also fails. After all, the overlap of a tattoo is more complicated and laborious process than applying a pattern to clean skin.

  • The master must have sufficient experience in correcting the tattoo, you should not contact the newcomer.
  • In addition, he must have a rich imagination, be well aware of the whole process of work step by step, keep the final result in mind, be able to improvise in the process without compromising quality.
  • It is important that this person worked only with high-quality materials with saturated persistent pigments so that the tattooing could be done.
  • Of course, it is important to use sterile disposable needles, and in general adherence to sanitary rules.
  • Do not save on the work of a professional, because a good master will not work for a penny. But really high-quality overlap tattoos worth the money spent.

corrected neck tattoo

By the way, it’s not bad at all if the master works at home. The main thing is that it was a professional, sanitary conditions were observed and there were good materials.

Camouflage tattoos - an alternative solution

Redrawing the old image, applying new motifs and colors is not the only way to block the tattoo. There is also a so-called camouflage. The scheme here is simple - the picture is painted with a skin-colored paint, most suitable for the skin tone. Especially well it turns out with headdresses strongly faded, faded, small size. Completely tattoo does not disappear, but will become much less noticeable, as if abundantly smeared with a tonal tool. On not too striking areas of the body is quite an acceptable option.

And what if to block the tattoo is not corporal, but black? Draw, for example, a black square? Yes, and there are such options. Perhaps it looks a bit strange and seems too radical, but they also do that.

modified blade pattern

It is possible to block the tattoo, and at the same time very well, the Internet is replete with chic “before and after” photos, the result of the overlap is sometimes simply fantastic. But remember that correcting the picture again and again is unlikely to work. Therefore, if at the first tattoo application something went wrong, then when correcting it, you need to take into account old mistakes and try not to repeat them!

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