Tattoo on the face - is the game worth the candle

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Tattoo in general and a tattoo on the face in particular is a rather ancient type of decoration of the human body. Now wearable tattoos are very common, but to apply the pattern on the face is not all. However, there are very harmless options for a tattoo that will not spoil the look, but only add a piquancy to the look. Even a woman's face with a little cute tattoo can look interesting and attractive.

History of tattoos on the face

To better understand the meaning of such a phenomenon as a tattoo on the face, it is worth a little to plunge into history. Dot patterns, lines, geometric shapes, and sometimes more complex patterns were used by men, less often by women, of ancient tribes of Africa, America, Australia, and other wild places. Tattoos were designed to reflect belonging to a particular tribe, to be a sign of the status of a man in his environment. The leaders decorated their bodies and faces with pinned drawings; the warriors used a tattoo to intimidate the enemies and disguise them. In addition, men applied tattoos to demonstrate their achievements in battles or hunting.

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For women, tattooing of the body and face served more to indicate affiliation with the tribe and for aesthetic purposes (by the way, it happened and vice versa, women intentionally disfigured faces so as not to be taken away by strangers). Pads on the face and body often carried in themselves an encrypted meaning, understandable to fellow tribesmen. In addition, worn patterns could have ritual, religious, coastal significance.

Modern tattoos on the face

Why do modern people do tattoos on their faces? After all, we are not warriors or hunters, and the status is confirmed by very different things. After all, the tattoo can not be hidden under the clothes, if they are suddenly out of place, you will not get rid of them, if they no longer like them. Basically, of course, tattoos on the face are the prerogative of young people belonging to certain subcultures, and they do not have any particular distribution. However, there are, for example, representatives of creative, free-lance professions, or simply people with a special, unique world view and train of thought, for whom a tattoo on their face becomes a bright way of self-expression.

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Another reason for drawing pictures on the face may be the desire to hide any aesthetic defect - a scar, a scar from a burn, or an ugly pigment spot. Perhaps in the mirror it will be more pleasant to see a beautiful pattern, rather than a cosmetic flaw.

More often, men make up a tattoo on their face, women are much less likely. Still, girls are more anxious about their face and tend to change appearance, style, image, and a tattoo is forever. And the girl with the tattoo on her face looks more shocking in the eyes of the public than the man.

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Since the tattoos on the face are not very popular, not every master will undertake such work. And given the danger and complexity of the procedure, only a very experienced tattoo artist, of course, if we are talking about high-quality tattoos, will be able to perform it.

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Is it worth "stuff" tattoo on face?

Obviously, before you decide to make a tattoo on your face, you should think carefully about the minuses of such a decoration. And they, unequivocally, are more than pluses.

  • Tattoos on the face can not be hidden with clothes, they will always be visible, any person from the environment will be able to see them, even if it is undesirable in any particular case.
  • Not everyone in society will accept such a form of self-expression, it can be a problem when finding a job, moving up the career ladder, especially the face of a girl with a tattoo can be perceived "in hostility."
  • Even the closest people may not support such a decision, which will cause conflicts. Often, even small tattoos on the face can be perceived by others as something wrong, you need to be ready for this.
  • Tattooing is forever, you can't go anywhere. There are ways to remove the tattoo, but they still leave traces, but on the face this is unacceptable. Even if the drawing gets tired, you can’t get away from it anywhere; you can only change the old drawing to a new method of tattoo overlap.
  • Performing tattoos on the face is a difficult and dangerous business. Not every master will be able to chop a drawing with high quality. Yes, and in terms of complications, the face is the most unfavorable zone, there is a huge number of blood vessels and nerve endings.

On the other hand, there are acceptable options, some compromises between the desire to make an extravagant tattoo and unwillingness to enter into confrontation with public opinion.

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  • Small tattoos on the face, located so well that they will not catch the eye and shock, but on the contrary, they will be able to emphasize the elegance of the lines and add a zest to the image. For example, a small ornament at the temple, or a thin elongated tattoo above the eyebrow, does not spoil the girl's face at all.
  • If you look at the question more widely, then the type of tattoo on the face is permanent makeup, that is, tattoo. The tattoo is applied to the contour of the lips, eyebrows, eyelash growth line. Tattoo is designed to decorate the female face, emphasize and increase the natural beauty of the lines, correct minor flaws.
  • If you really want to brightly decorate your face, for example, to stand out at a party, it is not necessary to act radically. Face Art is a great alternative without consequences!

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Summing up, we can say that the tattoo on the face is a rather extreme and poorly perceived by our time society's type of decoration of its body and method of self-expression. To decide on this, you need to weigh the pros and cons more than once and be a million percent sure that you will not have to regret a perfect deed.

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