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Girls have always been distinguished by the desire to become more beautiful. For a long time clothing, jewelery made of stones and metals, make-up and an ornament on the skin have been used. The latter has since transformed into a tattoo - a resistant pattern, when applied, the paint is driven into the skin and remains for a long time. And although the dangers and aesthetics can be argued for a long time, now the tattoo is quite popular among the stars and ordinary people. It would seem that to surprise someone with a tattoo today is quite difficult. The pattern is beaten on all parts of the body, combining it with piercings and other modifications. But even in such a seemingly studied area there is a place for amazing finds, for example, a tattoo on the ears. It should immediately be recalled that tattooing herself or at home is strictly prohibited. This should be done only by an experienced professional.

Advantages of tattoos on the ears

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Before you make a tattoo on the ear, you must sensibly assess all the advantages of this place.

  • Tattoo on the ear is especially in demand with girls because of its small size and location: it is enough to dissolve the hair and the drawing will not be visible. This is especially convenient if the family is against or on "service" there is a strict dress code.
  • In addition, a tattoo on the ear will help to divert attention from some unattractive facial features. Will they notice your big nose or crook if your lobe is decorated with a funny frog or a beautiful pattern? And if the tattoo is combined with earrings, then you can not look away from your ears at all.
  • The reverse is also true: if you were always shy of large or bulging ears, take advantage of the moments and make a tattoo on them - do not waste the place for nothing? Who knows, maybe then you want to extend it on the shoulders or neck, step by step decorating the skin?
  • An unusual place will emphasize your originality and unusual nature. Hands, feet, back - to surprise the pattern on them is almost impossible, but the ear is still exotic and unusual.
  • Small tattoos allow the master to show their imagination in all its glory. To make a big pattern on the whole thigh is easy, but try to show the character of the hostess in a limited area?

drawing hearts and key

Select the value of the tattoo on the ear

Choosing a sketch for a tattoo behind the ear or on the ear, you need to focus on your own taste and value of the sketch. It can be:

  • Floral pattern with leaves, flowers and ethnic motifs - they allow you to select the shape of the auricle and feel like an elf or dryad.
  • Feathers, wind music, a flock of birds, butterflies and insects are symbols of freedom and the ever-young spirit. These motifs are quite popular and can be applied in stages - for example, one small bird after each dream fulfilled.
  • Sea fantasies - shells, waves, fish and other marine life. The sea usually means calm, wisdom and peace.
  • Quite often you can find musical symbols - notes, treble clef, musical instruments. A similar sketch is typical for those who decided to connect their lives with music.
  • It is worth noting the sweet motifs: tattoos on the ears often depict multicolored cupcakes and pastries. These are funny and cute drawings that carry almost no meaning.
  • Inscriptions around the ear - these can be beautiful phrases in another language, philosophical wisdom, or a life credo that you want to have closer to your head. This also includes hieroglyphs, numbers and signs - they all have a special meaning for their owner.

rose and ornament

There is a huge number of sketches for the tattoo behind the ear, which are almost impossible to list. Choosing your own picture, do not focus on its "official" value. For you, a tattoo will always have some personal meaning.

Some features of the tattoo on the ears

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Ear - a rather difficult place, which has a number of features.

  • Making a tattoo on the ears is quite painful and unpleasant. It is connected with a huge number of nerve endings in the zone, and the skin itself is very sensitive. It is necessary to carefully select the master, so as not to suffer from dizziness and migraine.
  • Also tattoos on the ears can cause injuries to the zygomatic bone or jaw. It is also associated with dangerous intimacy.
  • Due to the constant renewal of the skin with time, the tattoo on the ear will begin to fade, blur, turning into a stain. To avoid this, it can be regularly updated and simplified at the level of the sketch. The simpler the symbol, the less noticeable the changes.

a picture for and on the auricle

Care "earplug" tattooed

Like any tattoo, the tattoo behind the ear needs care, which is carried out independently. The master is obliged to warn in advance about all the possible nuances and to give clear instructions on the procedure for caring procedures for tattoos.

owl and feather tattoo

  1. After applying the pattern, the skin is sealed with a plaster for a day. This is necessary so that dirt and germs do not fall on the fresh wound.
  2. The further scheme of care is quite simple: after removing the patch, the tattoo will look a little blurry and fuzzy. It should be carefully wiped with a napkin against burns or moistened with such a tool. This may be Bepanten + or Panthenol. Apply them at least three times a day. The instructions will tell you the basic rules of application, you can also check if you are allergic to drugs.
  3. After 1-3 days, the tattoo will begin to heal, itch and crust. It can not be ripped off, otherwise you can rip off the skin and stay with an ugly scar. It is necessary to continue applying the cream until it is completely healed and from time to time to wash the design with warm water, trying not to tear the crust.
  4. As soon as the skin was refreshed and the peel disappeared, the tattoo is no longer in need of excessive care. You can safely take a shower, go to the sauna, swimming pool and the beach. The only thing that can be advised - do not forget to protect the pattern with sunscreen. This will help keep bright colors.

tattoo with a feather and a shark on the shell


Tattoos behind the ears or on the ears are fashionable, cute and unusual decorations that allow you to bring a little madness and freedom to any look. Due to the almost complete "invisibility" and the ability to hide the pattern, small pictures will emphasize the personality of the owner. You can apply the sketch on the cartilage, lobe, on the inner side of the auricle and behind the ear.

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