Tattoo linework - stylish tattoos "in line"

352-Tattoo Linework - Stylish Tattoos

From year to year the number of people who want to get a tattoo on their body, only increases. The reasons are different: some tend to emphasize their bright individuality, for someone it is important to fix a significant event on their bodies on their bodies, and there are those who just want to decorate themselves with an unusual ornament. But whichever category you belong to, a linework tattoo will be an excellent choice.

What is a tattoo linework?

fox and dream catcher in livework ornament

Tattoo in the style of linework is a young trend in the world of tattoo artists. This style originated only some five years ago, but already won universal love. The essence of linework tattoo can be traced from the name itself. “Line” in English means “line”, and “work” - work. Thus, the most accurate definition for this direction is “work with lines”.

biceps tattoo and back

The main features of tattoo linework

Linework tattoos have unique distinctive properties:

  • The drawings consist of concise straight lines;
  • The ornament has a clear outline;
  • Tattoo linework is combined from strict and clear images;
  • Linework tattoo has a textured lively look;
  • Images are bright and clearly visible from afar.

tatoo linework

What are good tattoo lines?

First of all, tattoos of this style will be ideal for those who are bored with monotonous motley images of flowers and birds. Pins of linework take their novelty and fresh looks. What previously might have been considered boring is now being knocked out of the general number of colorful blurry images, creating a pleasant contrast with them with its brevity and severity.

Linework style sketches

The possibilities of this direction are almost endless. After all, the line is the basis of any pattern. Therefore, sketches can be the most diverse: from the already familiar elements of nature to complex geometric ornaments; from abstract concepts to portraits of specific people.

drawing of a sea storm and flowers

Tattoos of linework are good for their images of various sacral ornaments. Clients are often asked to fill ethnic patterns, amulets, religious symbols on their bodies. This style will be the perfect way to fulfill such requests. That is why worn-out drawings will carry a special meaning for their owner, warming the soul and giving an awareness of harmony.

color and black and white tatoo

Tattooing linework

Having decided to put a tattoo linework on your body, it is important to find a good specialist. Because, no matter how attractive the linework tattoos are, the tattoo master's incompetence can ruin the end result.

ethnic and minimalism in the pictures on the body

Creating such a tattoo requires great professionalism. After all, this is not just a random set of lines - it is a clear concept that requires the maximum concentration of the master to recreate the sketch according to all the qualities of the tattoo linework: symmetrically, strictly and clearly.

original linework ornaments

Due to the complexity of performing technology, never try to apply tattoos at home. Even if you have the necessary equipment, no schemes and step-by-step instructions will help you to do the work yourself as qualitatively as the specialists do. Not to mention the harm that you can unknowingly inflict on yourself.

352-Tattoo Linework - Stylish Tattoos

The only solution for those who want to tattoo themselves will be applying temporary tattoos. There are several methods of washing tattoos. The most long-term can be considered tattoo henna. With a great desire to test your strength in linework, you can try to apply a henna pattern. On the Internet there are many articles on this topic with a step by step description of the process.

stars and roses on the body

Who said simple means boring? Even ordinary lines can create works of art, opening up opportunities for the space of thought and fantasy. Linework tattoo is a bright proof of that.

Video: linework tattooing technique

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