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Tattoos dovatk- tattoo dots are considered the most complex and painstaking in execution. There are very few masters capable of stuffing a tattoo in this style, and only a few professionals. But high-quality tattoo doctrines are real masterpieces of body art that are radically different from the usual tattoo. They have their own characteristics and rules for making pigment under the skin. We will introduce you to the tattoo docking style more closely, tell you about their subtleties and merits and show the most beautiful dochatk tattoos.

Features dochatk tattoos

Dotwork literally translates as "point work". This is the whole essence of such tattoos: they fill up with a dot, each dot is placed at a certain interval, and as a result volumetric, saturated and truly fascinating drawings are obtained.


Tattoos in the style of domatok have their own characteristics:

  • As a rule, black ink is used for such dotted tattoos, but in principle there are no color limitations as such.
  • Small tattoos are not performed in this style, as they will simply look ugly, and the drawing will not "to read". Dopok tattoo loves space.
  • Such a dotted cap can be stuffed with a conventional induction machine, as well as manually.
  • Tattoo in dot style well read from a distance. They do not have clear lines, and the volume is created due to the gaps in the skin between the points and the depth of pigment injection.
  • Dokatk tattoo - it hurts. Experienced say that pain when dotwork is much stronger than with the traditional headdress. This is also explained by the fact that the work takes much more time, and as you know, the longer, the more painful.
  • Such tattoos dots for a long time look clearly, as the point technique allows you to enter the pigment deeper under the skin.

tattoos black paint

Tattoos domatov- is a very difficult job. It's not even the time that the master spends when creating a picture. To get a high-quality point tattoo, the master must have a mathematical mindset and be able to calculate the symmetry perfectly. In the course of work, the points should not intersect, the rows should line up naturally. Some masters, creating sketches of tattoos in the style of dovodk, for hours, lined drawings with compasses and rulers.

tattoos on the back

Plots domatok tattoo

As a rule, sketches of tattoos in the style of dovodk are all sorts of ornaments, geometric patterns, contour drawings, abstractions. Thanks to the storyline, dovat-tattoo does not bother its owner for a long time.

tattoo on legs

In this style, you can perform a variety of drawings up to portraits and they look amazing. However, the professionalism of the master is very important here. Girls often choose floral motifs, ethnic ornaments and religious symbols. The value of dochatk tattoos directly depends on the selected sketch. The dot style tattoo is often combined with other techniques, speaking an excellent background for a tattoo in the style of ornamental or old school.

point technology

To whom do we owe the appearance of domatov tattoos?

In the same way as high-heeled shoes are associated with the name of Christian Lubutan, dots of dosed tattoos are associated with the name of Ksed Le Head. It is impossible to say with confidence that the idea of ​​dotwork-tattoo originated in his head, because this trend has been known since ancient times, when representatives of African tribes decorated their bodies with dot patterns. But Ksed Le Head definitely popularized this genre.

girls with tattoos

In the 90s he began to stuff tattoos consisting of points on his body. As the pioneer of the genre himself says, before his first tattoos, he absolutely could not draw, but just wanted to "to do something" and this is something he liked. In Russia, dotovk-masters can be counted on the fingers, but in Europe this style is more popular.

patterns on shoulders

The process of creating tattoo dovork

A dotwork style tattoo is created according to the following step-by-step instructions:

  1. Having found an experienced master who has the experience of creating tattoos in this genre, first of all you have to discuss with him what kind of image and on which part of the body you will appear.
  2. Then the wizard will transfer the sketch to the skin according to the principle of translations, after cleaning it and disinfecting it. Some masters draw the contours of future tattoos immediately on the skin.
  3. When creating a traditional tattoo, the work begins with the packing of the contour. In domatok tattoo immediately areas of the image are filled with dots.
  4. When the work is completed, the skin will be treated with an antiseptic, and a bandage will be applied on top.


Dots are not only a punctuation mark indicating the end of a sentence. As you can see, with their help, you can create masterpieces. And how do you find such a point tattoo technique? If you have a tattoo on your body, made in this style, share your impressions in the comments below.

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