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cute tattoo bracelet

Such a phenomenon as a tattoo bracelet goes back to the cult of nature, ancient tribes and dark superstitions. In the depths of the centuries, a tattoo bracelet could serve as a talisman. In our time among the prisoners "bracelets" on the hands and feet can be a symbol of the eternal farewell to freedom. And in everyday life, a tattoo bracelet on his hand is just a fresh and stylish way of expression. These signs are easily covered with a cuff of a shirt, paying homage to the dress code.

Tattoo bracelet on hand

The traditional form of body graphics is a tattoo bracelet for girls. Probably because the thin tie of hieroglyphs, fancy fonts, and soul-taking words are the lot of exalted and emotional women. Among the girls are popular:

  • Patch bracelet in the form of inscriptions. This may be the name of a loved one (but love, as we know, for six months, and such a reminder on the hand or on the ankle - forever);
  • Popular tattoo bracelet for girls with pendants. It can be chains, crowns, symbols in the style of pandora - family, love, luxury;

inscription and suspension

  • Braided baubles, simple colored threads, subtle primitive patterns for young people in body and soul. These are lightweight compositions designed to give a “touch” to their owner, a girl with an open mind and light character;
  • For the "fatal" beauties fit Celtic patterns. The traditional Celtic bracelet is executed in monochrome and full of mystical gloomy mysteriousness. The geometric plexuses of the lines, folded into floral designs, symbolize a deep union with nature, recalling the pagan culture of their ancestors;

simple lines and celtic patterns

  • Another popular destination for a tattoo in the form of a bracelet on his hand is the old school, a classic that came to us from sailors of the 19th century. These are harsh people with a difficult fate, the more surprising it is to get from them a legacy of emotional drawings, richly made in color. They have everything - longing for a distant house, everlasting faith in God (despite the riotous sailor's freemen), and love for a woman elevated to the rank of religion.

popular sketches of old school tattoo

In order to determine the style and understand which women's tattoo bracelets will suit you, you must honestly answer yourself two simple questions:

  • What kind of person am I?
  • How do those around me see?

These are often two polar images, so it is important that the tattoo bracelet on the wrist does not contradict any of them.

Tattoo bracelet on the shoulder

shoulder tattoo

Obviously, a tattoo bracelet on the shoulder does not interfere with the office dress code: it is not visible under the clothes, and only in summer people will be able to admire this beauty. Wanting to chop up the picture on the shoulder, girls often choose the following motifs for the bracelet:

  • Runes and pagan patterns;
  • Closed loop of hieroglyphs;
  • Old-cheekbones, chains, hearts, and roses;
  • Skulls and Gothic drawings;
  • The graceful contours of insects, the barely outlined outlines of animals - a symbol of strength and femininity.

old school and runes

Popular options from barely noticeable tattoo bracelets on his shoulder to these full-color "sleeves", which, without exaggeration, are works of art. At home, this is not stuffed: a great salon and a master with an impeccable reputation - a guarantee of successful execution of such an extensive and complex tattoos.

Tattoo bracelet on foot

As well as the usual volumetric jewelry, the tattoo bracelet on the leg is designed to emphasize the thin ankles of its owner. This place is considered to be very sexy in many cultures, so neither she will refuse to draw attention to him.

lace and stave

Let's list step by step popular themes for wearing on the ankle:

  • Lace - monochrome (usually black) thin lines, in which the openwork weaving of threads is guessed;
  • Chains and beads. Rings, pendants, feathers - any ethnic and original decorative elements are easy to fit into the tattoo a bracelet on the leg;
  • Floral, folklore motifs, climbing plants are also timeless classics, never get tired and offer a choice of a lot of options;
  • Ligature from letters. Such a calligraphy tattoo is a way to remind yourself and others of an important event, to convey a life motto or creed, or simply to imprint the name and date dear to your heart.

feather pen

Tattoo bracelet on the leg - it is always appropriate, elegant, and most importantly, it is easily hidden under the pants or thick dark tights (if there is no desire to shock others).

The value of tattoos in the form of bracelets

Not many are really interested in the importance of tattoos in the form of bracelets. But there is a simple instruction: before you leave on your skin a persistent reminder of the minute mood, it’s nice to know what the symbol or hieroglyph means. After all, it will decorate your skin for many years.

Let us analyze in stages what are often found elements included in male and female tattoo bracelets. Let's start with the popular Celtic motifs:

  • The serpent around the wrist means fertility, health, and eternal life;
  • The dragon is a symbol of magic and great power;

snake and dragon

  • Traditional ethnic patterns and loops similar to floral patterns are a sign of infinity, the constant cycle of birth and death. At the same time in the weaving come across individual elements - circles and triangles. The former mean isolation and continuity of the life cycle. The latter are the unity of body, soul, and mind;
  • The Celtic bracelet can be decorated with a pagan cross - a powerful symbol that embodies faith. At the top of the cross is a circle. Another bright element is the butterfly, the embodiment of the human soul.

loops and butterfly

The eternal charm of the old school (old school) is a set of pictures and images that smash into the heart. Among them:

  • Anchors: rescue and safety. At one time, they were very relevant for seafarers, remaining one on one with the elements. Now it is a brutal symbol, beloved by the strong half of humanity;
  • Hearts - contrary to popular stereotype, not only a sign of love. First of all, it is an old-school embodiment of conscience, purity of soul and thoughts. And the heart pierced by an arrow is not broken love, but a symbol of the penetration of the flow of energy;

hearts with anchor and inscribed ribbons

  • A very popular men's tattoo bracelet is ribbons with text in which other decorative elements and symbols are inscribed. Earlier, in the 19th century, the words “Love and pain”, “Life is difficult”, “Hold on” were considered the most popular. Now you can pin down any phrase, as long as it harmonizes with the inner world of the carrier and displays certain events and reflections;
  • The rose is also a symbol of love, as well as innocence and purity. A rose without thorns is love at first sight;
  • Sketches of tattoo bracelets often include a horseshoe in different variations. It is a sign of good luck, a peculiar amulet and a powerful amulet.

sailor's sketch

You can find out the value of tattoos in the form of bracelets on your own by using a search engine and looking at attractive photos of finished bracelets. Proven scheme - consult a wizard who you trust. He will recommend the most appropriate style for your lifestyle. Then, over time, the tattoo bracelet on the arm will not become a burden and a reminder of the “mistake of youth”, but will be a kind of continuation of the body, reflecting mood and thoughts.

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