Tattoo black and gray - tattooed with photo effect

owl on the back of a girl

Tattoo black and gray has a special place in the art of tattooing. Pads created in this direction are very popular and in great demand. After all, in the BlackandGrey technique, any pattern, a geometric ornament or a portrait transferred onto the skin from a photo or a sketch will look great.

Stylistic features of tattoo Black and Gray

Such images are always made by combining only two colors. “Black” is translated from English as “black”, and “Gray” - gray. The dominant color is black, and the coal hue and gray tones and halftones complement it when creating the pattern. A huge rarity - the presence of small spots of white color, which creates the effect of glare. This style categorically denies the use of any bright color inserts.

Scaled images on the back

"Tattoo for the sake of tattoo" - this expression applies to the direction of BlackNGrey in the circles of tattoo artists and lovers to decorate their body with various images. Many ignorant people believe that the scheme of applying such a pattern is one of the simplest in the art of tattooing. But this is far from the case. A carefully executed picture does not just look like artistic graphics. Black and gray tattoo is a product of professional skill.

Skull and tiger in black and gray

  • Creating images in this style is accompanied by many specific details and nuances. The initial task is the correct selection of colors and shadows. This is a determining factor that will affect the volume, quality and realistic images.
  • In black and gray tattoos, images or plots of other similar areas, such as tribal and blackwork, are well transported. Sketches of this style are distinguished by a large thematic variety, starting from the classic “old school” and ending with the modern trends of tattoo art.

Who is the Black and Gray direction?

There is an opinion that the first black and gray tattoos appeared in prison dungeons, because in this environment it is almost impossible to find colorful paints. In a sense, the style of BlackNGrey is a kind of offshoot from BlackWork. Then the images "moved" to the bodies of bikers and began to perfectly complement the steep images of brutal motorcyclists in leather jackets.

Black and gray drawings on the shoulder of the guys

But such figures have also gained popularity with simple law-abiding people, who in everyday life do not differ in some extraordinary behavior.

  • Black and gray tattoos are mostly adorned with male bodies. But even among the female half there are lovers of paintings in strict calm colors, reflecting a deep philosophical meaning.
  • Competently executed tattoos are particularly voluminous and unique, creating the effect of an old black and white photo that looks very elegant and original.

Majestic lion and kind panda

  • The concept of tattoos is close to a person who is not afraid to flaunt his thoughts, feelings and what is happening in his inner world. Such pictures demonstrate honesty, openness and self-confidence.
  • A large black and gray knit top will look good on your chest, back or shoulder. And smaller drawings adequately take their place on their hands.

Black & Gray Tattoo Sketches

In the images in this technique is no expressiveness. They are characterized by a certain "pain" and gloom. And their function is by no means decorative. It is rather intended to convey certain information. Therefore, these tattoos are usually reminiscent of something. For example:

  • About dates or events;
  • About people or phenomena.

Eagle and the wolf black and gray

As sketches for black and gray tattoos are most often:

  • Crosses;
  • Skulls;
  • Portraits;
  • Images of angels;
  • Religious plots;
  • Abstractions.

Black and gray flowers

In the same way as in other styles, images of animals are used that personify certain qualities of a tattoo owner. Guys prefer strong predators - a wolf, a bear, a lion. Girls choose a cat, a fox, a panther. It will look good on the female body and flowers in black and gray tones.

Should I decorate your body with a tattoo in the style of BlackandGrey?

Having made a decision to create a black-and-gray body pattern, you can take part in the birth process not just a tattoo, but a whole artistic masterpiece, and discover new facets of beauty and style perception.

Bird and cat on the female body

But for this you need to find a professional master, and not try to make a tattoo yourself at home. The specialist will step-by-step draw the picture, following all the necessary instructions, and you will receive a unique tatuha with deep meaning. This result is not achieved if you do the tattoo yourself.

Therefore, if you do not need a motley shell or a glamorous picture, be sure to look at the black and gray tattoo.

Video: Drawing a portrait in BlackandGrey style by professional tattoo artist Luiza Bello

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