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Stop Grow for men and women

While one half of humanity is trying to grow hair with the help of miracle shampoos, the second half uses no less magical means to remove this hair. And the market today can satisfy the whims of those and other consumers! Manufacturers are trumpeting new hair products in unwanted places: Stop Grow cream. What is hiding under the beautiful wrappers of marketers this time? Let's try to find out.

What is Stop Growth Cream?

Numerous advertisements say that Stop Grow– cream is a salvation for skin with excessive hair. It plays the role of an epilator, only completely painless, not irritating the skin and giving a much longer-term result. It is enough to apply this remedy to the problem area (armpits, legs, hands, bikini, etc.), and the grow cream will not just remove the hair - they will dissolve them. In addition, with its miracle composition, the miracle remedy will trigger the mechanism of hair follicle degradation. That is, according to marketers, unwanted vegetation can disappear forever! Well, it is tempting?

stop grow varieties

Where to buy Stop Grow?

If the advertising has worked, and you decide to buy a grow grow cream, then you should talk about where and for how much you can buy it. For sale stop grow in pharmacies, as well as on the Internet. Price depends on the city and place of purchase. On average, you can buy it on the Internet for 1000-1500 rubles. The cost of stop grow in pharmacies may be somewhat higher. Yes, beauty is truly expensive.

Instructions for use of Stop Grow cream

So, if you have acquired the grow grow cream, then you should learn how to handle it. In general, this tool is famous for the fact that it is very easy to use it yourself. You do not need to go anywhere - the whole process takes place at home. Manufacturers recommend stop grow for depilation to itself, using only elementary step-by-step instructions. Well, this is probably the only advantage of this cream.

smooth skin

Phased use:

  1. Keep the area you intend to epilate clean: wash and dry with a towel.
  2. Apply a sufficiently dense layer to the necessary area and leave for 5-10 minutes.
  3. After the specified time, clean the skin from the cream with a special spatula, which comes in a set, or with a usual paper napkin.
  4. Wash away the remnants of the substance and hair with warm water.

female forearm before and after the remedy

Does stop growth cream really work?

Still, perfectly smooth skin without razors and wax strips - reality or myth? Unfortunately, most reviews of girls who have tried this remedy say that this is just a myth. According to them, this tool does not work at all. Stop grow for depilation is as useless as various shampoos for growing hair. There is no such means to mysteriously dissolve the hair, while leaving the skin intact. Moreover, there can be no talk of a gradual “killing” of hair so that they stop growing at all. But there are those who talk about the miraculous removal of unwanted hair.

The risks of using the cream

In addition to the zero result, Stop Grow cream can also bring additional unpleasant surprises. Moreover, it has no direct contraindications, and the instruction does not mention any side effects. Nevertheless, there may be:

  • Unpleasant smell;
  • Redness;
  • Itching.

Reviews of Stop Grow cream

If you have not fully decided whether to make such a purchase, then you should read real reviews about Stop Grow cream from people who have already tried it on themselves.

“Of the benefits of Stop Grow packaging, and of the downs - the cream itself. I do not understand what I thought when I bought. Money wasted, it would be better spent on something really useful. Girls, it's not worth it! ”

“Just a disgusting tool! I smeared them, then I washed them off and not only did the hair remain, it also stinks as if this hair burned on me. And then after 15 minutes, the armpit still reddened and began to itch! I'm in shock! You can, of course, say that my skin is special, they say an individual reaction. But then I gave a friend a try — the effect is the same. So, even as some kind of moisturizer can not use. Terribly upset, just threw the money! "

“This is pure scam. I had the desire to buy only 1 thing, just to try. And I got three at once. They assured me that it was for fixing the effect, for a better result, etc. It was my fault, of course, that I didn’t immediately think: what is the fixation of the result, if, in theory, I should smear it, and it should immediately remove my hair? In general, in the end, the result is zero, the money is thrown away and there is no one to complain about this. ”

stop grow does not help!

As you can see, there are dreams that, unfortunately, are not yet feasible. Depilation without razors, electric machines, lasers and wax strips is one of them. But do not despair! Indeed, in the beauty industry there are so many proven tools that can keep you in good shape! One has only to want, and you will find what you need. Good luck!

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