Stick-end-pook (hand poke) - the simplest style of a tattoo

Simple drawings

Stick tattoos in the style of Stick and Pok in their original form appeared in ancient times. In the modern world, they are popular mainly among beginners and tattoo lovers who need to develop skills in the art of applying wearable images. Therefore, such tatuhi young professionals prick themselves or practice on their fellows. But this style gradually penetrates into professional tattoo parlors, and more and more fans appear.

Let's take a closer look at the features and distinctive features of Stick-End-Pouque tattoos.

The history of style

Such a branch in tattoo art, like Stick and Poke, originally appeared in ancient tribes, whose representatives applied pictures to the body with sharp stones or needles from bones. In the era of modern times, images are crammed by hand, without the use of special equipment, sometimes independently at home or in underground tattoo studios by inexperienced beginners.

Stick Lovers Pook Lovers

This is what gave the style such titles as Handpook and Homepook. The appearance of these pictures is also attributed to the prison environment, where prisoners stuffed themselves.

The main differences and sketches of tattoos Handpok

The main feature of Stick and Poke images is simplicity and triviality, which manifests itself in the absence of complex lines and shapes. It is better not to choose unique drawings with a large number of small elements with difficult drawing, because a step-by-step hand-made work without additional equipment will have to take a lot of time, and the result may not always be what you plan. That is why you do not need to drive yourself and the master in a specific framework.

Another significant difference between the tattoo in the style of hand poke is monochrome, the absence of a riot of colors and rich shades. Most images are applied with black paint. Very rarely can you meet the same red color.

Handpoints for girls

Additionally, you can note some more distinctive features of Hand poked tattoo:

  • These images are relatively cheaper than traditional machine-made tattoos;
  • The process of applying incrementally less traumatic skin and is less painful than when using equipment, and the tattoo itself does not peel off and heals much faster;
  • With the right location on the body, the seemingly ordinary and unremarkable picture looks quite original and aesthetic, and the roughness and unevenness give it even more uniqueness and uniqueness;
  • But there is also one minus handPoke tattoo less durable than professional, and fade much faster, especially in areas of the body that are constantly contaminated or washed. But this minus can be a plus, which translates into the possibility of temporarily renting funny or strange pictures before deciding whether to impale a long-term picture on the body.

80 Stick-and-pok (hand-pok) the simplest

Handpoke tattoo designs generally contain the following simple and simple images:

  • Cartoon characters;
  • Various symbols and emoticons;
  • Drawings in the form of animals;
  • Musical notation;
  • Inscriptions in different languages ​​and hieroglyphs;
  • Other extraordinary pictures that convey the spirit of rebellion, protest and freedom.

Simplicity by

Most often, tattoos are stuffed in places such as:

  • Wrist;
  • Shoulder;
  • Hip;
  • Biceps;
  • Back;
  • Stomach;
  • Fingers (for small pictures).

Simplicity and originality

But you can not be limited to a specific area on the body and place the tattoo practically anywhere. Stick'n'poke braces are ideal for courageous and determined people with character who are ready to defend their own life position, because not everyone will understand the meaning of the chosen picture and believe that it was intentional rather than the result of a careless specialist's mistake.

Handpoke tattoo equipment and precautions when applying

For the imposition of pictures in this style, different types of needles are used or machines made from scrap materials are created. In the course are the strings, pens, pencil and electrical tape, motors from radio-controlled toys. In general, everything that is enough for imagination and skills is used. On our site you can find diagrams and instructions aimed at educating on this topic about how to independently design a machine and correctly apply tatuhi.

The choice of paint for work in the home should be approached with great care. It is necessary to make an order in a specialized online store or purchase materials from the masters. Do not buy cheap paint from unknown vendors, otherwise it may be harmful later.

Funny and weird images

But it is best to initially choose a proven tattoo studio and a professional tattoo artist who, under comfortable and sterile conditions, will gradually transfer the sketch to your body.

If, nevertheless, you decide to make a tattoo at home:

  • Choose the right people with at least minimal knowledge in tattoo art, and the right tools to help make the process safer;
  • All equipment, up to a carcass or paint container, must be thoroughly disinfected;
  • It is better to ignite the needle first over the fire, and then sprinkle with alcohol;
  • It is necessary to regularly remove blood and ink from the area of ​​the skin on which the drawing is prickly. This should be done after every 3-4 punctures;
  • The first time after applying the image, it is necessary to carefully care for it, treating the clogged area of ​​skin with a special ointment and lotion without fragrances.

Only by following all the above instructions, you can decorate your body, albeit simple, but at the same time, with an original pattern, while eliminating the danger of infection and harm to health.

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