Steampunk tattoos - from science fiction to tattoo art

Steampunk tattoo

Steampunk tattoos are a new modern style of body art, along with biomechanics, organic and cyber-punk. The images fully convey the meaning of the same direction of science fiction, invented in the late 80s of the last century. It is based on the cult of mechanisms and steam engines as opposed to the development of electricity and computer technology.

A little about the history of style

The term "Steampunk" is composed of two words: Steam (eng. - steam) and punk (eng. - rotten, bad). His "fathers" became writers from America - Kevin Jeter and James Bleylok. It was first used as a style name in science fiction, which described a civilization whose life is based on steam engines and mechanisms.

  • Steampunk is an alternative branch of the development of a society with anti-utopian elements, where time stopped at the era of Victorian England around the end of the 19th century.

Realistic tattoos

  • Here the plants are working at full capacity, scientists are developing new models of steam technology. On the dark dark streets there is a struggle for survival between the lower classes. Peace is ruled by pathos, greed, greed.
  • But the main story is devoted to steam engines, the development technologies of which have become the main priority for people, and electricity, modern inventions and computers are far in the past.

Mechanism under the skin

This direction is the basis of the work of many writers. Jules Verne, Herbert Welss - one of the most famous creators of works in this direction. Then Steampunk goes into many areas of art - cinema, music, computer games. He became a kind of independent subculture. He did not pass over the tattoo industry, where he became very popular. Steampunk tattoos cause more and more people every year.

Distinctive features of steampunk

This style symbolizes the era where human development has slowed down and fixated on the mechanical and steam component. It is characterized by:

  • The atmosphere of a large industrial city: the smoke from the pipes of factories and plants, smog, constantly overcast sky; wide pavements paved with cobblestones.
  • Appearance that corresponds to this era: men's clothing includes coats and cylinders, women wear corsets and crinolines.

Owl on hand

  • Mandatory elements are also: antique clocks, canes, monocles, smoking pipes.
  • The weak development of electrical technology: dim lighting on the streets, which is based on candles and gas lamps.

Images of girls in the style of steampunk

  • Prosthetics: everywhere, lost limbs are replaced with piston mechanical elements.
  • Technology "froze" at the stage of the 19th century: telegraphs and calculating machines were widely used. Newspapers are sold on the streets and pneumatic transport runs.

Steampunk tattoo designs

Virtually all steampunk tattoos in this direction are based on the following elements:

  • Steam technology (airships, locomotives, ships);
  • Robotics;
  • Valves, gears, bolts, parts;
  • Manometers, clockwork, goggles;
  • The key and the lock (often caused by girls).

The lock on the back of the girl

The “Torn Skin” technique is used everywhere, creating “wounds” and “injuries”, through which parts of the steam mechanisms appear, as if forming the basis of the human body.

Sketches of steampunk tattoos are also made in the form of partially mechanized insects or animals. Practice and the inclusion in this style of elements of fantasy.

Mechanized insects

Previously, steampunk tattoos were distinguished by their exceptional darkness due to the monochrome color scheme. Now nakolki began to be performed in color and acquired a more colorful and intricate character.

Where better to apply the picture?

Many consider steampunk tattoos to be provocative or even terrifying. Therefore, these images, like biomechanical, are considered mostly masculine. But among the girls there are many admirers of this trend.

Gears on a man's hand

Pads will be a great decoration on the body of a science fiction fan. Almost all areas are suitable for application. But the most advantageous will look steampunk tattoo on the arm or leg. When moving, the image will look especially natural. A tattoo sleeve in the style of steampunk can cause a storm of emotions in others.

Pads on the back of a guy and a girl

Large-scale, detailed drawings on the chest or back will produce a unique effect. But the little tattoos look no less attractive.

The scheme of applying steampunk tatoo is very laborious and laborious. In order to fully convey the spirit and atmosphere of this stylistics, the tattoo artist must gradually follow all instructions: make clear lines, observe proportions, perform the correct feathering. To get a natural tattoo with detailed small elements, do not try to apply it yourself at home. It is better to contact a professional who understands this area and has good artistic skills.

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