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Professional bodybuilders and experienced gym dwellers take sports fat burners so that the relief of the muscles is clear and the strength to train is more than enough. If you decide to use sports nutrition for weight loss, first of all you need to clarify: not even one of the most expensive and best sports fat burner will act without exercise and diet.

Sports fat burners for women are really effective, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews. Although the composition consists mainly of natural ingredients, the manufacturer warns about the possibility of side effects. If you are interested in sports fat burners, we recommend that you carefully review their composition, side effects and weigh all the risks before you start taking.

Sports fat burners - what is it?

If you are reading this article, then most likely, the problem of losing weight is familiar to you not by hearsay. It is unlikely that this topic will interest professional athletes, because they probably already can make a conclusion about this product from personal experience. If you are a woman or a girl who has read or heard about sports nutrition for weight loss and thinks whether to buy it, the following information will be useful to you.


Sports fat burners will help to quickly get rid of body fat and increase efficiency in the gym, they reduce appetite and do not affect the loss of muscle mass. Thermogenics, thermogenics or fat burners are sports nutrition, or more simply, food supplements. Their main action is based on increasing body temperature, which leads directly to burning calories. Drinking the "magic" capsule, you activate the metabolism in the body. You can not go to the gym every day, but the body's metabolic processes go on constantly. Therefore, thermogenics take daily.

What is part of fat burners

Typically, sports fat burners for women have a similar composition. The main components are as follows:

L Carnitine and Hellfire EPH (Hellfire) from Innovative

  • Caffeine. It has a stimulating effect on the nervous system. When consuming sports nutrition for weight loss, it is not recommended to drink coffee and strong tea, so as not to affect blood pressure.
  • Phenylethylamine. It causes an emotional lift, a burst of energy, courage.
  • Yohimbin. It is an aphrodisiac of plant origin, has a general stimulating effect.
  • Gordenin. Strong stimulator of the nervous system. This substance helps stimulate norepinephrine, which nourishes the body with energy.
  • Synephrine. Similar to the hormone adrenaline, activates the metabolism. It is a legal equivalent of ephedrine.
  • Vitamin C. This vitamin is a very effective fat burner. People who are overweight have a low level of vitamin C, so for effective weight loss, it must be ingested in sufficient quantities.
  • Zinc. Its deficiency in the body leads to an increase in body fat, since with a lack of zinc, testosterone is produced less, and the thyroid gland produces few thyroid hormones.

What effect can we expect from taking thermogenics?

Taking fat burners, it is in vain to hope that the fat will leave the problem areas on its own. These drugs are not for the lazy! Be prepared for the fact that you have to go all out in the gym or do cardio or strength exercises at home. Taking the drug as indicated in the instructions for the scheme, in training you will receive:

  • Energy charge. The training will take place in one breath and you will still have strength for the second
  • Excessive sweating. According to customers, when taking fat burners effective sweating begins within 10 minutes after the start of training, which indicates the effectiveness of supplements.
  • Decreased appetite. Most buyers note this action fat burners.
  • Increased mobility. Taking supplements, you will not be able to sit in one place for a long time: run, jump, expend energy.

three jars of different brands with thermogenics

Possible side effects

Not every buyer can confidently recommend this product to his friends. The fact is that such a "cocktail" of active ingredients may not in the best way affect your health. It is recommended to use synthetic fat burners only to completely healthy people. It is better to consult a doctor beforehand. If you have problems with blood pressure, you suffer from increased excitability, insomnia or depression, then you are not recommended to take such supplements as thermal jelly. Components in their composition can greatly aggravate the manifestations. Manufacturers of such products indicate in the instructions the following possible side effects:

  • cardiopalmus;
  • difficulty breathing;
  • headaches;
  • drops in blood pressure;
  • excessive agitation, anxiety;
  • nausea;
  • sweating;
  • insomnia.

Never exceed the maximum allowable dose specified in the instructions for each drug. Take the supplement clearly in a phased manner. If the fat burner contains caffeine, do not drink strong tea and coffee, so as not to create an additional burden for the body. Be careful! Do not take the drug before bedtime, it is better to drink it 4 hours before bedtime.

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The most effective fat burners for women

You can purchase fat burners at a pharmacy, at a specialized sports nutrition store, or place an order online. Among dozens of different names and multi-colored jars, specialists and buyers distinguish the following best fat burners:

lipo 6

  • Fat burner El carnitine. The active ingredient of the drug is an amino acid that is synthesized by the human liver and kidneys. Taking El Carnitine leads to the production of testosterone, which has a fat burning effect. By itself, the amino acid fat does not burn, but contributes to this process. The positive property of the drug is the absence of side effects. You can buy at different prices depending on the manufacturer and form of release. The minimum price is 100 rubles.
  • Fat Burners Lipo 6 Black Hers. The composition of the drug consists immediately of 7 active ingredients that are actively combating fat accumulation, reduce appetite and give strength. Fat burners Lipo 6 Black Hers are considered quite powerful, if you have never taken such drugs, it is recommended to choose a less active agent. The estimated cost is 2500 rubles for 120 capsules per pack.
  • Fat Burner Lipo 6 Nutrex. This drug has many positive recommendations from thinner women. However, fat burner Lipo 6 often causes side effects, as evidenced by reviews. The price of the product is about 2000 rubles for a package of 120 capsules.
  • Fat Burner 6 X Lipo. The two-phase capsule has a fast-acting liquid part and is slow-acting in the form of granules. Fat Burner 6 X Lipo begins to act within 5-6 minutes after taking the capsule. The cost of supplements about 3000 rubles for 120 capsules.
  • Xenadrine Xtreme. The manufacturer guarantees the achievement of good results from taking the drug after 8 weeks. Efficiency is confirmed by numerous customer reviews. Active ingredients: caffeine, green coffee extract, sage extract. The price is about 1800 rubles for 120 capsules.

If you decide to receive fat burners, take up the matter only in a comprehensive way: review your diet, take care of the location of your workouts, and then buy sports supplements, thermogenics. Before taking, carefully read the instructions for the selected product and strictly follow the recommendations.

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Customer reviews about the intake of sports fat burners

Lena: I accept Lipo 6 for a week now, the weight is gone! I did not dare to begin to drink it for a long time, having read horror stories from especially impressionable ones. But I want to warn you, without diet and workout weight will not go away! As for me, plus the fact that the feeling of hunger is generally dulled, I can not look at my favorite products! And the results are encouraging, I continue to take.

Sveta: And I felt bad right away, as I drank the first capsule ... My heart was always in order, and it was rattling like mad, the pulse in my temples gave = (I was very scared and did not drink it).

Katia: Girls, be careful, as a part of caffeine, which means - thermogenic affects pressure. Do not abuse, and do not drink coffee at all! I've even stopped drinking tea ... and, accordingly, there are chocolate-cakes =)

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