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Perhaps, sooner or later, every woman begins to wonder what procedures for losing weight could help to say goodbye to a couple of kilograms. We have compiled a rating for you, which includes the most popular and effective procedures for losing weight in salons and at home. Perhaps among them you will find exactly your method.

Top 5 most popular slimming treatments

The following information will tell you which procedures for losing weight most quickly cope with their task.

First Place: Wrap

The leader of our ranking is wrapping. Today it is the most popular and quite effective procedure for losing weight. Wraps can be carried out using different compositions - this is chocolate, and honey, and mustard, and clay, and algae, depending on what effect you want to achieve.

chocolate wrap

Wrapping can solve the problems of excess volume, cellulite and skin laxity. The essence of the manipulation is as follows: the chosen means are applied to the problem areas, and then the body is wrapped with a special film. Under it creates a greenhouse effect, which contributes to weight loss. Increased blood circulation and sweating in "wrapped up" zones contributes to the removal of toxins.

  • In the cabin. Reviews of procedures for losing weight confirm the fact that salon wrapping is more effective than home wrap. And all because the specialist will be able to choose a more effective means to solve your problems. A session of losing weight lasts from half an hour to an hour, the average cost of the service is 1,500 rubles.
  • At home. This type of procedure for losing weight at home is very popular among women of different ages. It has no contraindications and restrictions except for individual intolerance to the substance used for wrapping. All you need for house manipulation is a food film and one of the compositions, for example, cinnamon with honey.

film wrapping

Second place: Charcot's douche

Speaking about body treatments for weight loss, among the first it is impossible not to name Charcot's douche. He has been known for a long time and to this day is very popular. The essence of Charcot's soul is this: a powerful jet of water from a distance of 3-3.5 meters massages your problem areas. At this time, you are in a special booth and hold the handrails. There is no preparation as such, all you need is to bring a swimsuit and slippers for the shower.

Charcot's douche

Many women note the painfulness of this procedure for losing weight in salons, but its effectiveness is also confirmed by numerous examples. Charcot's douche removes accumulated slags and is effective in the fight against cellulite. In sanatoriums, this manipulation is carried out for the treatment of obesity.

  • In the cabin. This manipulation should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist who will strictly follow the scheme of the direction of the jet of water: first, the flow is sent to the client "like a fan", rolling from head to toe, then from behind and in front, the final stage, on the sides. The cost of services in the cabin about 500 rubles, the best course should consist of 10 procedures.
  • At home. On sale you can find devices for home shower Charcot. The effectiveness of such a procedure for losing weight will certainly be lower than professionally conducted. The fact is that home appliances are not capable of developing such power as salon units. If you want to buy a Charcot shower for home use, it will cost you from 2 to 7 thousand rubles. As a home alternative, you can also use a contrast shower. It will not save you from cellulite for a 10-day course, but it will increase skin tone and improve overall well-being.

Charcot shower procedure

Third place: Hulahup

Speaking about which procedures are effective for losing weight, it is impossible not to mention the well-known hulahup. This is the best ally of women who want to have a wasp waist. Probably there are no such beauties who have not heard of him, many have tried his action on himself.

hula hoop for slim figure

In losing weight with hulahup, self-discipline and willpower are important, as the result will be only from regular classes. There are quite a lot of hula-hoopes - it is aluminum, weighted, and massage, and even a hoop simulator. A minute of exercise with hulahup is a loss of 10-15 calories. A 20-minute slimming session will allow you to lose 300 kcal.

  • In the cabin. Of course, this is not a salon procedure. Every woman can do workouts at home.
  • At home. This is a popular type of procedure for losing weight at home. In a short time you will see results from the use of the hula-hoop. It is important to twist the hula-hoop correctly: the legs should not be spread widely, then more muscles will be involved. Maximum legs can be placed shoulder-width apart, you can gradually reduce this distance. The optimal training time is 25-30 minutes. It will be difficult for beginners to withstand this time right away; you can start from 7-10 minutes, daily increasing the duration of classes. You can buy hulahup for 500 - 1500 rubles in the sporting goods store.

hoop for slim waist

Fourth place: Vacuum massage

Not the last place in our ranking is hardware procedures for losing weight. In terms of efficiency, they could have taken a higher position, but their popularity among women is somewhat lower than wraps and hula hoops, which can be used independently at home.

hardware vacuum massage

Vacuum massage helps to increase skin elasticity, resorption of scars, scars, stretch marks, it is actively used for body shaping. The essence of the procedure lies in the use of a special apparatus: a vacuum is created in the nozzle of the apparatus that draws the skin into it.

  • In the cabin. Salon hardware procedures for losing weight are very effective. If all technologies are followed and the procedure is carried out on the original device, 10-12 sessions can save you 3-4 cm in volume, tighten the skin, remove the orange peel. The most popular devices for vacuum massage: LPG, Starvac, B-Flexy. The average cost of a session is 1500 rubles, the desired effect is achieved from the course of 10-12 sessions.
  • At home. Apparatus for vacuum massage, designed for home use, buy is not difficult, the price varies from 1,000 to 4,000 rubles for primitive massagers. But reviews indicate their low efficiency due to insufficient power. Pharmacy vacuum banks operating on the same principle can be a good home alternative.

vacuum massage

Fifth place: Baths for weight loss

Quite effective procedures for losing weight in salons are baths. Salt and turpentine baths are very popular. They are able to solve many problems of the skin, eliminating cellulite, increasing elasticity, moisturizing, nourishing, toning it, cleansing the sebaceous glands. As a nice bonus, you will get a boost in mood and relaxation.

coffee and soda bath

The effectiveness of baths in weight loss can not be underestimated. You can count on the loss of a couple of kilograms, taking fat burning turpentine, mustard or soda baths. Of course, it's silly to believe that the effect will come after the first session, but after adjusting the power and aligning it with the baths, you will see the desired result in a couple of weeks.

  • In the cabin. Such effective procedures for losing weight in the salons as baths are often combined with wrapping, peeling and massage. This complex will give your skin a full care, will allow you to say goodbye to extra inches and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The average cost of the complex is 2000 rubles.
  • At home. Baths are popular home treatments for weight loss. The simplicity of the manipulation of the house provided the method with such love and recognition among women. You can take home baths with sea salt, which activate the metabolism and give the skin beauty. Before turpentine baths, it is necessary to test for an allergic reaction in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Homemade slimming procedures involving bathing should be carried out in warm water with a temperature of 37-39 degrees, with a duration of no more than 20 minutes. The heart area should always be above water.

girl sitting in the bath

We hope that the effective procedures for losing weight that we have collected will help you to correct your figure and become even more attractive. In the comments below you can leave your feedback on the procedures for losing weight, which helped you personally.

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