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Wrap for weight loss is an old and proven way to make a waist. Exercises with this "simulator" under the power to master each girl, and having given the workout 20 minutes daily, in a month you will regret not using it before. We will tell you how effective hulahup can be for losing weight, how to choose it and how to twist the hoop correctly.

How does slimming hoop work?

The meaning of the word Hula Hoop can be interpreted as follows: the first part of it is the name of the dance of Hawaiian women, the basis of which is smooth rotation of the hips, and the second part in English means "hoop". The history of this projectile is long, for the first time in its usual form of hula hoop for weight loss, appeared in 1958 in the United States. And already in the 70s, beauties in our country could model their figure with the help of this "simulator".

Exercises with hulahup for weight loss are related to low intensity cardiovascular exercises, during which the pulse increases and calories are burned. In maintaining hulahup at the waist and rotation of his abdominal muscles are involved, which as a result of training strengthened. In addition to the beautiful waist hulahup- is:

  • Good coordination.
  • Strong muscles of the body.
  • Flexible back.
  • Improved overall physical condition.
  • Training the cardiovascular system.
  • Reducing cellulite on the hips.

Wrap for weight loss is inexpensive and effective. Why not try it ?!

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Choosing hulahup for weight loss

Before you buy hulahup for weight loss, you should know what these gymnastic equipment are and what are their differences. So, hula hoop for weight loss is of the following types:

  • Plain. The most common metal or plastic hoop, many associated with school physical education classes. To give it an effect, it will take a long time to turn it. We leave it to schoolgirls and those who pursue other goals, and not the impact on body fat. Having twisted a simple hoop for a week, you will see that it no longer has any effect. Although there is an opposite opinion that the rotation of the light hoop requires more vigorous movements, but reviews indicate a low efficiency of this type of projectile.
  • Weighted. This option is just the same for weight loss. Its weight can reach 2.5 kg, it can be made of metal or polymer with a filler inside, therefore such hoops can be solid and flexible. The first ones provide an increased load on the waist, the second ones allow you to do exercises also for the legs.
  • Massage The surface of such hulahupa is equipped with balls, suckers and spikes, which provide additional massage and, accordingly, increase the effectiveness of training. With this option, bruises on the waist are inevitable.
  • Smart. These hoops are equipped with all sorts of sensors counting the number of revolutions, occupation time, calories expended. They are able to calculate for you the individual load, focusing on your parameters. If you need additional motivation for training, the numbers with calories on the sensor can become it, but otherwise the weighted hula hoop is not inferior to the smart one.
  • Magnetic. Magnets for weight loss and got here. Some hoops are equipped with magnets, they create a field around you and help improve metabolism and blood circulation. But for those who believe, such a hula hoop for weight loss can become more effective.

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Summing up, we answer the question, which one still buy a hula hoop for weight loss? To create a waist the best solution is weighted and massage. "training apparatus". The second is considered more effective, but be prepared for the fact that the first week of training sessions will bring discomfort. Bruises, which girls are so afraid of, are able to leave both weighted and massage ones, but hematomas will disappear in 2 weeks (and with a bladder from bruises, and even faster), and the waist will remain!

We twist hulahup for weight loss

You can twist the hoop at any time convenient for you, the main thing is not to do it after a meal, as with any other physical activity. You can start training from 10-15 minutes, gradually increasing its duration to half an hour. The most effective exercises with hulahup for weight loss are the following:

  • Classic. Put your legs shoulder-width apart, hoop at the waist. Sway your hips, transferring weight from one foot to the other, preventing the hulahup from falling to the floor.
  • Back and forth. Take the same position as in the first exercise, but the movements of the hips do not make to the side, but as if we push the hoop, exposing the knees alternately forward.
  • Leg forward. Extend one leg forward and twist the hoop, shifting the weight from one foot to the other.
  • With a slope. The position of the classic, feet shoulder-width apart. While rotating the hoop, slowly tilt the body forward.
  • On the hips. The principle is the same as in the first exercise, but the hoop is located on the hips.

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Doctors recommend rotating the hula hoop one way or the other to avoid its negative impact on the spine. With intensive rotation of hula hoop per minute 10 calories will be burned. Exercises with a hoop are considered the most light and not requiring special efforts, it will be very easy to perform them. In order for the training to take place comfortably, many girls during it include their favorite series and then 20 minutes of classes will pass like 2 minutes.

Of course, those who go in for sports regularly, go to the gym or go to the pool, it will be difficult to get the most out of the hula-hoop by reaching the desired heart rate. But for those who "not friendly"with physical exertion, a hoop can be a great alternative. Reviews of girls and photos before and after a couple of months of training clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of this projectile.

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