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Expression "diamond smile" more recently, it meant only the ideal condition of the teeth. With the development of the dental services industry, there are many ways to make your smile even more attractive. Decorating teeth with rhinestones, crystals and twinkles (flat jewelry made of precious metals) is increasingly gaining popularity among modern dandies. After all, it is not just a way of self-expression, decoration of one’s appearance, but also a way of hiding minor defects of enamel. We can say that this fashionable trend is similar in terms of self-expression with piercing or tattooing.

Ancient history tells us that the decoration of teeth with precious stones was used by different nations many centuries ago, such an element as a precious stone on a tooth, spoke about the affiliation of its owner to the highest caste. But in those days, the installation of such an ornament was painful and unsafe, today the situation has changed dramatically, and this procedure does not carry any risks and inconveniences.

Rhinestones on the teeth allow you to stand out from the crowd and attract not only creative young people, but also older people who want to demonstrate a perfect smile with beautiful teeth. Skyseys are primarily decoration, but sometimes they are not only an element of “decor”, but also carry a functional load. As we have already said, Skype is used as a disguise of some defects of enamel, such as cracks. Tooth piercing, if necessary, can cover a small filling on the front tooth.

Types of skys

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New technologies, a variety of materials and fashion trends offer piercing in the teeth to perform with the help of a variety of skyce. They differ in the material from which they are made:

  • from precious stones, most often from diamonds;
  • from crystal or Swarovski crystals;
  • from rhinestones or glass;
  • from gold or medical alloys, the so-called twinkles

The shape of metal skys can be the most diverse - round, oval, in the form of various figures, as well as different colors. A diamond is usually put round not more than two millimeters in diameter. SkyS per tooth can consist of one element, or it can be combined.

Ways of fixing skyce on a tooth

The installation of skyce is of two types:

  1. application method on the basis of glue;
  2. Inlaying or embedding in a tooth;

Tooth piercing on a glue base, the so-called application, is a harmless procedure, both in terms of installation and in the case of "dismantling". It is used for mounting skype glass or rhinestone. For such decorations, which is very important, it is not necessary to break the enamel coat; they are applied with the help of a special transparent adhesive with fluorine content. For the price, this procedure is the cheapest, it can be held within ten minutes and, if necessary, remove SkyS very quickly, while the tooth will not be injured. This option can be a trial to make sure that you intend to install skyys on a tooth for a longer period.

rhinestone enamel

The next in cost and duration of use are SkySe from crystal, Swarovski crystals, precious metals, and medical alloys. They are also installed on a special glue called "bond", which by its properties does not violate the structure of the enamel, securely holds the material and is so transparent that it does not distort the radiance of the crystals. A variant of this type of installation is longer. The decoration will last at least two years, but if you wish, it can also be removed.

Gems for installation will require a more complex procedure - removing the enamel layer in order to “drown” the crystal in it. Puncture of the tooth is not the best solution, but if it is a crown or implant, it is quite acceptable - the choice is yours! In any case, before making a decision about where and how you should better decorate your teeth with skyce, consult your dentist. He will tell you the option from a professional point of view.

Skyys installation instructions

The procedure for gluing skyce on a tooth is not complicated, but it requires a professional approach. Do not try to do it yourself with your own hands. At home, sticking skyce itself extremely inconvenient. The result will also be affected by the lack of materials and equipment necessary for this.

In dentistry, a step-by-step scheme for performing this dental procedure using gluing is as follows.

  1. SkySys on the back is carefully treated with an alcohol solution to remove dust and grease from the surface.
  2. Dental adhesive “bond” is applied to the cleaned surface.
  3. The enamel surface on which the decoration will be installed is cleaned with a special dental polish and dried.
  4. An etching gel is applied and also dried.
  5. Lubricated with dental glue, and then flowable composite for coupling to the surface of the skyce.
  6. A special applicator grasps the sticker and places it on the prepared tooth surface.
  7. With the help of an ion lamp, the decoration is fixed until the material is completely cured.
  8. The surface is polished.

Broad smile

If you entrust this kind of piercing in dentistry to a professional, then you will not feel any discomfort in your mouth, and it will last for a long time. Installing skyce on a tooth, which is made of precious stone, requires a little deeper into the enamel, but basically the scheme is repeated in steps.

Hygiene requirements and contraindications for wearing

Rhinestones on the teeth require exactly as much attention to themselves in hygienic terms, as well as to teeth. They must also be cleaned and rinsed after a meal, only in a more benign mode. Do not gnaw nuts or seeds with your teeth. Skyces, like any jewelry, require a careful and attentive attitude, and then they will delight you for a long time. The only contraindication to this procedure is the poor condition of the teeth. Skies can serve you for a year or two, depending on the accuracy of wearing. The removal of this decoration should be carried out only by a specialist, after which your tooth must be ground and polished.

Video: all about piercing in dentistry and installing skyces

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