Restrictions to the piercer

Even a masterfully executed piercing procedure has consequences, because there are cases when a person suffers from any serious complications and they sometimes can even end in tears. The reason for this is not the careless master or the patient's carelessness, but the simple ignorance of their diseases, which are contraindications to this procedure.

Here are the contraindications:

  • Chronic skin disease. Dermatitis, psoriasis (allergic rashes), furunculosis, adolescent, premenstrual acne and other skin rashes. punctures the affected area of ​​skin, ulcers may appear around the puncture, further infection, and it can cause sepsis (blood infection). Non-healing wounds can turn into scars. The most prone to scarring are the lips, nose, eyebrows and navel, since the skin on them is very delicate.
  • Age. This procedure has an age limit, because up to 15 years the body is childish, which may have a bad effect on immunity. The young body is more prone to scarring and long healing. The exception may be punctures of the earlobes and soft cartilage of the ear.
  • Pregnancy is a very serious contraindication. Piercing sometimes causes stress (in particular, during the procedure for the first time), which may even cause the expectant mother to miscarry. Also, stress can entail physical as well as serious mental abnormalities in the development of the fetus. Therefore, expectant mothers need to consider whether the piercing is worth such consequences.
  • Menstruation is a contraindication, because a puncture sometimes causes stress, prolongs healing. And it can cause a hormonal imbalance, a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, the genitourinary system, can worsen the activity of the cardiovascular system.
  • Lactation. Piercing can cause stress, which can weaken the body, not recovered after childbirth. This may reduce or stop the release of milk. You must first finish breastfeeding, and after a few weeks to think about piercing.
  • Renal failure. Piercing and kidney failure are two completely incompatible things, because this disease involves the kidneys, the excretory streams and the adrenal glands. Due to the stress resulting from the piercing procedure, the release of hormones by the adrenal glands can be suppressed by the release of adrenaline. And this process may become the cause of the disease, which may result in hospitalization, because there is a possibility that the kidneys will fail.
  • PMS. Premenstrual syndrome is also a limitation to this procedure. At this time the hormonal background can be broken. Since the woman's body is weakened at this time and the piercing done at this time can be the causative agent of the growth of breast cancer cells, the ovaries and the uterus. Being at the peak of nervous excitement, a girl who has made herself a piercing, after a while, may regret the procedure, which may lead to hysterics. These are rare cases, but they do occur.
  • Heart disease. For people with heart disease, a piercing procedure in 90 percent of cases can lead to hospitalization. As a person feels a sense of fear of pain. A lot of adrenaline is released from the fear experienced, and from it the heart beats several times faster than necessary. Thin walls of the heart can not withstand such a load and begins to work intermittently, there is severe pain that can lead to loss of consciousness. About 70 percent of these patients die because of the huge adrenaline rush that leads to heart failure and heart failure.
  • Ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract. Stress received during the procedure of piercing can lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, so an attack of stomach ulcers, as well as rectum, can occur. The patient's body does not have enough strength to heal the wound from the puncture and the affected area. Attacks can occur in 18% of patients, exacerbation of the disease can occur in 80% of those who want to pierce themselves.
  • Oncological diseases. This is a contraindication, because the body is already struggling with metastases and tumors, so you shouldn’t give it an additional load in the form of a foreign body in the skin. And along with the fact that the body needs to heal a new puncture, so the response to oncology may decrease significantly, it may affect the chances for recovery.
  • Adenomas, fibromas, fibroadenomas of the mammary glands are the most serious contraindication, since stress can irreversibly disrupt the body's immune system, which will cause tumors that can turn into cancer disease (cancer or sarcoma of the breast). Statistics show that women who decided on a piercing and had oncological formations in the mammary gland, were sick 40 percent more often than those who did not even think about a puncture.
  • Chronic stomatitis, periodontal disease, periodontitis is a contraindication to the attachment of the tongue and lips. Since the puncture will be another irritant, and so the affected oral cavity.
  • Allergy to metals. If you have noticed that you are allergic to metals, then this procedure is not for you, as it can lead to the festering of the punctured area and the formation of an ugly scar. Go to an allergist who will determine if you have allergies or no allergies. After that, you can safely go to the salon.
  • Bronchial Asthma - Because a piercing can cause stress, which can trigger an asthma attack. The severity of such an attack is unpredictable, which can lead to serious health problems.
  • Inflammation of the male reproductive system is also a contraindication, as it can be exacerbated by puncture and stress.
  • Gynecological diseases. Stress can cause exacerbation of gynecological diseases such as: dysmenorrhea, secondary and primary amenorrhea, endometriosis and other similar diseases of the female reproductive system.
  • If there are any inflammatory processes in the body (even the common cold), it is better to postpone the procedure until complete recovery.

After reviewing all the contraindications, but not losing the desire to have a piercing,

piercing snag on the ear
You will come to the aid of an easy and painless solution; this is a piercing snag.

Piercing snag.

This type of "piercing" can help people who want to have a piercing, without making a puncture. It creates a complete puncture impression. This procedure takes a minute and is done by simply sticking jewelry on a special glue that is completely harmless to the skin. It can be placed on any part of the skin.

piercing snag on the navel

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