Religious tattoos - a combination of modern art and

tamping an angel

Religious tattoos can be classified according to belonging to a particular religion. Each faith has its own identifiers that help distinguish it from others. Believers put wearable drawings in "divine" style to get closer to the Creator or the Mission. But many beliefs completely deny the decoration of the human body by any tricks. Nevertheless, religious tattoos are gaining increasing popularity and popularity on all continents.

This direction can be equated to art, as to perform drawings on divine themes, one must perfectly have the technique and skill of tattooing. Sometimes one such creation is done for several days or even weeks, especially if the image of the face of the saint is superimposed.

biblical characters on the shoulder

The origins of religious tattoo

The first sketches of religious tattoos appeared in ancient times.

  • For example, each Palestinian religion could be distinguished by its pattern or ornament, which was part of the ritual tattoo.
  • In Christianity, there was a ban on images of this type, but sketches of religious tattoos have survived to this day. This was facilitated by pilgrims who wore drawings made by Coptic priests. The images usually represented a cross, a portrait of St. Peter or the Mother of God with baby Jesus.
  • Muslim-born pilgrims applied tattoos on post-death cleansing.


Religious tattoos now

Now these tattoos help to express their feelings and attitudes towards a particular belief.

  • The most popular sketches among them are quotations from the scriptures, the faces of the saints.
  • A special place in this subject takes a cross. In Christian culture, this symbol is inextricably linked with God. He also denotes destiny - every person must carry his cross through his life. In the culture and faith of the Celts, the cross pointed to the improvement and continuity of the development of the spiritual side.
  • Often a string or a prayer from a holy book is chosen as the body image. It is imperative to grasp the spiritual meaning that this scripture carries.
  • Not less popular are religious tattoos in the form of an image of an angel. This ornament conveys a direct biblical meaning, indicates a connection with God and the spiritual qualities of a person, directs love, goodness and protection. The angel is a kind of guardian of man and protects him from evil forces. In the network you can find a lot of photos with sketches of biblical tattoos in the form of an angel and choose the ornament you like.

common christian tattoo

Unfortunately, not all "divine" body pictures put true meaning. They are often found among the underworld, where they are applied after a certain critical event in life, in order to attract attention, demonstrate their faith and come to repentance.

Religious tattoos in Islam

Islam imposes a ban on all types of body designs. Despite this, there are plenty of people willing to make a drawing.

  • Arabic script inscriptions are commonly used. Her design looks simple and beautiful, which conquers more and more people.
  • You can apply as an extract from the Koran, and the Arabic aphorism.
  • On the body of the girl, a tattoo in the form of an inscription along the spine from top to bottom will look very impressive.

Islamic crescent and inscriptions

Tattoo "religion" in buddhism

In Buddhism, popular tattoo image of the Buddha, which symbolizes the will, character, wealth of the inner world.

  • Usually the Buddha is depicted merry, dancing or laughing. Patterns can be made in color and in cartoon style. To do this, apply shades of gold gamut.
  • Sometimes they depict the Buddha in a meditative pensive pose. In this case, preference is given to Buddhist symbolism, part of which is the footprint of the Buddha, showing its presence, or leaves in the shape of a heart. To make the pattern realistic and volume, you need to carefully and in detail draw characters.
  • Images can also be used that reflect the presence of the Buddha in living nature. For men, the perfect image of a lion. For girls, a lotus flower, which will look feminine and graceful as tattoos on a hand or any other part of the body.


Biblical tattoos in Christianity

The most popular symbol representing the Christian faith is undoubtedly the face of Jesus Christ.

The face of jesus

  • The Son of God is depicted surrounded by some kind of light or with a crown of thorns on his head.
  • Also found and applying blood flowing from under the wreath on the face.
  • You can see the figure of Jesus crucified on the cross. These tattoos are suitable for both men and women and are made on any parts of the body.
  • No less popular is the image of a simple Christian cross without any additional elements.
  • There are also portraits of the Mother of God or other saints.

crosses on the forearm

How to make a religious tattoo

This type of body art is better not to try to do yourself at home. This is due to the high degree of complexity of the elements of some drawings, such as the faces of saints or images of angels. Qualitatively, to do the work, following step by step all the instructions, can only be an experienced tattoo artist.

unusual tattoo

But if the pattern is simpler, for example, an excerpt from a holy book, then you can make a tattoo for yourself. Applying biblical tattoo is no different from any other. It is only necessary to carry out the scheme, gradually draw the picture and most importantly, do not forget about sterility. Then you will be able to achieve the desired result.

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