Polynesian tattoos

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Polynesian tattoos originated in the Pacific Islands, united by the name Polynesia. This is a beautiful complex patterns of lines and geometric shapes, folding in a complex symbolic composition. Today, Polynesian tattoos no longer have a strictly sacred meaning and are designed to adorn the body, but this was not always the case.

The history of the Polynesian tattoos

In the culture of the ancient island tribes, tattoo Polynesia was not an ornament, but part of the beliefs, the cult, reflected the connection with the divine upper world, had a deep religious meaning. Patterns were applied to the body in a strict order and to the necessary areas determined by the energy flows in the human body. The symbols depicted in Polynesia tattoos were meaningful charms, spoke of the tribal and tribal affiliation, the social status of the man (most often of high status). It was possible to find out from the tattoo - the hunter or the warrior its owner, what actions he performed and what he achieved, what qualities he possesses.

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The tattoo itself was a ritual act that only shamans could perform. The drawings were applied with a sharp shark tooth or a boar tusk, as well as a bird bone needle. Survive tattooing has already been a feat that only a real man is capable of.

Polynesian tattoos in the modern world

Today, Polynesian style tattoos are very common. They are beautiful, original, spectacular. You can choose the most appropriate in spirit symbol. True connoisseurs even go to the islands of the archipelago to make real Polynesian tattoos, because only a culture carrier has the necessary knowledge and will do everything according to the canon.

Tattoos Polynesia on the back

The main motifs in the Polynesian tattoo were determined by the surrounding world, nature, animals and plants of the islands - the fact that people saw around them. Depicted the heavenly bodies, totem animals, which the islanders worshiped, and many other symbols, incomprehensible to the modern city dweller.

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To date, the following drawings and their combinations are distributed:

  • shark;
  • turtle;
  • scat;
  • lizard;
  • ritual masks;
  • spiral;
  • Sun and moon.

Polynesian iguana tattoo

Historically, in the archipelago of Polynesia, only men were allowed to wear tattoos. Now in the whole world tattoos, including Polynesian, are popular among women. Anyone can choose suitable images and get a tattoo. This can be either a very small ornament, or a huge image, consisting of many interconnected elements. The applied tattoo Polynesia on the shoulder looks impressive, with a transition to the neck, chest, descending on the arm. Among men, this design is especially popular.

male polynesian tattoos

Often performed by the Polynesian tattoo on the leg, for example, sharks were originally depicted just on the legs - calf or thigh. A tattoo is often performed on the abdomen, back, neck, sometimes covers a large area of ​​the body. Polynesia tattoo on the arm can be in the form of a linear single ornament or a whole sleeve. It will be beneficial to look at the wrist and hand.

The value of Polynesian tattoos

To select suitable sketches, you need to have an idea what their meaning is. It derives from the lifestyle of the tribes that created the Polynesian tattoos, their surrounding world and beliefs.

ornaments on the back

  • Shark - a symbol of power, strength, movement forward. Such tricks have a coastal meaning - they protect from enemies and dangers. Could be used to protect against marine predators, because the inhabitants of the islands spent a lot of time in the ocean.
  • Tiki (masks) - had the meaning of protection from evil spirits and hostile otherworldly forces. Usually depicted several masks, looking in different directions, as a sign that they protect the owner from all sides.
  • Polynesian tattoos in the form of a turtle meant wisdom, longevity, resilience, protection from harm (association with tortoise shell).
  • The sun is a symbol of life, cyclicity, endless circulation. Tattoos of Polynesia from ancient times depicted the sun, as people began to worship it earlier than other gods. The sun is a symbol of light and heat, it illuminates the path and brings good.
  • The moon is a night light, revered along with the sun. The ornament depicting the moon had the meaning of great strength of character and spirit, dedication and perseverance in its craft. The moon patronized the hunters and promised good luck.
  • Iguana (lizard) - a symbol of physical strength, speed, endurance. It was believed that the owner of the Polynesian tattoo in the form of a lizard is endowed with supernatural powers. It was a tattoo of the elect.
  • Skat is one of the most revered totem tribal animals. Polynesia a slope-shaped tattoo means restraint, wisdom, calmness and rationality, behind which, however, there may be strength, swiftness and danger.
  • The spiral symbolizes infinity, cyclicity, renewal and development.

tattoos lizards and scat

The listed images can exist as separately, and be combined with each other, intertwined. In different combinations, they acquire new meanings. For example, the connection in the figure of the sun and the moon represents the possibility of the impossible. Virtually any patterns include spiral elements, signs of the sun.

Performing a tattoo in the style of Polynesia requires great skill from the master, a sense of composition. After all, it is necessary to arrange parts of the pattern symmetrically and precisely, to bring out a multitude of straight and curved lines flowing one into another. High-quality sketches of tattoos amaze with complexity and beauty.

turtle and shark

Tattoos of Polynesia in recent years are popular and attract the attention of an increasing number of people. Even some movie stars give them preference. Black and white geometric patterns resembling woodcarving, really look stylish and mysterious!

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