Nose piercing

nose ring

A rather popular type of piercing, especially for women. The puncture is often located on the right or left wing of the nose. An earring consisting of a screw ending in a ball was invented for this event. A more unusual piercing - the earring is in the middle, this is a painful event, and after the session a clip is installed in the hole to prevent overgrowth. Having sustained some time, the bracket is taken out and inserted the earring you like. There is a deep piercing, it is similar to the usual piercing of the wings of the nose, but significantly higher.

Types of nose piercing

  • Puncture septum

puncture of septum
The central nasal septum is pierced and the earring is installed so that it can be seen from the nostrils. This is one of the most painful options and which is not amenable to anesthesia, since cartilage is not susceptible to anesthesia. This requires the skill of an experienced specialist and must be performed strictly perpendicular to the ratio of the nose to the face so that the earring does not hang crookedly and does not fall to one side. Frequently used earrings for this type are ring and horseshoe.

  • Bridge piercing Extravagant option. It is a puncture of the nose, slightly below the level of the eyebrows and exists in 2 variations: vertical and horizontal. Earring used in this type of piercing is called a barbell.
  • Piercing on the tip of the nose In this case, the upper part of the nostril is pierced from the inside towards the tip of the nose. There is another option, with the cat, the hole of the vertical puncture goes from the base to the tip. When performing the procedure, care must be taken not to damage the septum cartilage. A very painful process; an earring-bar is needed for this pinning.

How to care for the puncture site?

Care "affected" The place is quite simple. Only necessary process it 2 times a day with Chlorhexidine and smear with ointment Levomekol. Treatment should be carried out both outside and inside the nose.

Implications of this event

The most dangerous consequence of such a puncture may be the formation of a colloidal scar. An infection can cause you a lot of discomfort and leave behind a scar or an ugly hole. When performing this procedure, you should not save when choosing a cat-neck and a good master. Earrings are not high quality steel can cause allergies. There is a possibility of a cold.
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A pierced nose usually heals for about 6-8 weeks. It is necessary to treat the hole with chlorhexidine while making gauze compresses, as well as applying an ointment - levomekol - on a puncture with a cotton swab. These manipulations must be performed 4-6 times a day.

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