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New cheek tattoos originate in the late 20th century, namely in the 80s, as well as thrash polka. Characteristic of the time rave culture with its mass gatherings with electronic music, walls, painted graffiti, and gave life to a tattoo in the style of the new cheekbones. Colorful images, vivid scenes, no restrictions - the main features of tattoos that challenge the old school, discourage the crowd and isolated from the gray mass of its owner.

The main features of the direction of New school

The plots of body-worn paintings in this style are close to surreal in combination with graffiti. This can be viewed on a variety of photos on the Internet. Tattoos are applied mainly by young, energetic individuals with an active lifestyle, who are not afraid to experiment and relate to life with humor.

forearm abstraction

The new school is gradually overshadowing the Old School tattoo, which is peculiar to the theme of sea adventures, romance and treasure hunting, where pirates and robbers were popular characters, and images were performed in dark colors.

Sketches of new school tattoo differ in brightness, do not cause nostalgia and deny severity. Style constantly undergoes changes, relying on modern life concepts.

Voluminous tattoos full back

The main features of New School Tattoo are:

  • Color and brightness, the use of toxic acid paints;
  • Inscription in the form of graffiti, with a clear outline of the contour, but without designation of boundaries. Also characterized by a mixture of colors, smoothly flowing into each other and contrasting with each other;
  • Cartoon characters and comic book characters are the most popular tattoos;
  • The volume of images in combination with poisonous shades looks especially original;
  • Lack of restrictions and full freedom of creativity. Humor and fantasy in images are welcome;
  • Distortion of the contours of the individual parts of the New school tattoo. But the overall picture should be clearly visible from a distance;
  • The presence of transparency and unpainted some sites.

Typical fonts New school tattoo

They moved to this style of graffiti and became components of most of the drawings.

  • Bubble - has rounded, as if inflated letters in the form of bubbles. Associated with openness and good nature;

Female images in New School

  • Messiah Style - the imposition of letters on each other, as if writing was done on separate sheets. Inscriptions are perceived as a jumble of numerous information that emerged in the third millennium, where people are greatly influenced by the development of megacities. The text can be read with difficulty, even though it is clearly visible from afar;
  • Computer roc style is a font for puzzle lovers. The letters here can be tilted at different angles. It symbolizes movement.

Types and importance of the new school tattoo

The plots of the New school tattoo usually emphasize the life position of the wearer and partly reveal its essence. Inclined buildings, as well as letters at an angle, represent movement. The rounded outlines of the image show cyclicality.

Cat and owl

In the sketches of the new school cheat tattoo mainly prevail:

  • Angels;
  • Skulls;
  • Flame;
  • Birds;
  • Female images;
  • Crosses.

For example, the plane shows love of freedom, the car - the love of speed. Tattoo of new cheekbones also tend to impale modern objects or inventions. Only symbols of love are not subject to a time frame. Rose - conveys the same meaning as in the old school of cheek, but it is performed in bright red paint.

Rose and skull heart

Conditional division of all the tricks in this direction can be made according to the following scheme:

  • Acid and Ecstasy are catchy images that attract the eye thanks to their bright, poisonous colors. They are necessarily embedded hidden symbolism, which is not open to all;
  • Cyber-punk - this branch includes plots from the universe of the future, where computer technologies, microchips and other high-tech elements dominate. Images of various mutant creatures are also popular. Direction enjoys special love among gamers and fans of science fiction;
  • “Wild” tattoos are performed using the fonts described above;
  • New Tradition is perfect for fans of comics and animation. This may include cartoons and heroes.

variations tattoos on the back

Where to stuff a new tatoo

Images are famous for their bright caustic colors, but, unfortunately, they are not very resistant. Therefore, after several years, an update may be required. To extend the life of the pattern, you need to carefully select the area on the body for impaling.

Unusual and even funny images

  • Girls who love massage, various beauty treatments and a long lying in the bathroom will be the hardest. Dyes will be enough for about five years, then the tattoo will begin to wash out. Therefore, you need to choose places that are least in contact with water. Also not recommended for a long stay in the open sun.
  • Men are better to apply a tattoo of new cheekbones on areas of the skin that are not constantly open. Favorite places - neck and hands should not be allocated for color drawings. This also applies to the face.
  • In general, wearable pictures of this direction will look good on the forearm and calves. Large-scale images will take a worthy place on the back or chest.

Bright acid colors

  • Girls should carefully choose the place of application. This is especially true of the buttocks and thighs. After all, with age, changes can appear on the body, which will affect the shape of the tattoo, and the impression of it will not change for the better.

For people who want to make a tattoo, but for now doubt, a fabric sleeve is perfect, creating an imitation of a new-cheek pattern. It will be a great decoration that you can wear and take off at any time. The most popular designer of such accessories is Ed Hardy. He also creates new cheek t-shirts.

Fabric sleeve and color print t-shirt

In the direction of the new cheekbones, more and more tatuirs appear. But still it is worth choosing a professional who will gradually follow the instructions and apply the original image using high-quality paint. It is better to exclude self-pricking, especially at home.

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