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nano botoks against wrinkles

Nano Botox is a relatively new method of non-surgical correction of deep and mimic wrinkles, which is positioned by the manufacturer as absolutely harmless and natural.

However, he has contraindications, namely:

  • age up to 25 years;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • individual intolerance.

Natural ingredients are a powerful weapon against aging, often even more powerful than injections and surgery. Let's try to figure out what exactly is part of the drug Nanobotox. Can his formula actually produce a noticeable result, or is it another bait for fans of natural beauty.

The composition of nano botox for face

As indicated on the official website of the manufacturer, the active ingredients of Nanobotox serum are:

  • Rare amino acids, namely, proline, arginine, taurine, phenylalanine, threonine and others. Many of them are irreplaceable; In addition, almost all are responsible for the processes of skin regeneration, rejuvenation of epidermal cells and the production of their own collagen and elastane. After all, these proteins are responsible for the elasticity and tightness of the skin. That is, Nano Botox stimulates skin renewal and maintains its tone;
  • Silver as a natural antibacterial component. The content in the nano Botox for the face of this metal gives the drug anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and sedative properties. The element also actively participates in cellular metabolism and protects the skin from the formation of free radicals - the main enemies of youth;
  • Chicory root: nano botox added to the cream, chicory accelerates cellular metabolism and blood flow, retains moisture in the epidermal tissues. It is proved that the extract of this plant favorably affects the synthesis of collagen, besides it is a real storehouse of vitamins and beneficial trace elements;
  • Wheat proteins: proteins alanine, glycine, glutamine and proline are able to smooth the surface of the skin, making it smooth and elastic. Serum nano Botox contains only hydrolyzed proteins, so that the fight against the aging process is gentle. Moisturizing, softening and enriching with vitamins - this is the task of extracting from cereals;
  • In addition, the micro-emulsion of nano botox is effective due to peptides (nanobotulin and octamioxyl). Peptides have a high physiological activity, they are the basis for the anti-aging formula of nano Botox against wrinkles.
  • Nanobotulin, after which the emulsion is named, relaxes the facial muscles, without paralyzing it. There is no “mask” effect that botox is known for. Neuromuscular transmission is not disturbed, facial expression remains unchanged. But at the same time, the manufacturer claims that deep wrinkles are noticeably reduced and even disappear after a month's course of application;
  • Octamioxil is an essential anti-aging component designed to accelerate the transport of substances and better production of its own collagen.

clean young skin

Such a “star composition” theoretically makes nano Botox a serious competitor to “beauty injections” and surgical skin tightening. The company promises that if the terms of use are maintained and the instructions are followed, the nano Botox preparation is able to provide the necessary tone, elasticity to the skin of the face, speed up the regeneration at the cellular level. Promise also removing pigment spots at home and the overall alignment of skin tone.

Directional Action Serum Nano-Botox

Consider exactly how microserum works, and what processes are activated in the skin during its application. Here is what is stated in the annotation to the drug:

  • Fighting wrinkles. Like a botulinum toxin, the serum acts on the smallest muscles on the face, relaxing them and preventing them from fixing and forming mimic wrinkles. At the same time, the manufacturer definitely excludes toxic effects on the body;
  • Protection: penetrating deep into the epidermis, serum components trigger defense mechanisms, fight the effects of harmful environmental factors, neutralize the effects of free radicals;
  • Nutrition and hydration, self-renewal of the skin. Enhanced collagen synthesis and enrichment with vitamins create favorable conditions for keeping the skin young and healthy. New wrinkles are formed much slower, old ones are smoothed out.

anti-wrinkle cream serum

Such is the scheme of an integrated approach to beauty:

  • Multifunctionality;
  • Security;
  • Unique composition.

Designed superbly. It remains to find out whether all this really works, and whether it is expensive and fun.

How to use the composition of Nano Botox

Let us consider in stages how exactly the procedure of rejuvenation should be carried out by itself:

  1. The stated time of use of serum to obtain a noticeable result is from 10 to 30 days;
  2. The tool is applied to cleansed dry skin twice a day with a thin layer, rubbed until absorbed;
  3. Do not forget about the neckline and neck - these areas along with the face give out age;
  4. At the first signs of individual intolerance to the components (discomfort, allergies), you should immediately stop using the product.

instructions for use

Beauty price

At the moment, buy nano Botox does not pose any problem. You can order nano botox from the official website, or buy at the pharmacy. Choosing it yourself in online stores, you can most likely get a counterfeit product. Therefore, wondering where to buy nano Botox, the first two options should be preferred.

The second popular question is how much nano botox costs. The price of products is about 900 rubles. Of course, this cost does not compare with the cost of a course of injections or surgery.

Nano botox for hair

Speaking about the preparation of nano botox for hair, it most often means a product with keratin-collagen recovery from Inoar, which has nothing to do with the above described face serum. There is no botulinum toxin in it, of course; however, by analogy with the skin of the face, the hair becomes smoother.

The composition is applied on damaged with an ironing, overdried and weak curls, the active components (keratin and collagen hydrolates) cover the damage and make the hair supple, shiny and beautiful. It is a good alternative to keratin recovery; The procedure is worth trying for those who want to have a silky and voluminous hair.

Inolar professional

Real reviews of nano botox for face

Carefully reading the recommendations of people who have ordered, purchased and tried this micro serum step by step, we can draw the following conclusions about the effectiveness of the formula and the appropriateness of the application:

  • The first conclusion: a lot of smooth and "sweet" feedback is clearly advertising. It is alarming - so, one forum is simply filled with them, as if written under a carbon copy;
  • The second conclusion: almost all real reviews of nano Botox are negative;
  • And the third, the most negative point - no one knows exactly what the mentioned miracle remedy should look like. Some respondents described it as a yellow sticky liquid, similar to fish oil, with a not particularly pleasant smell. Another (more optimistic) part of the audience says that it is a white serum of light consistency, which absorbs well and quickly. The whole question is how to distinguish a fake when buying online.

Some buyers feel deceived by the dealer and try to return the money, however, according to them, the “nano-fraudsters” are hiding and do not want to discuss the return and compensation.

In addition, it is difficult to believe in the existence of high-quality anti-aging cosmetics for less than $ 15, and getting rid of wrinkles in 2 weeks is hardly possible. The first effect, as is known, can be noticeable not earlier than in a month and a half.

Do doctors reviews about nano botox? It is difficult to find something similar to the experience of actual cosmetologists. A lot of advertising, smooth phrases, ordinary slogans. It is rather difficult to rely on such information.

does nanobotox help

What are the negative reviews?

The parcel arrived without a booklet (instruction), the packaging was damaged, the tool leaked out (of course, no serious company would allow this to happen);

The drug does not match the description: yellow instead of white, does not resemble a noble serum, but ordinary fish oil;

There is no effect, even after several weeks of use. This is perhaps the most frequent complaint.

One thing pleases - there were no references to serious allergic reactions, that is, there is no point in expecting any harm from this product.

If you believe in the miraculous power of nature, which without injections and frightening surgical intervention (and most importantly, inexpensively) will save you from the first wrinkles - feel free to try. Perhaps you are lucky and the goods will come in the original packaging, and a quality product will moisturize the skin and nourish it with vitamins. Just do not wait for miracles, so that later there will be no disappointment. This article is not of an advertising nature and if you have already used this serum and it helped or did not help you, then share your impressions in the comments under the article.

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