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Tattoos with names today are more popular than ever. If you are exposed to fashion trends and decided to perpetuate on your own skin an important name for yourself, we will help you choose the place, font and concept of the future drawing. Many choose as a tattoo the names of children, a loved one, parents and even dogs. Let us see what sacred meaning a similar image carries, and what aesthetic decision to choose.

The reasons for choosing this type of tattoo

The individual meaning of tattoos is not as simple as it seems at first glance. It all depends on the owner of the name that you are going to put on your skin.

  • The choice of the name of the child, parents or second half has a special, emotional and sensual overtones. This is a confirmation of strong feelings of respect and admiration, because you will receive an image with a name, overcoming pain.
  • A tattoo with a name, which has personal initials, hints at self-admiration and self-satisfaction.
  • Depressive feelings of self-torture. It is often expressed in the union of the initials of the dead with various pictures.


Esotericists claim that personalized tattoos can charge a person with the emotions that he has at the mention of the owner of the chosen name.

Tattoo location

If there are already some pictures on your body, you can add them with initials or letters that will harmoniously look with the overall design. If you are applying to a tattoo master for the first time, and have not yet decided on the future location of the tattoo, then the most popular by rating are:

  • the inner side of the hand (more often the names of the children are located here);
  • biceps (in this demonstrative place, brutal guys have a tattoo with the names of girls, most likely for public viewing, or their initials);
  • wrist (for especially close or loved ones);
  • lower back (feminine expression of feelings, but used much less frequently);
  • Feet;
  • ankles


What you should know before going to the salon

Tattoos are an option for body remodeling that has a “long-lasting” effect. That is why you should explore some of the subtleties of image selection. A cap is something that you will fall asleep with and wake up every day, so do not succumb to a temporary desire or advice from others. Think carefully before taking such a step.

on the neck

The name of the beloved is a peculiar pledge of allegiance, and the female name on the hand is a confession to those around you that you have found that one. If you still decide to fill the initials, it is better to let it be a tattoo of a child or parents, and for the rest it is better to use a safe temporary tattoo. Speaking of the font, we note that there is an opportunity to put a personalized tattoo in the form of a simple word, but you can turn one word into a whole work of art. Especially popular are beautiful tattoos in Latin or in Chinese, used to convey the meaning of a proper name.

On the hand

Features of language selection are as follows:

  • Arabic knit is suitable for tattooing open areas of skin of a large area. For example, fully forearm length.
  • Chinese and Japanese characters are best applied to vertical stripes. The best place is the area of ​​the spine.
  • The larger the font of a personalized tattoo, the more space is needed for the result.
  • On elegant female hands or ankles, it is better to use a copybook with a thin application of type.

little ones

Original ideas nominal tattoo

You do not want to merge with the total mass, but you want to get an original body decoration, to your attention a few original ideas.

  • Floral motifs. The tandem of letters with flowers is quite traditional, but does not lose relevance. We advise to use men, perpetuating on the skin, thus, the love of a girl.

in colors

  • Things cordial. Symbiosis with the image of the heart. For especially dear and close people. So make out the male names, but for them choose a symbolic, cartoon image of the heart, and not an organ with atria and ventricles.

in heart

  • The hit of the season is the tattooed newlywed rings. At the same time, on the finger of both husband and wife, after the wedding, Latin or Russian names of each other flaunt. Pretty cute and very promising.

ring tattoo

  • Animalism. This type of decor will decorate any tattoo. More often than not, girls opt for a name decor with the help of butterflies or cats, and at a certain age (17–20 years old) they can choose a more aggressive tattoo theme. The names of the guys traditionally decorated with hunt-themed or dragons.

with butterflies

Features applying children's names

The birth of a child, both for the mother and for the father, is a long-awaited and exciting moment. On the emotions and the crest of happiness, couples decide to tattoo the initials of the newborn. Before making a responsible decision, read a few recommendations.


  • Do not hurry with a hike. Weakened after childbirth, a nursing mother should in no case put her health at risk by tattooing. If you decide to perpetuate the portrait, then do it no earlier than a year after the birth. The appearance of the baby should be at least a little formed.
  • Such tattoos of the initials do not carry any karmic imprint on fate, mothers almost never regret the manipulation done to the glory of their beloved offspring.


  • It is not necessary to assume that the underwear drawing of a young mom is something vulgar and provocative, it is just an attempt to show one's youth and attractiveness.
  • A larger Tattoo with the addition of a foot print, dummy or dice with letters instead of dots can be applied to the shoulder or to the heart area (men).


  • For an experienced tattoo artist, even a proportional and natural portrait of a child with a signature will become a feasible task.

together with a portrait

  • Alphanumeric variations of tattoos include the pet's birth date. Subsequently, may be supplemented at birth of other children.


  • The name of the baby, stuffed on the parent body with a foreign dialect remains popular among salon customers. Hebrew, Japanese and Chinese, Arabic, the more surprising the language, the more interesting.

original idea

A tattoo on the chest contributes to the rapprochement of family members and indicates the proximity of the relationship.

Tattoo-names of celebrities

Even world stars from the impregnable Hollywood Olympus more than once stuffed their names on their skin.

  • Mariah Carey's husband stuffed her name on his back horizontally in the shoulder blades.
  • Tattoo with the initials of Pink and her blessed racer Hart on the wrist, back and even stomach. Only 5 images.
  • Angelina Jolie's tattoo history is not so cloudless. The name of her husband Billy Bob, she had a long time to reduce after a break in relations.


  • David Beckham loves to show off on the social network instagram photos of tattooed initials of his own children. Recall that the football sex symbol in combination is a large father of 4 children, whom his wife Victoria gave birth to.


  • Ksenia Borodina tattooed the name of her daughter Marusya on her arm.

Borodin and Vodonaeva

  • Alena Vodonaeva pinned a reminder of the son of Bogdan in the crook of the elbow of his right hand. The star just loves the firstborn, and in every possible way declares this.

in Russian

To put a tattoo on your body or not, the decision is purely personal. Remember that sometimes the relationship with a person can change dramatically, and the procedure of mixing the pigment from the skin is quite painful. Anyway, consult a dermatologist, select a proven and experienced master in the tattoo parlor with the observance of sanitary and hygienic standards and determine in advance the expected result.

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