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Innovation in body art - microdermals - these are decorations for intradermal implantation. A 1.5 mm hole is made, and a rod with a rod is inserted through it into the growth layer of the skin. At the ends of the rod earrings can be screwed balls, spikes, discs. The areas on which microdermals most often have are the face, abdomen, thighs, chest, wrists. The microdermal can be installed at any place you like, this is its main advantage over classic piercing, it does not hinder movement, with it the fabrics retain their elasticity. When installing the microdermal, the risk of scarring or damage to the tooth enamel is significantly less than that of piercing. Healing is much faster. With it, you also avoid scarring or inflammation.

How is the procedure?

The technique of execution directly depends on the location of the future microdermal, sometimes the installation is performed using a disposable needle, but there are punctures requiring the use of a needle - a “Punch” piercer. Make a puncture intracutaneously and insert a decoration core into it. The procedure will take from 2 to 3 minutes and will remind you of all the known sample of the “Mantoux reaction”.

microdermal around the navel

Possible complications


Since this procedure is more gentle than regular piercing, the risk of complications is several times less. And if all the same there are any discomfort, they are quickly eliminated, without any consequences.

Care after the procedure

microdermal on the face

A competent specialist should describe in detail all the details of care.. But we still list all the details of the microdermal care:

  • at the end of the installation of the microdermal it is necessary to fix it tightly with a plaster. This is especially important in the first 2 days;
  • if you have installed a microdermal on the body and it comes into contact with clothing, make sure that it does not cling. During healing, clothes should be selected from smooth and non-synthetic fabrics adjacent to the body, this is necessary for even ingrowth;
  • Keep the puncture site dry and avoid skin irritation. -the most important thing is to carry out the treatment with disinfectants (octenisept, dioxidin) strictly following the recommendations;
  • With the initial installation of a microdermal, the flat disk is the best decoration, it fits snugly and it is unlikely to catch on.

setting decoration

How to remove microdermal?

Removal of microdermal necessarily made by a specialist. After removal, you will see a tiny hole, do not worry, it will soon be completely drawn out. But if you dare to remove it yourself, then you will not avoid scars. Ornaments, as a rule, they should be made of titanium. Since this type of metal does not cause rejection and wearing it does not cause any discomfort.

Video: Installing microderms

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